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RPDR Final 7 Ranking

May 13, 2017 by BoyToy4Cato
7th: Nina Bonina Brown Michael Murray - She's insufferable from head to toe. She does nothing but whine and use her social anxiety as a scapegoat to make the other queens feel like shit. I'm over her. She's annoying and bitter than the rest of the cast is better than her (rest of the cast meaning all 13 other queens).

6th: Alexis Michelle - I saw someone say that Alexis is the bitch of the season, which is horribly false. There isn't ONE bitch this season, just majority of the girls are getting cuntier edits (Alexis, Trinity, Aja, Eureka, etc.). However, I still don't really like her and I don't enjoy how snippy she is with literally everyone (guest judges included).

5th: Sasha Velour - So overrated in my opinion. She hasn't done anyhing new or iconic this season that deserves to much praise (besides her brows). She's literally a baby of The Princess and Sharon Needles, with Katya as her costume supplier. Also people are gaggedt over her verse in the CLAT song when she literally just said "I Have A Tumblr Account" over the course of 53 seconds.

4th: Peppermint - I'm so glad she won her first challenge, thus meaning that every girl left in the competition has won a challenge. She really earned it and she is just really starting to shine. I hope she takes this momentum and takes it in stride, because she could make it pretty far.

3rd: Trinity Taylor - She was hella overshadowed this week, in the challenge and in the episode period. The only thing I can remember is her trying to nullify Shea's partner win, trying to make it seem like she had the best chart. She is funny and she is talented and definitely a strong competitor; which is what i enjoy about her.

2nd: Shea Coulee - It almost broke my heart when Nina attacked her from left field, because you could tell in her voice that she was holding back tears. She is hilarious both on and off the stage, really talented as a drag queen and a genuine, good person.

1st: Valentina - She's literally the best drag queen this show has ever featured. Boots. She is the total package and I'm so glad she has emerged as a breakout star, because I believe a lot of people overlooked her once the cast was released. She is a force to be reckoned with and I can still see her taking the crown, because this bitch can do it all and I'm here for her.


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