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PYN - IRL Opinion

3rdOct 9, 2018 by BrainJak
I'm going to explain what I think you are like in real life. No Tengaged. No Bullshit. I'm just gonna lay it out for you, exactly what I would expect if I met you on the street. It may not be pretty. If I'm dead wrong or right, you don't have to tell me. That's up to you :3 Who wants to try?

#Paige54 - You put up a brave, happy front that everyone loves, but I think you're sadder than you let on. Not sad as in the pathetic sad that so many of tengaged is, but I think you honestly get hurt A LOT and try your hardest to shrug it off, but deep down it bites you that you give everyone so much and get so little in return.

#varlto - I honestly think you're a cool guy in the real world. Sure you may be opinionated, maybe even an asshat. But You're probably the center of your groups of friends, probably somewhat popular, and you probably have a better social structure than I'll ever hope to have.

#islandsurvivor - I don't know you well enough sorry XD If you wanna try to guess me you can?

#TheBestlerHOH - I don't know you either LOL this is mostly just for people I know EEK Try to guess me so you don't get a total waste out of this blog :P

#adeleadele - I saw your stars vlog. I think you are far from that in real life to be completely honest. You have made a wall between your life and tengaged, and I think the difference is mind-boggling. I wouldn't be surprised if you were someone who might be timid, but not unwilling to speak your mind when it counts. And I sincerely doubt you'd cry in front of a lot of people XD Just my own thoughts on that

#jadennator1 - I don't know you sorry LOL You can try to guess me if you want to but I can't tell you what I think about you..

#AshlynArehart - You're devoted from what I can tell, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out you were a TAD airheaded (I'm that way so don't think I'm judging xD). You probably plan things out ahead of time (or at least try to) and if that plan somehow messes up you panic, but somehow can pull it off in the end, even if you feel like it wasn't as good as it could've been.

#FireX - How could I have known you this long and have no idea? XD Ugh here goes. I'm thinking you are not THAT popular in your life, but with those looks I doubt you are alone. You are confident with yourself and where your life is going, but at the same time you get sidetracked a lot with silly stuff that shouldn't really matter (like tengaged), but you still don't consider things like that hurdles because you know you could step away in a new york minute if you had to

#Mathboy9 - I am just going off what I know of you, but I think you are probably EXTREMELY laid back and go-with-the-flow type of people. You probably don't sweat the small stuff, but I doubt you IGNORE it either.

#MinnieMax - Air-headed XD Just kidding. I think you like to have fun and are a free spirit in your life, but then the way you go over-the-top on here sometimes, makes me wonder if you don't let loose as much as you'd like. Maybe it's just me, but I think responsibilities hamper you down and make you choose between being happy and being successful. Still, your cheery personality shines through to everyone around you.

#Thirteen - I think (despite what I say) that you have a happy life. But restricted. Which is why you come to Tengaged and scare the ever-living crap out of us. I doubt that you really don't care for people like you've claimed in the past, in fact I think its the exact opposite. You care TOO MUCH about people, but if someone pushes you away, you build up a wall and don't let them back in. I dunno, just a thought

#Amnesia_ - You're happy, cheerful, innovative, i think you probably don't have many friends in your life, but the few you do have mean EVERYTHING to you because you know they will be yours forever. I wouldn't be shocked if you don't have some bizzare social life of partying and crap. I think you're more the kind of girl to lay at home and read a book or curl up on the couch with netflix and a bestie than go clubbing. But I wonder if you tell your friends that? XD Again total guess cause I don't actually know you that well :P

#FireWolf - I think, you are your own worst enemy. You probably don't want to admit it, but there are a lot of people around you who love you and want to help when you get low on yourself. But I think you probably push them away cause you're scared that you might hurt them because of your own pain, and then they wouldn't be your friends anymore. :( Not sure if this one is gonna be right, but it's what I think

#Kaylabby - I think you would be a firecracker in real life. You're probably very proud of the way you look (you should be) but sometimes you might go over the top with it. I wouldn't doubt if you have bullied a little in the past (nothing severe but it's like a hot girl's prerogative). BUT I also think you are strong, and that you don't have to depend on other people to have a good life. You are independent in many ways, but I don't know if the people around you realize it yet, or are ready to admit it?

