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⭐️⭐️Nommed for 4th in stars/My stars Journey⭐️⭐️ Jun 15, 2019
So after seeing this cast fill, I was really skeptical about joining because I saw a lot of unfamiliar accounts and a very obvious premade. But since it was my last week before I start full time work, I said fuck it and joined anyways and look how far I’ve come.

I thought, since I joined with my best friend christossss that we would be countered right away for 16th but that wasn’t the case. As soon as the game started everyone saw the obvious Bryce/Bryan premade. I didn’t know this at the time but they had access to 7 out of the 16 accounts in the game.

Right off the bat Chris and I were put in a swing position where both sides were begging for our votes. For about 5-6 DC’s Chris and I were in a position of power where we could decide who went up because we were the swing votes.

Unfortunately Chris wasn’t very active this game so I had to fight for not only myself but for him too, and I dragged his ass through 6 day changes until he was sadly nommed for 10th. Luckily with the close bonds I made I wasn’t countered with him, even tho we were an obvious final 2.

After Chris was multi’d our for 10th I aligned myself even closer with lee Halloween and Adam to make sure I had numbers so I wouldn’t go up. It ultimately got me to final 7 unnommed. At this point in the game I still hadn’t been countered and I found myself in ANOTHER swing position/position of power where I could either 1. Make a move against ween and yunoloveme or 2. Stick with them as far as I could go

So I chose option 2 because both aren’t very popular tenagers so in the case that I would go up at final 5 or final 4 it would be beside them. This is exactly what happened!

I’ve fought my ass off for 7 days to ensure I wouldn’t go up because of all the multis fuckery happening rn on tengaged and my current status, I knew I wouldn’t survive a poll to save my life. I overcame an entire multi using premade, hacked accounts, a Spanish premade and losing my F2 Chris, and while doing so managed to go unnommed to final 4

So please tengaged, save me in stars by clicking on YuNoloveme’s button here!
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Y’all really tried it Jun 12, 2019
Bluejay7622   5
Electric         5

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As much as I was sad to see Aurora go May 9, 2019
Lauren is fucking playing TO WIN!!! Strategic queen keeping Julie around. Rick Devens needs to get off my screen. He's literally disgusting and ruining this season
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PYN to get matched with May 5, 2019
A level 13 member!!

Lexeyjane -You seem to always suck up to straight guys on the website for karma so imma go with Christossss

SAWCHUK55 - Koolness234 we love a power couple on

Boicam77 -gotta go with mr grrrimabear

Bengalboy -im gonna go with moxii since y'all are complete opposite and opposites attract. Mox can be the power bottom you've always dreamed of

Saskiarae - probs Eliotwhi

Typhlosion37 -nobody

BrittBritt - your drinking partner SAWCHUK55

Christossss Obviously myself <3

Sam_hamwich - Thumper91 of course
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You know whats funny May 3, 2019
the reason Tyler and I have beef is because he thought I nommed him in stars and believed kelly0412 over me. Then proceeded to swear at me for hours and block me on Skype like a literal psychopath. Oh and then he got his 2 friends Lemjam6 and littlemix to attack me as well, even added one of them to a call we were in together to attack me.

He believed someone who posts designs of dead babies over someone who used to call with him at least once a week. It truly disgusted me and at that point I didnt wanna be friends with someone that nasty to their friends OVER A GAME.

But yes proceed to call me an Obsessed cunt Bamold1999
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So I ranked all the characters in game of thrones season 8 episode 3 based on how valuable/important they were in tonights episode and explained why they are ranked where they are.

20. Bran- Sat on his ass all episode and watched people die around him, he tried using his raven powers but they were useless in the snow storm.

19. Varys- Literally didnt do jack shit but hide

18. Tyrion- Did nothing except comfort Sansa I guess?

17. Gilly- Also hid in the crypt all episode but she did protect little sam which is iconic

16. Sansa- Hid in the crypt but at least took out her knife in anticipation of fighting, unlike the rest of the people down there

15. Samwell- I guess he tried fighting but most of the time he was on his ass or getting saved by other people!

14. Devos- Apparently he was fighting the whole time but I didnt see him once until the end?? He would be higher but I really didnt see him doing much this episode

13. Jon- Ok, for someone who had a dragon, Jon didnt do shit this episode. He flew around in fucking Lala land for most of it while Daenerys took out thousands of white walkers, and when it came to the fight against the white walker dragon is was ultimately Daenerys who knocked the king off the dragon while Jon let his dragon die.

12. Sandor Clegane- He was a pussy for half the episode having a little meltdown but he really did save Arya which was good.

11. Theon- He didnt really do much until the end of the episode where he fought off some white walkers trying to protect bran. He was kind of dumb for rushing at the knight king tho

8/9/10. Brienne/Jamie/Podrick- All of them were equally as important this episode because they all had similar roles in fighting the white walkers. I didnt see any of them outshine the others which is why they are equal

7. Greyworm- He fought hard and protected the barrier just in time for the red witch to set it on fire. There wasn’t a moment in the battle where I saw him not fighting.

6. Jorah- Another power player, he began the war with the darthraki and ended it with saving Daenerys. Ultimately he took down a bunch of white walkers and obviously had some balls being among the first group of people to attack the whitewalkers

5. Daenerys- I know she spent a lot of the episode flying around on her dragon but while doing so she killed probably the most amount of white walkers with her dragon out of anyone. She also knocked the knight king off his dragon which was cool. And finally she actually picked up a sword for the first time ever in the show and actually showed she can fight.

4. Beric Dondarrion- If it wasn’t for him, Arya would’ve and died, which means she wouldn’t have slayed the knight king and they all probably would’ve died. So in my books he saved the day.

3. Lyanne- Queen of defending the entrance and giving orders on whether to open the gates or not. But what ultimately got her this high was single handedly taking out the giant at the age of 10. Most people would not have been able to do that

2. Red Witch- I honestly hated her so much before this episode but she did some MAJOR redeeming tonight. First of all, lighting all the darthraki swords on fire was iconic, and then lighting the barrier on fire was a huge power move.

1. Arya- This is an obvious one because she single handedly took down the knight king. Badass bitch fighting off hundreds of white walkers and leaving the battle with only a stretch on her forehead. She is the real MVP of the episode/series
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