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  1. Wait so is Sandra the first person ever
  2. United States really did
  3. OMG
  4. 2 more for frookies!!!
  5. Honestly just re boot this whole site
  6. Oh there goes my merge streak
  7. Lmao Karmasutra is such an idiot
  8. Honestly before this season started
  9. I cannot believe
  10. Well at least the odds of us getting
  12. Taking applications for new tribe members
  13. What can you buy with 4 fire tokens?
  14. I didn’t realize this was a top blog
  15. Ugh yes
  16. Taking multi applications
  17. Bamold rly is holding jury
  19. Man it feels weird having 2
  20. Go fuck yourself
  21. ☆ Top 20 Current Merge Streaks ☆
  25. FROOKS?!
  28. Best case scenario for next episode
  30. FROOKIES?!!!!
  34. Can Adam PLEASE target Ben
  35. Lexeyjane
  36. You know what would be really cool
  37. Ok bitch if you wanna come at least me get facts..
  38. I have come to a conclusion that
  39. I have made
  40. Hi never done this before but PYN

PYN for an honest opinion

6thFeb 2, 2019 by Bluejay7622
Bored and waiting for stars enrolment so might as well do one of these! I will get to everyone dw

Maxi1234 My French boy <3 A month ago we really didn't like each other, but making up with you was probably one of the best choices ive ever made because now I love you so much and I love talking to you. You're cute, funny (sometimes), and always there if I need someone to talk to. Ill try and snap back more often LOL

iigalaxyii Andrew I miss you so much, we used to talk a lot more but not in a hot while. You're really sweet and ive never seen you say a mean thing ever. We should honestly talk more, im not sure if I have you on snap?? If not add me

Darbe Uh, we may have played a game together? I'm not sure tho. I've heard good things about you so I definitely think we should talk sometime. Looking at your profile you seem to be pretty good at games so respect.

Bamold1999 Ew! Jk, Tyler you are amazing and I really enjoy our late night talks on call :P Even when you fall asleep on them and snore for 3 hours. I feel like we relate in a lot of ways which is why I love talking with you. I hope u continue to live your best life at uni.

bblover567 KEVIN <3 we recently met because you were added to a chat I'm in!! But in the span that ive known you, you seem like such a chill guy and really nice to talk to. We def need to become closer

Padfoot Jacob, we aren't that close but we've played many games together and we work together pretty well. Ive known you for a while through other people but I don't think we've ever had like 1 on 1 conversations. That should change tho, im pretty sure you just added me on snap so maybe we can start a streak?

Daulton7996 KING! We also just met recently thanks to alanb1 and right off the bat I thought you were a great guy. Really nice talking with you on call, we need to call more often tbh. You're a king at snap chat (im not) so don't take it personally if I don't snap back ever because I don't snap anyone back haha

Danger , RJ I honestly have nothing bad to say about you. You added me to the TBC a while back and you've been nothing but nice to me (except if you're joking around with me but I know your just messing with me). You're a really good guy and I hope we can become closer in the future

Bigbrother_78 Jacob <333 you know how I feel about you. You're like one of my best friends on the site even tho we met like a month ago. I love playing iPhone games with you and always beating you in archery after you told me u never lost. Bitch you thought. But anyways, you're kind, genuine and cute and I hope we continue to stay close.

aria_grande JACK omg its been some time talking to you. I miss to the old days when we were close :((( You kind of disappeared on the site which is sad! Message me on Skype sometime so we can catch up king

Thedeceiver We have definitely played a game or 2 together because I recognize your username. I don't remember ever fighting with you or having beef with you? Add me on skype and we can get to know each other!

DaddyDev LMAO, Dev you are definitely a character. You probably think I hate you but I really don't.I honestly don't really take you seriously in games and I find you pretty funny to play with because you bring the drama. If you'd like I can add you on snap finally.

Iceey ok so, I recently gave u shit in survivor when all you were doing was just trying to merge. I would like to apologize for that :( Other than games, I think you're a good guy and you're really nice to talk to in group chats. You're a person id like to get to know better and be friends with

Avalon omg queen, I didn't even know u were on tengaged again!! We haven't talked in ages but I used to love talking with you and playing frookies with you haha. You're super sweet and always make me happy when I talk to you. Message me on Skype <33

Hash Sandy, I had 0 problems with you until the other day you went all psycho on me. I get you were trying to "help" a friend but what you did changed nothing since I literally posted on the blogs page I was trying to separate JLF from his tribe, so it was only a dick move.

alanb1 Alan, I honestly don't know how I feel about you anymore. We were so close for a good 3 months and I enjoyed every second of it. Playing survivor with you and josh was one of my tg highlights in 2018. I loved calling with you, when you were high and not high hahaha. I think I can get over what u did to me in vivor but I will never forget and trust you like I did before :(

mbarnish1 CANT DARN THE BARN!! Matt you are such a loyal king and I love playing frooks with you because I know you would never screw me over. Im so glad I added you on snap because I love snapping you :)

Classicaz5 Stuey <3 my boy, you're one the chillest dudes on the site and you're always fun to call with and laugh with. We work really well together in hunger because we literally sit there together and do nothing until payouts. Next hunger if we make final 2 I will give u the win this time

goodkaren QUEEN! One of the nicest and most genuine people on tg. I couldn't name anyone else who's nicer than you hahahah. You're super sweet and I love talking to you in the budtatoes chat

@Wannabefriends Chance, we've had our ups and downs, but I like you a lot and respect your game play. We both play a very similar game in frooks so I feel like we always go against each other but I honestly find it fun haha. We've never really had a conversation outside of a game but we should sometime!

Bigbrotherdonny Ryan we go SO far back. We've been good friends for a while, all the way back to the whorehouse and those chats ahahahah. We have so many inside jokes and its iconic. Playing stars with you is one of my fav things to do on tengaged because ur such a loyal sheep bah bah. jk Ilysm

birks4444 BIRKS MY CANADIAN BFF <3 We also just met pretty recently, or become close at least. I love playing frooks with you and talking to you on call. Oh one of my fav things to do is talk about the voice with you haha. Keep slaying grade 9 science

Coreyants Coreyyyyy ilysm and Im glad we've become close recently. You get a lot of heat on this website for no reason because you're a really genuine guy who just doesn't care what people think of you and I respect that so much. I wish I was more like that.

Halloween Dylan, my showmance in like every game we play together. You always come for me in stars but I honestly take it as a compliment. I think you are genuinely a good guy once you get you know you. You're nice to me pretty much every time we talk and I appreciate that <3

oreo270 Paigeeee, We literally just met but I already love you <3 One of my fav females on tengaged hands down. You are super sweet and kind to talk to on call and somehow really good at liars dice. Oh and your snaps are highkey iconic

Caleb9211 We also just met recently and I think you're a great guy. Really genuine, funny, and fun to talk to. I feel like you'd be super fun to get plastered with irl and go to parties with tbh

andalarew_2231 Andrew king, I love playing hungers with you, especially when we shoot each other out. jk jk, I am really happy we got over our hunger drama because now were good friends. You're a really nice guy and I cant wait for us to match on tinder when I finally find u

nicolef King of Skype games and being the pm in the apprentice. Eddie, we have been friends for a while and I really appreciate you as a person because you are always super sweet to me and always make me happy whenever I talk to you. Love you <3


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