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The Hunger Games Ep: 8(The Interviews)

Nov 29, 2017 by BrainJak
Frost smiles from ear to ear as she spins in front of the full-length mirror, her eyes full of happiness as a flowing maple green dress flies through the air like hundreds of forest leaves in the breeze.

I lean on the wall as she picks up the edge of it, looking at the brown, earthen-colored shoes beneath. "It looks good on you."

She basically trips over herself as she steps off of the small platform, the prep team working their magic still and following her with their make-ups and eyeliners.

"Really? I think I look kind of prissy." Her words are empty of the sarcasm they should hold, her wide smile pretty much revealing her lie to all those around as the prep team chuckles.

A voice suddenly calls from behind us, "Hold still, Frost!" A pale woman darts forward, her red dress long enough it should catch on her heels, and a giant wig on here head to boot, yet somehow she walks over to my partner without so much as wobbling.

Frost, of course, looks ready to flee as the lady approaches her. "Emponna please!" She bats her hands away before huffing as the older woman catches her collar, straightening it.

"You have to look your best! Both of you! The interviews are nothing to sneeze at." Her high-pitched voice is enough to make the squirrels run up their trees in District 7, but here in the Capitol it seems perfectly normal.

These interviews are the last chance most of us have to get sponsors, which will give us a better chance in the Games. Without them, we are done for. So yes, tonight is nothing to sneeze at, as it could literally be the night that dooms us, or saves us.

Despit this, Frost glances over at me, shaking her head as Emponna frets over the 'fluffiness of the dress', the 'poofiness of the sleeves', and various other small things, before rushing us over to the elevators.

As we descend, I get a good look at my reflection in the metal doors. My hair has been combed back to give it a more defined look instead of the usual mess it is. My teeth, once brown from poor diet and just a general lack of caring, are now sparkling white. And let's not even talk about the suit. I basically look like I am wearing a suit of bark. But it does look good, I have to admit.


The sound of the crowd causes me to shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other, my heart pounding out of my chest. A tense hand on my own snaps me back into reality.

Caleb glances over at me, his eyes wide with fright even though he's trying to cheer me up. "Alexia, calm down. You got this!"

I nod, despite the sound of my own heart starting to overcome that of the crowd. "Thank's Caleb." I shake off the jitters as the crowd dies down and the host introduces the first Tribute. On the television, the remaining 23 of us watch as Marissa walks onto the stage. Each of the Tributes gets about 5 minutes to strut their stuff, and then it's over. 5 minutes to determine if you live or die.

Marissa goes with being a slut, apparently, her skin-tight outfit covered in precious gems that sparkle with every move. She flirts with Ceaser the whole time, though he simply blows her off, which she acts offended at despite laughing so hard she nearly falls out of the seat, the Capitol roaring in laughter with her.

Next up is Argum, who boasts about his 10 in training like he is the only one to get a high score. Right after him, Tasha's outfit with it's stripes and pigtails perfectly expresses her crazy child-like mind as she bounces across the stage, her conversation with Ceaser honestly causing me to cringe. Her partner, I don't know his name, wears the same striped outfit, and his embarresment over it causes the crowd to go nuts with laughter.

I jolt as Caleb leans in, giggling himself. "District 2's comedy routine is so awkward, but I love it." I nod as the District 3 girl takes the stage, the crowd cheering as Ceaser talks about her 9 in training. Her partner openly admits his jealousy of her score, stating that 'she won't be around for long anyway.'

District 4's Tributes both make a poor showing of it, saying that while they have allies, there are holes in their current group that need to be taken care of. Their attitude catches the eyes of most of the Tributes, and I'm sure the other Careers are probably watching.

Alexander, who I only spoke to once, manages to win over the crowd with a charm that escaped him when we spoke. But then again, people are trying their best to get sponsors.

District 7's Tributes both appear overjoyed, and Ceaser actually goes into overtime talking with Frost, his discussion about her brother and what her family must be going through leaving the crowd in tears. Her thankful attitude to the Capitol leaves me feeling inadequate again.

After what seems like an eternity of banter and jokes, someone leads me around to the side of the stage, and I wait. After only a few minutes, the crowd is still excited as the District 11 boy, Billy, leaves the stage.

"And now, the last young lady of the night! Will she keep this program moving, or bring it to a dead halt? Alexia of District 12!"

I exhale slowly as I march out onto the stage, my short black skirt confining my legs so that I basically have to shuffle along, however I spend the whole time waving to the crowd as I reach Ceaser. Wearing a pale green suit, he smiles happily, hugging me closely enough I can smell the scent of sage on his clothing. Taking a seat in the chair across from him, I wait for the crowd to stop cheering as he waves his hand to quiet them down.

"My my you look fabulous in that get-up! The color and design remind me of the coal from your District!"

I nod appreciatively. "Thank you so much. I'm loving the change, and I'm not just talking about the clothes." Using my hands in a dramatic gesture, I try to put my fingers under my chin and smile sweetly. After all, my stylist was telling me to take the cuteness appeal as far as I could.

