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The Hunger Games Ep: 9(The Bloodbath)

Jan 7, 2018 by BrainJak
As the hovercraft takes off from the Tribute Center, I can't help but feel butterflys in my stomach. My legs bounce nervously on the metal floor of the machine, my head leaned back on the rough chairs all of us sit in.

The Tributes were split in half, one group put on a hovercraft, the other on a second. Naturally myself and Leona were put on the same one. I can feel her glaring at me even now.

An 'ahem' from across the row makes me look up to see Tasha, leaning forward with her arms on her knees.

"Hey, you okay over there Justin?"

I nod, trying to ignore the tightness in my stomach. "How can you look so calm? I mean, you know where we're going."

She looks thoughtful for a second before dipping her head and leaning back into the chair. "I dunno. Maybe I'm just ready for it. Not everyone is."

I shrug away the feeling as I lean back, seeing the boy from 6 eyeing me from the chair beside me before staring at the floor. I remember his reaping, how he screamed and fought with tears in his eyes as they led him up the stage. I alsor remember seeing him in training, and I know he's the smallest tribute here besides the girl from 9. He can't be older than 13, and his face makes him look even younger.

Looking back at Tasha, I point my gaze over to the boy, and I'm shocked when her eyes actually soften up a bit as she stares at him. After a second, she looks back towards me, and just shakes her head, before looking down at her lap sadly.

In that moment, I realize I don't fear Tasha like I do the other Careers. She's funny, always joking and carrying on like nothing's going on, but I also get to see this side of her. Caring, compassionate, and even sometimes, guilt. Shaking my head I look down at the arms of the chair, ignoring everyone else as we fly towards our deaths.


Pacing back and forth, I watch the TV screen as the announcers discuss the Games, thinking about Ariana and Logan in the Arena.

"Will they even survive the Bloodbath?" I ask no one in particular.

Suddenly, the TV screen changes, and I can see the Arena, the Tributes rising from the tubes and around the Cornucopia.

As the timer counts down, the tributes anxiously examine the Cornucopia ahead, the numerous supplies littering the ground. I can see Ariana for a split second as the camera circles, however it changes before I can see Logan. Judging from Ariana's face, she's terrified.

As the camera pans out from the mouth, I can see silver weapons shine among bags of all colors. The Cornucopia rests within a Pine forest, the ground empty near the mouth of the Cornucopia, but in every direction trees, hills, and brush coat the land.

Then the Gong sounds, and the Tributes run forward. I'm on the edge of my seat as I watch a few tributes running away, close up shots reveal the District 12 girl and District 7 boy to be among those fleeing the Bloodbath.

Then the Tributes collide. I watch as the small 12-year old girl from 9 is one of the first to die, her gut slashed open by the Boy from 11's machette. I feel the bile rising in my throat as images like that flash across the screen again and again.

One boy, I think from District 8, is held down while the District 1 girl guts him. Nearby, his District Partner screams as her head is slammed into the Cornucopia before her attacker, I think the boy from 9, slams their boot down on it again and again. He barely has time to grab her bag and turn around before being decapitated where he stands by another Tribute's sword. It goes on, and on.

Then I see Ariana, a spear in her hands, swinging it around like the 4's before her, slashing and hacking at a pair of Tributes I believe to be from 5. I feel pride as they both retreat, and she charges back into the fray.

The next shot shows the District 2 girl firing arrows. One catches the girl from 5 in the back as she runs with her District Partner, the next hits the girl from 7 squarely in the thigh, though she is already in the treeline and moving, now with the aid of another Tribute. Then I see Logan.

The boy stands in the middle of the Bloodbath, looking around in shock. His clothes are streaked with blood, the body of a Tribute lying at his feet, his hand gripping Logan's ankle. Tears in his eyes, Logan jabs downward, and the boy goes still.

As what remaining Tributes take off, I can see the District 1 Tributes chasing a few off into the trees, intent on adding to their kills. Ariana, Logan, and the District 2 female all look at one another, their eyes telling me the same story I've seen before. "This isn't what I signed up for." When the Cannons sound off, it's like a lightning bolt hits, all three of them jumping and looking at the sky. As the rest fire, the three of them watch as the District 2 and 3 boys finish off whoever is left injured or dying, before slowly beginning to look through the packs and rifle through the corpses.

Getting up, I shut of the television, rushing to the restroom as what I ate suddenly comes up. As do memories I don't want to have. Wiping my face off, I walk over to the mirror, straightening my back and standing taller.

"Time to get to work now, Mags."

Nodding to myself sadly, I head out of the bathroom, to find Sponsors for my Tributes.


I rush through the trees, ignoring the sounds of fighting as I go. "Please Caleb, just run!" I keep repeating it out loud, as though he can hear me, but I don't know what he did after I ran. Originally we had planned to meet up at the Bloodbath and run away together, but when I saw the way people were looking at me and the others, I couldn't control the fear that took over me.

As I crest a hill, the fighting sounds drift off until I can't hear them anymore. However, I can hear the sounds of other Tributes crashing throught the brush. Here and there I spot someone running, maybe the District 7 boy? As I lean on a tree, gasping for air, the cannons start firing. After the Bloodbath, a cannon will fire for every Tribute who dies, to let the rest of us know how many are left.

I count them out loud as they go off. Eight... Nine... Ten... I shake my head in shock as they end. Fourteen left in only a few minutes. Fourteen! Gripping the tree roughly, I pray Caleb is among the living, before heading off further into the woods.


