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15thDec 30, 2016 by BrendaMeekz
I've been on Tengaged for over 5 years, long time. I've lost 2 accounts due to #BioDork and #Halloween. I lost designs I worked for and bought, never been gifted before. Today, I was going to receive my first gift EVER. After 5 years of long waiting, and it was stolen from me by Maturo. I mean I hope you enjoy the design despite having over 100 already when I don't even have 1. I mean its only a tengaged design so its fine, but it really hurts that I lost something that Fishingguy22 was going to generously give to me. Anyways thats all, but please stealers stop stealing.


maturo is horrible
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 30, 2016
Thats so rude. Better luck in the future.
Sent by ashleykarp,Dec 30, 2016
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Dec 31, 2016

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