Cesaer nods as he grins at the crowd. "I have to say you look ten years older in make-up. Better be careful around those other Tributes."

I can't help but cringe at his words, earning some murmers from the audience. "Sorry, but I'm a little young for that one Ceaser. Maybe you need to give that advice to someone else?" I smirk at him, knowing the crowd will eat up the drama of Ceaser getting told off by a child, as well as my obvious dig at Marissa, who I can see on the monitors laughing and slapping her leg.

My efforts are rewarded by a chorus of "oohs" and laughter as the crowd points at Ceaser, and combined with Marissa's response, it is golden.

Ceaser laughs good-naturedly before replying, "Very funny. I must say it is quite unexpected to be getting this sass from someone who did so below-average during Training. Can we take it, then, that you are not afraid, and are going into this with some confidence?"

I shake my head, glancing at the cameras with a small smile. "No. I'm going to die, I already know that." As the crowd's laughter turns to sorrowful looks, I can honestly feel a small level of pity, deep down inside they actually care for us. "I have been so honored to represent my district, but I know I will not be it's next Victor. I still want to try my best, to try and make up for all that you have done for us. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart."

The crowd applauds as the buzzer sounds, Ceaser kissing my hand sorrowfully and leading me to the edge of the stage. Bowing to the crowd, I quickly turn and run backstage with as much speed as possible, ready to get out of the spotlight. I pass Caleb on the way, murmering a 'good luck' to him as I make my way to our mentor.

As I get closer, I can see that Anna is simply beaming with joy, her usual pallor replaced by the make-up the prep team applied to her before tonight. "You did wonderful. Everybody loved you, Alexia."

I nod happily as we watch Caleb go up. He is nervous and shy, but his nervous energy is the key point they wanted to show off to the crowd, and I think it goes over well as he and Ceaser laugh off failed attempts at 'big words' and Capitol jargon I don't understand. As my gaze moves over to the other Tributes, likewise watching the screens with their Partners and Mentors, I find Marissa's eyes staring at me. With a smirk on her lips, she draws a single finger over her neck, and points at me. I get the message loud and clear. No matter how much I moved the crowd today, Marissa is gunning for me. And I am afraid.


As the night sky is brightened by the lights of the Capitol far below, I rest in the windowsill of the Living Room, gazing down at the hundreds of people bustling about. Everywhere I look, I can see signs of people preparing for the Games to begin, and I feel sick to my stomach.

"What are you doing up so late, Arianna?" A voice makes me turn around and stare as Mags walks over, her hands clasped behind her. On her face are a thousand words and not one of them makes me happy.

"I just... Needed some time to think."

She nods, walking over to stare out the window and watch the people as well. It startles me when she speaks. "You know, I've stared out this window for 40 years. And do you know what I've found out?"

I glance over at her, shaking my head.

"Absolutely nothing. Life is too short to be spent sitting in windowsills wishing things weren't the way they are." She smiles at me, and I can't help but snicker a little, resting my head against the glass. "What are you thinking about?"

I shake my head, looking at the city once more. "I just keep thinking about it in my mind. How can I survive? Especially against people like Adam, Tasha, even Marissa?"

Her eyes, sad and dreary, make me feel safe. I tell her all that is going on in my head. My fears of betrayal. Of dying. Everything. And all the while she just listens.

Once I stop, her gaze flitters back to the window. "You know, every Tribute has felt that way, Arianna. Every single one. No matter who they are, no matter how great they will be... No matter which one will become the Victor... Believe me, not a one will sleep soundly tonight."

I nod, smiling a little as we just watch the city in silence, listening to the countdown as the Hunger Games fast approaches. I feel like we sit there for an eternity. And then the darkness washes over me and I drift off into a restless slumber.



Hey guys! So whadda you think? The next chapter will be taking place between the morning of the Games, through the flight, and to the Bloodbath. And it will probably end right after the chutes start rising so RIP LMAO

Who's your fav as of this moment?
Which character do you want to see live through the Bloodbath?
If you could pick 3 players to die during the Bloodbath, which would they be?
If Mags were actually given screentime throughout the Games, would you be okay with that?
Who still thinks there is the tiniest possibility Frost will win?
Which Districts do you think will be taken out in the Bloodbath (Both Tributes)?
Will the Careers split up early on?


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Alexia slayed the interview, I loved when she indirectly slayed Marissa - GOLDEN! I am okay with Mags having screen time, also anybody can win .. not Frost tho sorry
Sent by Katherinee_,Nov 29, 2017
Caleb and Alexia, love them both they're super cute<3
I'd like to see Marissa fighting, it would be nice!
Idk, maybe the irrlevant ones? lmao!
I guess!
Hope so lmao
Sent by varlto,Nov 30, 2017
Awww loves this! Alexia and Caleb definitely shot up in likeability and rootability. I鈥檇 love for Frost to win and lowkey still have a bit hope cause this is your fan fiction :x
Sent by tdilindsayfan100,Jan 1, 2018

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