I gasp in pain as the arrow finally pulls itself free from my leg, my hand tightly gripping the tomahawks as I keep an eye out for anyone approaching, though I probably wouldn't notice thanks to the pain.

"Ah, you big baby. It's fine." Leona puts the tip of the arrow to her tonge. "No poison either, you'll be okay after that thing scars over."

I glare up at her before looking back at my leg. The arrow went through the fleshy bit of my thigh, not hitting anything major as far as Leona can tell. To put it bluntly she told me; "If it hit anything major you'd be dead already, Frost."

She cuts off a strip of her shirt, tying it around the top of my leg to slow the bleeding, before helping me up onto my feet. As I stand, the hiss of pain makes her step back, looking down at it carefully before looking back up at my face questioningly. Our heads suddenly spin upwards as the sound of a cannon cuts through the silence.

She doesn't have to say it, but I know we have to go. "We gotta keep moving, or they'll find us. And I'm not gonna be of much help if they do." I grab up the backpack I managed to snatch before stumbling forward, Leona quickly catching me and slipping under my unburdened arm.

She nods, and together we start moving into the forest cautiosly, listening for signs of anyone nearby.


I watch, unamused, as Marissa toasts to the alliance over a raging fire. Adam, Argum, and Justin eagerly cheer as well, lifting their canteens. After a second, the District 4 Tributes and I join in with them.

"What's wrong over there?" Marissa scowls at us. "Why so glum, Tasha? You're usually the life of the party!"

I think back to the look she and Argum shared upon returning to the Cornucopia. Billy, the boy we had offered an alliance to, kept up his end of the bargain, claiming he had killed his District Partner after they fled. And yet as soon as they got him back to the rest of us, Argum had slashed him from behind, cutting the boy open.

Since then, no cannons had fired, and I couldn't help but wonder if she had, in fact, died. Or if Billy had in his final moments decided to save her and sacrifice himself so she could escape our attention.

The sound of the Anthem makes us all look up, anxiously awaiting the dead. The first to appear is the girl from 5, meaning Justin's partner is still alive out there somewhere. Then we see both Tributes from District 6, both Tori and Xander from 8, the young girl from 9 and her District Partner both appear, both from 10, Billy, and finally the shy boy from 12.

I whistle as I look back at the fire. "Four Districts down in one day. That's something."

Argum nods happily at my words, "Hell yeah, and besides us, only one full District is left, District 7 right?"

I catch Ariana and Logan eyeing Justin as the boy stares at the fire, not speaking.

Marissa suddenly chimes up again, "Not true! We also have that District 3 witch out there. What's her name again, Leona?" Without waiting for an answer, she stabs the ground with her knife. "I almost had her, and I let her get away. Oh well, you live and you learn, huh?"

Justin gets up, brushing his pants off. "Apparently not," Looking over at Argum, he nods towards the Cornucopia. "I'll take first watch if that's okay?"

Argum nods to him, looking like a total peacock whenever anyone shows him the slightest respect. It irks me. As Justin leaves, I see Adam getting up and walking with him, the boy's silver hair gleaming in the moonlight.

Getting up, I walk away from the fire, towards the woods. Staring off into the gloom, I can almost feel her eyes staring back at me. The girl I killed.

A cannon makes me jump, looking around towards the fire where the others all look startled, even Marissa. For a minute, we all just stand there in the dark, listening to the sound of a hovercraft flying around, probably picking up the body.

"Twelve down..." I hear Ariana say, "Eleven more have to die."

The celebration dies down as everyone suddenly decides they need their sleep, and I close my eyes as I wonder which Tribute is dead, which family is crying. And I wonder if mine will be joining them soon.


Okay first off yes I know it's been a week since I posted that I was gonna do this episode LMAO Things are a little hectic right now as I'm in a TON of Group Games. Anyway, now that a total of 3 Characters you guys created are dead, as well as all of the characters you did not create, it's time to get to the burning questions MWAHAHA

Note: Only 4 named characters died in this episode: Alexandra [5] Billy [11] and Caleb [12], as well as the side-character Rica [9].

Knowing this, how do you think Alexandra, Billy, and Caleb's District Partners will react?
Do you think Billy was trying to save his own skin, or maybe protecting his Partner?
Who do you think the last cannon was for?(Leona [3] Frost [7] Kalen [7] Alissa [11] Alexia [12])
Is Justin, in fact, in more danger from the Careers than his District Partner at this point?
What do you think of Alissa being the only living (possibly) character NOT to get screentime this episode?


Using Mags' point of view for the Bloodbath, yay or nay? I honestly was worried about doing it like this, but I kind of liked the results.
The Careers outnumber the remaining Tributes 7 - 5, do you think a divide is coming?

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. :D I am HOPING to have episode 10 up by tonight. Not gonna say I will cause then I won't.... Heh heh.... sorry about that XD

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hang on is Leona and Ariana safe or not
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 7, 2018
Alissa where are you lmao

Also crying at Caleb dying ): poor boy ):
Sent by varlto,Jan 7, 2018
aria_grande holy cow LMAO Leona might have been the one to die last (the unknown cannon) Ariana is obviously still alive if you read it............
Sent by BrainJak,Jan 7, 2018
fuck you
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 7, 2018
Orion still getting that invisible edit. Hoping that changes soon. XD
Sent by Novamax243,Jan 7, 2018
pretty sure me and ariana are going to cause the split.
probably want revenge
protecting his partner
I'm saying frost
definitely careers, he definitely is an interesting charcter.
just give screentime next episode
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 8, 2018

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