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The 100 Post Season 5 Rankings:

Aug 8, 2018 by Brayden_
1) Octavia - will forever be #1, the people in the pit wanted her to be a monster, then hated her when she became one smh...

2) Murphy - he's been #2 since season 3, and will likely stay here. thought he wasn't gonna make it at the end there

3) Madi - finally there is a commander again. idk how i feel about Clarke's ex being in her head though. that's kind of some incest nonsense...

4) Raven - she had like such little airtime this season it pissed me off. and how many times did Clarke threaten to kill her this season like what? her and Shaw are best couple

5) Echo - she's been the most redeemed lately. goodlooking badass, but i feel like they're finally giving a Clarke/Bellamy relationship in season 6 (puke)

6) Shaw - 2nd most likeable new character. great guy, finally Raven has something going for her

7) Indra - her annoying daughter brings her down, but she's always been a mother figure to Octavia, so she has to stay high. even when she was against Octavia this season, she was still kind of with her.

8) Bellamy - what a dick tbh. still says he hates Octavia? maaaaaaaaaaan.

9) Emori - i can never decide whether i like her or not. i was hoping for a raven/murphy couple but since that ain't happening Emori can stay

10) Monty - RIP, his peace nice guy character was wearing off, but that finale was sad af at the end there. you did good buddy.

11) Diyoza - great character idea, but fuck is her snake like characteristics annoying.

12) Harper - kind of just Monty's girlfriend through out her existence on the show, but she was still one of the more genuine characters, RIP.

13) Clarke - she isn't LAST. she turned it around the last two episodes when she finally stopped being a fucking hypocrite whore. still hate her, but the last two are worse.

14) Kane - what a pussy. it was your girlfriend's idea for Octavia to kill the people who didn't resort to cannibalism, and you knew that? and still hated Octavia, and wanted her dead? but forgave Abby? hmm ok.

15) Abby - fucking idiot. found her annoying since season 2. she needs to DIE this next season. let Octavia take the blame for everything, even though it was her idea ok..


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