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  3. Literally what’s going to happen in stars:
  4. Multis still being used?
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  7. Possible solution for the inactivy of..
  8. PYN for a brutally honest opinion!
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  10. Nommed for 4th in stars
  11. Ok fuck it
  12. Still cheating on tengaged?
  13. What are you going to do about this Admin!
  14. PYN and I’ll tell you the sex
  15. Brxan
  16. I want to send my thoughts and prayers
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  19. No title
  20. You are literally so selfish
  21. You are the definition of trash
  22. Wait one more thing before a go
  23. ⭐️⭐️Nommed for 11th in Stars⭐️⭐️
  24. 25 merges and no more
  25. I HIT 20 MERGES!!
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Sponsor me in hunger!!vote Nov 21, 2018
*edit: nvm
Points: 55 6 comments
Ok first of allvote Nov 21, 2018
coreyants you were NOT countered 5 times but keep being a booster juicer!
Points: 41 4 comments
Literally what’s going to happen in stars: Nov 19, 2018
coreyants is going to go unnominated and tell you all that he played such a phenomenal game, when really he asked half the tengaged population to join with him! He legit thinks he’s a Stars god too. Buddy, asking 9 people to join for you is not good gameplay.

No shade thooo
Points: 89 5 comments
Multis still being used? Nov 19, 2018
Really rozlyn , using your multis again me? Just because you can’t take a little heat in the Stars house chat? That is some p*ssy shit. You think you’re slick posting in the poll box with your multis but YOU AREN’T!!

admin please ban Rozlyn and his multi. Tg pls ++ so Admin sees this

I’m sure he has many more. Please save me tg and fight back against multis being used!
Points: 347 7 comments
(PYN)Feeling nice today Nov 18, 2018
PYN and I will say something nice about you! Even if I don't like you ill come up with something. I will keep them short
P.S im totally not doing this for stars support]

GoodKaren - You are always so positive towards everyone on here!
Cheeseman2468 - really fun to play frooks with! Super loyal
Petro - comp and hunger BEAST. Really nice guy once you get to know you!
carriexoxo24xo you are really sweet! One of my fav's to play casting with
Thesexiestdude990 - Your tg profile is sick and I love your avi
itsalexia super passionate about what u believe in. You can be really nice when we talk 1 on 1
alanb1 ICON!! One of my fav people on this site. Never said one mean word to me ever
M_Davis1998 You have a lot of really cool designs, im very jealous
Crimsonennui MY TG LOVER! Such a hottie, king of looks. ily
LexeyJane you're avatar is hot af and you seem rly loyal in games!
burgerman2929292 King of frooks, super chill guy and cute account
rubes frooks icon! I always see you slay them and when we played together u were very loyal
Koolness234 Always there when I need to talk about something. One of my fav friends on tg
maddog16 Madi <3 You are actually like one of the nicest people on tg ily
thumper91 Were calling soon. Oh and I love you
S73100 I still consider you my best friend even if u don't
blujay112 the best twin someone could have
Bengalboy besides me, the most iconic straight on tg. Oh and strongest
lazeric Awesome ally in games! Always super loyal and fun to play frookies with
kaylabby You are one of the most attractive females on tengaged
Points: 191 32 comments
Possible hunger games improvements Nov 10, 2018
To help speed up enrolment process.

1) Change the cast size from 30 to 24 (got this idea from adeleadele )! The REAL hunger games is only 24 tributes and making tengaged hunger games 24 will speed up enrolment. It will also make games shorter and the payouts @F4-1 would make more sense.

2) Make Districts! So when you enrol you can choose what district(male/female) you want to represent. But make it first come first serve so that people will try and join faster to get the district they want. Also someone could keep track of what districts won and we could have like a chart or something cool

I know #2 is harder to make happen but if you added it, it would tremendously increase the activity of this game. Admin

Plus if you want this to be heard!
Points: 458 23 comments