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  1. I deleted a blog to say
  2. Also the fact that J*ckson's
  3. Omg the recent games on the games page
  4. Tonight's episode of the challenge
  5. Quitting Tengaged
  6. CBS repels good programing
  7. In a perfect world
  8. Like truthishly
  9. Who is caught up on BB better than I am?
  10. Kat is LICH RALLY
  11. Allison Grodner really wants to be unemployed..
  12. Also are we surprised
  13. Julie: Please talk about racism
  14. ANyways
  15. Did Jess tell Nicole?
  16. an y'all believe I missed my 9 year anniversary???
  17. @The FBI
  18. 2009 tengaged:
  19. Megan waking up on Easter
  20. Also the challenge ranking
  21. Anyways
  22. I really have 21 mails and its all spam
  23. Smash players
  24. "Randomize we want the old challenges..
  25. Anyways (a drag race spoiler)
  26. ANyways Shuga should have won the challenge
  27. That episode of drag race?
  28. This was so random
  29. Vote Insanity to win stars!
  30. IM CRYING 馃拃
  31. CHallenge Cast ranking
  32. Individual challenge ranking
  33. Zach, CT, and Johnny are all gone
  34. I love money season 1
  35. CT went home leg and dairy (also spoilers ahead)
  36. Challenge war of the world ranking!!
  37. Time for Ex on the Beach hennys
  38. I really couldn't enjoy Johnny getting eliminated
  39. That finale was so confusing lol
  40. Lets hope Kevin Martin

Who is caught up on BB better than I am?

Aug 24, 2019 by Brandonator
Can someone explain the prankster twist? Did Nick get to switch any nom he chose or did he have to just pick a second nominee I dont understand how he managed to go up and be prankster at the same time


Holly nominated one person (Nick)

Nick nominated one person (Christie)

It's kinda like an anon co-hoh who isn't immune if that makes sense
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 24, 2019
NotNicky333 so Holly knew about it before she even locked in her noms then?
Sent by Brandonator,Aug 24, 2019
Yes. They told her the morning of nominations. Brandonator
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 24, 2019

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