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(+/-) Dr. Mike Zahalsky ~ S35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

14thMar 8, 2018 by BlueBarracuda
imageDr. Mike was a castaway on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and was a member of the Healers / Soko tribe for his work as an urologist / sex doctor.

Mike began the game by looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and was caught by Joe. This led Joe to target Mike and Mike himself was an outsider, not a part of the majority Soko alliance consisting of young women and Cole. His tribemates told him early on “win or go home”. Luckily for Mike, he avoided an early boot thanks to Soko’s challenge dominance, helping him safely make it to a tribe swap on Day 9 to Yawa along with Jessica and Cole.**
With Jessica’s help, he was able to find an Idol and form a friendship with Ben. On Yawa, Mike was a swing vote between his former Soko allies and Lauren and Ben. Luckily, Mike made it to the merge without going to Tribal. He re-aligned with his Soko tribe mates as they tried to take on the Healer/Heroes. Due to Lauren and Ben defecting to the other side, Mike saw his allies leave one by one, until he himself was the only Healer left in the game. He wasted his Idol at Final 10 trying to get Ben out, formed a tight bond with former adversary Joe, forming the “coconutz”, until Joe himself was booted. As Mike held on, the majority alliance started to crack; as they targeted each other, Mike slipped under the radar, especially as others became larger threats to win. In the iconic scene where he felt, Mike was actually rescuing 22 baby sea turtles from killer ants.
At the loved ones visit, Chrissy allowed him to see his wife Bari. When Ben found out Lauren wanted to blindside him, he revealed Lauren’s advantage and Idol to Mike. In order to regain his trust, Lauren foolishly gave Mike half her Idol, which he in return threw in the fire, as Lauren left the game. In attempt to get Ben out, Mike joined Chrissy in using her defunct super Idol to fool Ben, but he himself had the real Idol. The 3 votes against Ben did not count when he used the Idol, leaving a 1-1 vote between Mike and Devon. In the revote, Mike went home in a 2-1 vote, becoming the 14th person voted out and the 7th member of the jury on Day 37. Despite naming Ben as one of the best Survivor players in history, Mike cast his vote to Chrissy so she would be the runner-up over Ryan.

Dr. Mike continues to work as an urologist. His doctor’s office was only three blocks away from the Parkland, FL Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, so he rushed to the hospital to help the victims, operating on victims and helped save some of their lives. He helped arrange for the victims to go to SeaWorld with the help of Ghost Island castaway Morgan, who works as a dolphin trainer. Mike was the oldest member of his tribe and the oldest male on his season. Dr. Mike, Cole, and Dr. Jessica were the first castaways to win every pre-merge challenge and are tied with Randy Bailey from Gabon with the most consecutive challenge wins, with 10. He was the highest ranking member of Soko (Healers), placing 5th.  On the island, he would win over his cast mates by telling them stories such as “Sex Robot Brothels” and he was closest with Devon, forming a secret alliance with him and Ashley.

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He helped arrange for the victims to go to SeaWorld with the help of Ghost Island castaway Morgan
Sent by s73100,Mar 8, 2018
^ but those animals would all die if Seaworld were shut tf down and they were released.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 8, 2018
An annoying try hard
Sent by MJFJUNE,Mar 8, 2018
disgusting ugly looking rat that played like shit. no one likes him please never show your disgusting face on television ever again,
Sent by Aerodynamics,Mar 8, 2018
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Mar 8, 2018
honestly kind of a king
Sent by garrievans97,Mar 9, 2018
Sent by mrcool,Mar 9, 2018
BlueBarracuda you really need to be more informed, you should watch Blackfish
Sent by noah_kondon,Mar 9, 2018
noah_kondon LOL I am pretty informed, I've worked in conservation for YEARS (but not SeaWorld). LOVED Blackfish when I first watched it, was outraged, but I have done research beyond it. Blackfish is a great film, made me cry, but it's very manipulative and one-sided-- it does bring up concerning issues though which have largely been addressed in the years since. I have issues with some of their practices, but Seaworld at large does a lot of good for wildlife, wildlife protection, and conservation. "freeing the whales" would be giving them a death sentence.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 9, 2018
him throwing the half of the idol shell in fire was unforgettable for me
Sent by chris2pei,Mar 9, 2018

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