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14thApr 23, 2017 by Brandt69
Bc im bored =[
doing all and ill make them meaningful

#Hisoka - hmm i think you're that guy from virtulife... If you remember I am NickRobinson.. we had ups and downs but you were pretty loyal! Id love to talk to you again (:

#Zebra1234 - Conner! (If thats ur real name) we recently became friends and we talk sometimes on snap! You're nice, but very shady :P

#steven999 - omg i missed you! i dont remember how we became friends but im glad that we are! (: you're really nice and a loyal friend < 3 miss talking to you a lot~ hope we can talk much more now that im back and maybe slay a stars ;)

Survivorfreak13 - omg dylan! we went from hating each other over liars dice to becoming really good friends! You're super loyal and really nice! Im glad we became closer because i enjoy calls with you:) we also have a streak which is cool!

allieboballie - OMG ROBBED IN CYA SURV.... we became friends in that game so that was awesome! You're super pretty and nice ! I loved that call we had where you were drunk and like talking to me about the vote then you like almost passed out LMAO! never change love

kittykatz553 - ryan bitch.. oh my god i could type a 90 page essay for you LOL. I remember when you got unpermed and came back to this site. Brandon added you to real fakes and we became friends since then! You've always had my back 100000% and i can always rely on you. Whether its a vote in a frookies or if i need health in hunger i never ever doubt for a second you'll have my back and im so fortunate for that because ill always have doubts for some other people. You put me before yourself and honestly i couldnt ask for anything more in a friend. You deserve the absolute best in life because you're an extraordinary human with so much to offer. hope we remain friends until the day i die ILY < 33

ryanr36 - u stole my key in casting #gurlbye

Aerodynamics - i think you're evanester? if so, we were kinda friends on your old account. You were super generous and always gifting people, sucks that your nice habit of doing so got you permed ;[ hope you get that account back, and hope we can be friends again:)

brandonpinzu - I consider you one of those people who i have a good connection with, although we dont really talk :( You've always slayed me tho, whether is was winning all those stars or just being a queen on blogs :p

lemjam6 - hmm this is hard. At one point i did consider you one of, or not, my closest friend. You've always been good with talking to me, like when i left and not many of my other friends did. But when something happens between us its not really a good thing. You do talk mean things about me and get all ur friends to make blogs about me, which is annoying because id never do that to you. The flaw in our friendship seems to be that we say things before thinking about it, and itll just cause more problems. But anyways, enough with the negative you were loyal to me and you were a good friend.You are a good person deep down. I just think that our friendship doesnt work over the internet and itd be better irl bc then we could both see the person behind the keyboard .

batya - omg maryland bitchhhh. Throwback to when you were a noob who'd always join my skype games then just get taken out by the widows LOL. You're really nice and im happy we are talking again because we have a lot in common. Just sucks you're part of that toxic widows group :x

tarag - Tara! You're such a sweetie. I remember that hunger we played and you fought me and then i won and i felt so bad because you were sooo kind! Im glad we have a casting together because we can talk much more :)

KatarinaDuCouteau - OH MY GOD... virtuelife LMAO remember when we HATED each other and you came to .com and i was pissed LMAO. I am so so soooo fucking happy we became close because legit you're so funny and loyal! I can tell you anything about boys on snap and ugh that one guy oh lord you legit saved me from going insane LOL. But yeah you're fucking amazing never change bitch x

notnicky333 - nicky nicky nicky... where would i be without you? oh yeah.. id be sane.. -- JOKES lol bitch youre like my little side kick pet / little brother / shadow. Youre super fucking funny and i remember back in the day wed always join frookies and be happy to see each other there LMAO. I remember adding you to real fakes call and being like "YOU'RE A GIRL???"" lol . But yeah sometimes we fight and you piss me off and screenshot my snaps and like talk shit about me then say you love me but not matter what you do i can never find it in me to hate you.. so grats bitch.