#BengalBoy - You have a lot of women, but not a lot of love, so that brought this on: I think you may have loved someone a long time ago, and maybe they ruined it for you? So now you fill that void with as many women as you can. You're probably not worse off because of it, but I don't think you've let it go quite yet. AND I wouldn't doubt if you were a BIT of an ass XD I mean you spill the tea all the time on here and while we all enjoy it, I think you'd come across as a douche in real life if you acted like that but you wouldn't care what others thought of you anyway so......... Again just guessing XD

#patricenka9 - Yeah like you said I DON'T KNOW I'M SORRY XD

#Memphis_Grizzlies - AIEEEE And you commented YIPE!!! Okay so to be completely honest I think you'd be the quiet kid in life. Probably always off on their own, away from everybody else, happier to be at the edge of the crowd than in the middle. You probably live your life like that, happier to watch things go by than to be a part of it. Yet when people ask your opinion on something, you don't back down no matter the consequences, and tell them exactly what you think. No Bullshit. No Remorse. If they have a problem with it, you don't care, because the quiet spot at the edge of the crowd is always there to hide you.

#TJ2807 - You are probably the wild child if I had to guess. Nothing major like drugs or alcohol or smoking (yet XD) but I feel like you are rebellious to anyone over you in small ways. You probably hate people who tell you what to do, but usually go along with it just to keep the peace. For Now. :3

#Arris - Laid back, but opinionated. Probably not the MOST popular person but you have a circle of friends (who probably don't see eye-to-eye so you're kinda in the middle a lot). You aren't afraid to tell people what you think, however you ARE afraid of losing people who are close to you, even though you can accept that it's just a part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to be happy about it.

#CraftyCam10 - I don't know you sorry LOL

#Pikaplayer - One of my victors :3 You always have ideas about what to do in my Games. You have characters and back-up characters lined up and ready to go. It shows a level of devotion for sure, but also seems to show a possible inability to take it easy on something that interests you. In a way, I think if you find something you like, you roll with it, which isn't bad, but I feel like it would border on the obsessive

#s73100 - I dunno LOL You tried stealing #Paige54 from me so... Ladykiller? I'm jk You're probably the quiet guy in the group of friends who's kinda in the middle of everything but never really in charge? Possibly because you are afraid you'll mess it all up and never live it down?

#dan12233445566 - Dan the Man LOL You're honestly an enigma to me, but one thing about you is clear: You are adaptable. You change as the situation demands it, and I feel like you would be that way IRL as well. You may not let others onto it, but I think you change in little ways to make them more accepting of you as well, however it doesn't change how YOU feel about them so it shouldn't matter :P Again just guessing with these

#Kelly2722 - I know you're very opinionated and judgy on here, but I think that's because you get stifled in your actual life. Maybe people tell you to shut up or ignore you and it drives you crazy, making you bottle up all that bullshit inside until you can't take it anymore. So I think you're quiet and reserved in real life, but people STILL know your opinion because like it or not you WILL speak your opinion, even if they won't listen to your reasons.

#TaraG - I honestly think you place too much value on the way you look in life. Just an opinion, but that's based off of what I've seen you flaunt here on Tengaged. You know I love you so much Tara, but it seems to me like you think your value is determined by things on the outside, rather than what's on the inside. I'm glad I know you on Tengaged, and I would never betray the friendship we have, but I'm scared to know what you'd be like in real life.

#TwoStep - I really and truthfully think..... You're the same guy online as you are IRL XD Loud, probably annoying and love it to death. Can't get enough of making people turn red or turn tables. But I think you do it lovingly, even though a lot of people take it the wrong way.

