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20thJan 5, 2020 by Brad13535
eilish 7.8%

Colter 19.2%

Let this be a lesson to you that no matter how many multis you use you will never win Stars because the public will always choose the real genuine player who actually tries over the ones who use multis simply because the PUBLIC is in charge...not you or your multis



I mean... Bryan/Bryce tried more than paul this week clearly as they went unominated without a secure majority... MEANWHILE paul accepted the role of flavor lol
Sent by top20fan33,Jan 5, 2020
where was this energy when i lost to tempestade
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 5, 2020
@too20fan33 I see you are still defending someone who was perfectly okay to end your friendship over a frookies last night lol
Sent by Brad13535,Jan 5, 2020
Oops meant top20fan33

aquamarine you aren’t exactly likeable plus you’ve used a multi or 2 in the past
Sent by Brad13535,Jan 5, 2020

and that doesn't change the fact that they did play better ?

even if i wasn't friends with either of them I could admit that
Sent by top20fan33,Jan 5, 2020
top20fan33 true enough I wasn’t in that Stars game so I wouldn’t truly know lol. I consent
Sent by Brad13535,Jan 5, 2020
its funny when you attack us for using multis yet every stars winner that has won used them?
Sent by Eilish,Jan 5, 2020
why are we overreacting as if Paul didn't have multi help too?? clearly he did with that huge ass percentage...
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jan 5, 2020

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