rainbowking - blake gurl omg my god. back in the day when we hated each other over fasting LMAO. The omg when real fakes fasting was happening we added you to call and i remember being SCARED bc we had such a bad history lmao! but then we became good ass friends and now besties for life. I do consider us more of like an irl friend because we talk over snap and shit more and im so ready for you to come to calgary and were gunna party our asses off! Thanks for always being loyal to me even tho i go crazy sometimes so yah bitch i fucking love you :** call me tonight

yasgaga - oh my lanta! i remember your first vlog and i was like "this guy is a LEGEND" AND I PM'ED you being like "add me" and then knowing me and my shady ass you was like " i already have for weeks!" LMAO.. But now were so fucking close we talk about anything and your snaps are my life. I can legit snap you anything and like its so ffunny because you screenshot omg. like legit everyone on tg thinks im okay looking but u have the receipts to prove them all WRONG LMAOAO. but anyways hope one day we can meet up irl because i love you soo fucking much !!!!

icebeast - will! we also go pretty far back! i remember when you won stars i was hella jealous LOL idk why. But anyways we have gotten kinda close over my experince on here, you've always been super loyal when it came to gifting and spam etc

brayden_ - lmao.. i remember back when you were irrel and would chirp at people on blogs then we talked and i added you to the real fakes aha. we shared some good times on call even tho i just annoyed u about stuff lmao. idk where we stand as of right now but i dont got anything against yah, you seem pretty alright

jenzie - jenz~ although we havent talked much 1 on 1 i do consider us friends! we have gotten to play a few games together and we worked well together! You've always been super sweet to me and loyal when it comes to liking my insta pics LOL so yah stay awesome < 3

goodkaren - hey girl! i am so happy you're back on the website :) you have always been such a sweet heart and so nice < 3 never change love

**sorry if i take long, people are annoying me @ work **

kaylabby - haylee girl, my rock. You're so loyal and i love talking to you!!! im so happy we are friends because i  can rely on you for anything. Your snaps are awesome and i love your cats < 33 cant wait for the day we meet up and were gunna be hella fucking cutee x  anyways girl stay hot and stay amazing < 33

taybear17 - dev omg.. i really like you!! idk why you always say mean things or act like i dont :( we did a rough patch a while ago but that was bc i was stupid. Youre super loyal and i love your "idgaf" attitude lmao. hope one day we can meet bc you know what would go down :p =xx

thumper91 - lauren my mom!!! i love talking to you :) you're so kind and genuine < 3 im really glad the world has people like you because it gives hope that there are really good people out there :) ily

mexus - dont think we have ever interacted :( message me though!!

DanielleDonato - you're pretty nice! We dont talk much other than me adding you as a friend then you removing me after 15.8 seconds :(

kelly0412 - oh lord we have a long history. Throw back to frooks where we hated each other, and barbiies charity LMAO. ut after we came close i loved talking to you and i could really trust you with anything. I made a bad move by choosing the wrong person over you once and i feel like we never got that closeness we once had back :/ I do think however you Are hilarious and i miss our calls! i do wish nothing but the best for you tho x

lasvegas - also long history :s i remember back on skooter we were very close and we had that call with #dhucking_qacks lmao about the tooth fairy :p but anyways i think you're hilarious and you legit scalp people bald x

Badboyy2699 - u just told me not to speak to you so i wont :) if u want a real tbh mail me

blujay112 - NICK OMGG. back when youd join all my skype games thats when we met!!! lmao you are soooo fucking nice and pure and ily!!! we always talk about music and you help alot with my rants ahah. hope everything is going ok:) i wanna gunna message you after work to catch up :)

iamremedy - MY HUBBY< 33 ilysm. you're so loyal and iconic!! we really slayed hunger until i was glitched out lmfao. but anyways i hope to play many more games with you bc you're my little angel :) :* xo

thirteen - you're a very interesting person :) in the wood way. I love your unique style and the way you talk etc :) youve always been super nice to me and yah i hope you and abro are doing well! hope to see another vlog soon x

arris -  always been nice to me :) i dont think we have ever talked 1v1 tho :( Id love to get to know you better tho, hmu anytime x

Typhlosion37 - ryan. omg. you've been one of my besties for so long now and i fucking ADOREEE YOUU < 3 youre so cute and like my little brother. I can always count on you to save me in stars and shit lmao. You really deserve that win and i hope you get it < 3333 never change my little buddy UR SO FUCKING AMAZING ILYYYYY < 333 XOXOX


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