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Next person to say something shitty

10thDec 15, 2017 by BrainJak
about TaraG gonna have to answer to me. She is sweet and kind, and you guys making fun of her because she's a little older than you are is just plain pathetic.


I agree +6!
Sent by Scalene,Dec 15, 2017
Sent by raonic,Dec 15, 2017
Uhhh I love tarag butttt ....I mean I have to....
I have to do it
"Something shitty about Tarag"
She'll understand :)
Sent by Minniemax,Dec 15, 2017
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 15, 2017
Tara is welcome change from all the fucking little 16 year old keyboard warriors who would get fucking laid out in a second if they were to ever leave their fucking bedrooms and attempted to pull a fraction of the shit they pull here face to face.
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Dec 15, 2017
I love her
Sent by underwzc,Dec 15, 2017
Even though she and I don't really talk anymore, so much yes with this blog!  Unlike I who has already lost just about every friend I've had, she still has many people her haters have to get through, and that includes me as well.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 15, 2017
Who is talking shit about her?! Tell me so I can go beat them up!! 👊🏻💪🏻 Tara is a peach.
Sent by Vanili,Dec 15, 2017
o.e  my only experience with her was her being rude for no reason. everyone has bad days tho so preach.
Sent by xFalsify,Dec 15, 2017
that pedo should not be on here
Sent by YouAllSuck,Dec 15, 2017
youallsuck don't speak, you lower the iq of the whole site, thank you

(If you're speaking in Tara's defense, my apologies)
Sent by BrainJak,Dec 15, 2017
there just jealous that she is beautiful than most young tengager. so they decide to diss her age. TaraG is sexy af ily <3 (Age shouldn't matter anyway)
Sent by MoneyShot,Dec 15, 2017
❤ brainjak and everyone who responded in this blog
(Minus youallsuck, you are the only one who sucks)
Sent by TaraG,Dec 15, 2017
fat old fugly pedo TaraG
Sent by YouAllSuck,Dec 15, 2017

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