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Nov 12, 2017 by BoyToy4Cato
randomize when is something gonna be done about cheating??? I got told you werent able to cheat engine these games but people have literally already figured ways around that


If this is about you out in survivor the vote was 4-2 and i didnt win immunity so
Sent by baza76,Nov 12, 2017
you still cheated the other time you were the vote baza76 and roshy cheated to win this immunity
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Nov 12, 2017
Get the fuck out I cheated ??? R u stupid lol
Sent by Roshy,Nov 13, 2017
Roshy you got 182 in sum me when you were pulling 150 range all merge. Suddenly on the last day you get 30 points higher. As if
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Nov 13, 2017

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