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Goodbye for now... Aug 31, 2018
The time has come to say goodbye to something that has been a big part of my life for a few years now. As of tomorrow I’m going off to university so I won’t have any time for tengaged.

For me tengaged has been an escape from my real life, my struggles in school, and my struggles with my sexuality. When I found this site I was in a really dark place in my life and talking with people who related to helped me a great amount. As much as this website is evil, it honestly helped me discover who I am and I don’t regret finding it. I’ve met some amazing people who I’m sure I will continue to keep in touch with.

I will be on Skype tonight but I’m planning on deleting it tomorrow so if you want to stay in touch message me on Skype tonight @wesapollo and I can tell you my snap.

Tagging some amazing people who made my time on here awesome.


And many many more I’m so sorry if I forgot to tag you. I may log on in a couple years to see what y’all crazies are up to but for now this is goodbye :(
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Nommed for 4th in stars Aug 18, 2018
Here are a list of the things I did in Stars this week:

•Unnommed until Final 4

•Was countered 9 times and survived every single time until F4

•I got Marcus and Lauren, who’ve known Tyler and Stuart for years to flip on them over me and unlitmatdly got them up.

•I made most of the sets every single day change, alongside Stuart (I can’t discredit him)

•Managed to get AJ and Damo to vote with me at final 7 even though I locked them in twice already

•Worked full time and had baseball almost every night yet still managed to get as far as I did

•Took out Bamold

Ultimately I played one of my best stars game, and I know people have been accusing me of hiding behind a premade and that I got carried by Bamold, but that is false. Bamold was the p*ssy playing both sides and throwing my side under the bus so he wouldn’t get countered, while I called most of the shots for my side of the house.

Now finally, let me talk about Lauren. Let’s just list the things she did this game.... oh wait that’s right, she did nothing. She hid behind her 12 friends that she had in the game and let them pick eachother off, and claimed she had a “good social game”. Whereas I had to create social connections to get me unnommed to F4

Anyways rant over please tg bring me to F3 I played a hell of a game! Click on Lauren’s button!
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Ok fuck it Jul 31, 2018
I’m done with being vague. Here are 3 separate times that I’ve encountered pedophelia towards me on

Starting with wwemrpeeps :
so basically, it was during the time when he was making the tengaged collage. We were talking on Skype and he told me about the collage and wanted me to send in a picture of myself for it. I said no because I felt uncomfortable sharing my pic on this website. Anyways he proceeded to ask me how old I was, and at the time I was 16 and I told him that. He then proceeded to say things like “omg you’re so hot for your age” and “you are so cute u should really send a photo of yourself to the collage” This honestly made me super uncomfortable
and I’m sure peeps is still going around doing shit like this.

NEXT was with bowkane :
I think I met him in a hunger or something and he asked me to add him on snap, but I didn’t know that he was 10 years older than me so I did. we started snapping and at first he seemed nice but then I snapped him a picture of myself with the dog filter with my real dog sitting beside me. Anyways Bowkane replied with “cute dog” and I was like “aw thanks I know my dog is cute” and THEN he replied with “that’s not the dog I was talking about ;)” When he said that a chill went down my spine.

FINALLY robertguajardo :
So me and rob were actually good friends for a while. But after he a while I guess he became comfortable with me or something idk. But anyways he started by sending my underwear pics out of the blue, and it ultimately lead to him asking for my nudes, and I was 17 at the time. Obviously I didn’t know how to respond or react to it because it made me feel really uncomfortable. So I just told him “when I turn legal?”. After I had said that he would continue to remind me of what I said and it got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

So yeah those are my personal stories of pedophelia on tengaged. Anyone feel free to share your stories as well! admin this is proof that it is happening. I’m not saying you should ban these 3 people I’m just saying maybe you could make it a rule so that people stop doing it.
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s73100 I would have posted this right at 12am but I passed out last night. ANYWAYS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM. You are honestly the best thing that has happened to me on this website. I love our late night talks/snaps ;) and I’m sorry that I haven’t been around much to do them. You are legal now!!! You are one of the sweetest, kindest and genuine guy I know. I hope one day we can meet up irl. I hope you have an amazing 18th birthday and awesome year in college. Oh and btw, ur still a fag! *waits to get banned*  Here  are some other things people wanted to say

only person I have met that can take 4 dicks at once

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! I love you so much you are one of my favorite people to talk to. I hope you have an amazing birthday :) I'm so happy that we have gotten as close as we have I love our Disney talks. You are such a sweetheart. Don't party too hard :P

SAMANTHA YOU SLUT I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!! You are easily my best friend and deserve the best birthday ever :) I know that I can tell you everything. You know probably more about me than anyone. No matter what anyone says you’re the sweetest person ever. Can’t wait to have kfc with you and watch Netflix ;) you are such a good friend with a heart of gold always there for me even when I’m a bitch having a melt down but I 100% appreciate you. You mean so much to me and I’d never wanna lose you 🌚

Happy 18th Birthday Sam! Hope you have the best day ever now that you’re officially a legal bitch! Save the whales! Save the dolphins! I hope you have a blast at the University of Utah! You’re a king and a half and you have the best sense of humor ever! You’re one of a kind so I hope you have a one of a king special birthday!

Hey sam so I just found out 73100 is ur birthday im so shook at that oh my god ur a genius I wish I was u. I hope u have a good birthday and ilysm thanks for playing league with me even tho u don't buy items sometimes. Ur so funny and love ur trolling/trolling with u, #StanRaini and have a good one <3

Happy birthday wifey! I feel like a proud mother now that you’re 18 even though I’m your husband so it might be a little bit weird to feel like a proud mother but nonetheless I’m excited that you’re 18 now woo. Although it is sad bc it won't be legal for you to send nudes to me anymore ;( I’m so glad that I added you to the potatoes chat, and I’m glad I got to talk to you a ton in the Nerd Herd because you’re such a legend and literally everyone loves you and if they don’t love you they have bad opinions obviously. I love being able to talk to you about anything and everything because you’re such a good friend and also a supportive icon and I’m really glad that I’m friends with someone as skinny as you. We love a fellow beluga and Raini stanner of course. I hope your birthday is super amazing and you better eat a lot of cake for me <3


OMG Sam ilysm, STAN RAINI xo. I hope you have an amazing day today and enjoy it <3. You are soo funny and amazing to talk to and play any type of game with because even though i suck ASS at every fucking game you still encourage me and act like i'm actually good LMFAO. you rly are a legend and so skinny and we slay our ice soup. I hope your birthday ice soup (cake who?) is wonderful xo. Love you!!

Sam, I love you like a brother, although that would make us be VERY weird siblings. I can trust you with a lot of things that other people seem to just not understand. Although you tease me sometimes and know how to push those emotions of mine, just know I care deeply about you and will be with you until you eventually get tired of me AHAHA <3

So yeah that’s it. Happy birthday sam ily <3
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Still cheating on tengaged? Jul 19, 2018
Admin I know you are working hard trying to better the site, but when are you going to address the cheating issue?

My good old friend helloitsme aka brxan decided it would be fun to play for his friend and cheat me out of survivor. Why the fuck isn’t this kid IP banned? Why are you letting him sit on tengaged 24/7, creating multiple accounts and cheating people out of games? Please ban this pathetic loser once and for all.

I get that you have a lot on your hands, but the multi/cheating issue should be one of your top priorities, not creating rules on whether u can buy pixels or not....
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What are you going to do about this Admin! Jul 16, 2018
admin pls ban me for bullying amnesia_ and for wanting to suck bluejay7622 delicious cock I’m so sorry
Sent by s73100,Jul 16, 20
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