#lhooper902976 - You're... Quiet... It's hard for someone willing to go out of their way in real life to be quiet especially in the shit show we know as Tengaged, so while I don't think you're a functioning MUTE in the world, I also think you don't speak out a lot concerning your own opinions or beliefs. Maybe this is just me, but that's what it seems like. :P You're not QUIET but you are not as OUT THERE as others are.

#bigdizzleyomama - Loud in. Loud out. I think you are a fun-loving asshole in real life. Probably laid back, however not afraid to jump in when someone starts some shit. You're probably more willing to defend others before yourself, however (DONT HATE ME) something tells me your love life leaves a lot to be desired XD

#JonMcGillis - I think you frankly don't give a fuck what I'm gonna write but I'm tagging you so you're gonna read it anyway XD I just get an "I don't give a fuck" vibe from you dude. I don't know if I'm CRAZY or what but that's the deal. I mean, you WILL give something your all if it's something you care about, but if it's something that doesn't matter to you, I doubt you'd lift a finger XD

#SharonMaItems - I honestly don't know you. YET. But something tells me I'm going to like you just from what I've seen LOL

#GoodKaren - Okay so I think you're just as loving and caring in real life as you are on here. You're always so nice and sweet so if I had to guess it's easy for you to be that way because it's just who you are. :P Although I wouldn't doubt if you have to lie a lot about what's going on in order to keep the happiness alive. You probably don't tell the truth in order to keep others around you happy, and IDK how that affects you

#Tizian - Kay hun. You want a roast? I'll roast you LOL You're probably a swell guy IRL however something tells me you can overreact sometimes XD Nothing major, and nothing that'll cause any permanent scars, however I do think you can PROBABLY be over the top. :P

PoohSnap - Okay you seem like a down-to-earth guy. Probably not 100% honest with people in your life when something is bothering you though. I think you'd lie to spare others feelings in a heartbeat, and probably think of others before yourself.

Emmett - LOL After how LITTLE you actually ever talk to me I'm not sure about this one, but here goes. You don't have a great life. You might still have your family, and you might have some friends, but not many of the people around you actually care about you (or so you might think) Maybe you think of splitting off from them every once in a while and just doing your own thing. I dunno

Fetish - I don't know you well enough sorry XD

MrMomo15 - I have no idea who you are sorry :P

Novamax243 - I think you have it all together in your life (despite how chaotic it looks from the outside). Maybe things didn't go EXACTLY the way you wanted, but you're willing to fight to make it work.

aria_grande - You overreact to a lot. I mean I've been on skype calls with you dude. You overreact to EVERYTHING LMAO So I wouldn't doubt if you're kind of an ass to your family and friends, and in some way feel entitled (Just based on what I've seen XD)

TheSexiestDude990 - Julian... I have you on snap... When a man dresses in a kitten meme T-Shirt while doing vodka shots on snapchat (as his cat licks himself in the background) there's not much lower a person's self esteem can get.

AustinRules6969 - I don't know you enough sorry xD

iamremedy - Again Don't know you

kgunzrok - You have a lot of stress in your life, and sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there are some few moments that have been almost MAGICAL that make up for all the bad times. I think you fail to focus on these moments however, and let the stress build up inside of you rather than telling people how you feel.

Tester - Don't know you well enough sorry LOL

BigBrotherSuperToMe - Don't know you dude

m7md26 - *sigh* I think you're very proud of the person you are, despite the fact you lie about it all the time. You may hide yourself from most of the world, but you are not ashamed of yourself.

NotNicky333 - I don't get a "bully" vibe from you offline. I think you'd probably be an ASS and like hurting people, but all in good fun. You don't like it when people take shit too far and will tell them so, but you aren't afraid to walk the line between the two yourself.

RedsKanto - Kay... You wanted it LOL I think you are an agreeable and likable guy offline, this is mainly because of how big of an ass you make of yourself online, almost like you're overcompensating. I think you don't have many friends, but the few you do have are your rocks in life. AND I think you grew up in a strict house (not OVERLY strict or anything, but enough to stifle you to some extent)


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