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  1. Is Day really on the challenge next season?
  2. Saw Love, Simon.
  3. Kennedy 8 points
  4. Also Dela voted for Kennedy so you can't read
  5. Why they ain't show the literal jury vote tho?
  6. Even tho the drama was so cringe
  7. Morgan fucked UP
  8. i remember
  9. My drag race opinions chart~
  11. Anyways that whole episode was worthless
  12. The eliminated queens were so much better?????????
  13. Damn Dela
  14. FATS: 325K RICHER
  16. Fats: 300k Richer
  17. Shannon is the whiniest baby on earth
  18. If Ross was a straight male
  19. This is why the jury can't go home
  20. I am p sure
  23. These questions are a little mediocre
  24. Are Ross or Ari gonna win?
  25. Rachel scalped Cassie so bad
  26. Drag race opinions
  27. Anyways I kissed a Girl
  28. Anyways this episode of the challenge
  29. ughhhhh Natalie made such a bad choice
  30. Joss and Derrick were not evenly matched at all
  31. MTV is wild lmao
  32. First time being a prostitute
  33. I read the challenge vendetta bootlist
  34. Anyways that episode of the challenge
  35. Drag race PREDICTIONS for Thursday
  36. Vansreborn ruined the collage
  37. I am a little disappointed in CBB
  38. Random NICHE ass question
  39. Imagine getting your multis together for this
  40. Any ways CBB rankings after week 1

So I watch the challenge

Jan 2, 2018 by Brandonator
for the first time in like 5 or 6 years and it was.........okay

I mean they obviously are trying to insert drama for no purpose with "vendettas" and they didn't even have vendettas that were linear so people can be in vendetta triangles or multiple vendettas so its like ??????? How am I supposed to keep up with that at all? Also they really made the cast throw the word vendetta around a lot in ways that didn't really make any sense BUT W/E

Another thing, why do they fill the need to make these casts so big? I cannot keep up with all the players AT ALL and then they also elim ppl instantly for no reason? I mean maybe if the first challenge wasn't an absolute damn snore fest for no reason, it wasn't really exciting or heart pounding to watch two people crash and burn miserably and obviously lose lol very anticlimactic. They also constantly cut between the massive 28 person race making you wonder what the fck was going on the whole time. Then there isn't a girl and boy winner but there is a girl and boy loser? Not a lot of sense made there.

MTV was also like totally evil to Tori for absolutely no reason. Like can Brad not move on from his literal divorce without it being seen as some petty attack on his ex? She wasn't even in the cast so what purpose did they have to drag her and shit on her for existing as Brad's ex? They srsly have 2 kids together so can they not be amicable damn.

HOWEVER it had its pros, Natalie slayT the first challenge and now is already gonna bang her way to the top w/ Johnny so she better do that. Even though I hate Johnny (A LOT).

Cast Ranking
1. Natalie
2. Jemmye
3-27. All the other people that were frantically being given camera time that I can barely keep up with
28. Marie, she was kinda annoyen


love them both but adore Nicole as well. For guys I wanna see what Victor can do, he was greatish in bb but can he hack the challenge. As for the david beckem dude he is asking for trouble. playing CaraMariea against Maire? like dumb move. Also wanna see if Natalie and Bananas hook up. That would be interesting.
Sent by heatherlum,Jan 2, 2018
please tell me who I do or do not like because I know you know a lot about these people
Sent by Brandonator,Jan 2, 2018
brandonator needed to get on my computer in order to type.

lol yeah first episodes of all reality comp shows are rushed but they actually did a great job at showing the personalities of the noobs (UK people/Big Brother) which is most important as most viewers are long time fans who know every one else.

This show does NOT need less people. Trust me, people will get air time as the show goes on, not everyone is relevant to the episode. Ik when I watched my first season I was like "tf this is too many" but after a few episodes you eventually learn who everybody is and it's easier to follow when the game really starts and people take sides.

They probably should've explained the format for new viewers to know what's going on but then again the mystery keeps it exciting I guess.

I didn't really like Natalie on BB18 but she was great this episode so ye. Jemmye is also AMAZING she's so funny in the confessionals, she knows exactly what role to play. She's awful at competitions so she knows in order to be brought back she has to throw shade & stir up drama which she delivers EVERY TIME.

For the guys you probably know not to like Bananas. Zach is AWFUL as well. Tony can be annoying. The rest of the guys deserve a chance.

The girls I don't care for Kailah. I prefer Cara Maria over her but lately Cara has been acting entitled & annoying but Kailaih makes it hard to root for her cause she's a try hard.

Marie.. everyone loved her on Battle of the Seasons 2.. aka her first season back in 2012 as she was fiesty & fierce. Then she randomly returned for Invasion of the Champs (the first season to air in January 2017) and she FLOPPED and got first boot up against Kailah in a physical match. Then she returned for Dirty 30 (the last season) and was a strategic player & got caught up in lies and got herself screwed over.

She's good for gameplay. Not a lot of people play the game as you know it's mostly friendships that decide the pecking order. But as of recently more people have turned it into VIVOR and Marie is def one of those players. So I like her but I see how she was annoying this episode. She is also a bit obsessed w/ Cara which is random.

My personal favorites right now are all the british people, Kam, and Sylvia
Sent by Timster,Jan 3, 2018
brandonator this is why people loved Marie and was hyped for her return in 2017
Sent by Timster,Jan 3, 2018

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