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Plus if you think I should apply Apr 23, 2020
For tea big brother 3!! The series really needs some cute faces on it
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Someone be my bf Apr 23, 2020
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Bluejay7622 Apr 23, 2020
I was about to trust Bluejay7622 and start liking him after a 13-post Frookies. I was very wrong. He has a beautiful, angelic face. But you know what? That is exactly what he uses to fool you. He wants you to think "someone who looks that nice could never be evil." He is a wolf in bird's clothing, and it is time for that wolf to shed it's costume and die.

Adding this to my tinder profile brb
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You know what’s stupid Apr 23, 2020
Everyone’s giving tony SO MUCH credit for the move he pulled off today, but if you look back at earlier in the season.. MICHELE MADE almost the exact same move when she blindsided Ethan. Who, I’m my opinion, could’ve potentially been a socialble and strong player.. It was literally a 4-3-1 vote

But when tony and Michele make final 3 of course tony is going to be credited for that “huge move” but micheles move will just be overseen

We love how survivor has turned into such a menesist game
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At least they’re giving Kim the EDIT Apr 22, 2020
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Martha 10th place, proving it it possible to take down the biggest multi user on the site. NOMINATE THEM UNTIL THEY GIVE UP
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