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(+/-) Ashley Nolan ~ S35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

4thMar 8, 2018 by BlueBarracuda
imageAshley was a castaway on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and was a member of the Heroes / Levu tribe due to her work as a lifeguard captain for the Brevard County Ocean Rescue.

Ashley formed an early alliance with JP and together,  they formed a bigger alliance with Alan and Ben. By night 2, Alan became paranoid that she and JP were becoming a showmance and secretly had an Idol. When Levu lost the first immunity challenge, Alan tried to shake things up and send Ashley home, but when it came down to it, she only received a vote from Katrina, who went home. After that, Ashley tried to distance herself from JP.

On Day 9, she and Alan remained on Levu during a tribe swap, so they made amends and buried the hatchet. She quickly formed a connection with Devon, whom she tried to convince side with them. Levu lost immunity and Joe openly targeted Ashley, stating she was the weakest, which only furthered the bond between Ash and Devon. When Devon’s vote was blocked and Joe read into Ashley’s reaction, Joe played his Idol on himself, sending Alan home. With Alan gone, Devon and Ashley tried to recruit Desi to their side to get out Joe. However, that plan never transpired as they didn’t go to Tribal and made the merge.

At the merge, she re-aligned with her Levu tribemates JP and Chrissy (later Ben) and agreed to team up with Yawa to vote out Soko members. On Day 22, her feud with Joe continued, as he stated she wasn’t playing the game and would be an easy goat to take to the end. At a reward challenge, she made a final 4 pact with Devon, Lauren, and Ben to target JP, Chrissy, and Ryan. Ashley won individual immunity and at Tribal, they blindsided her former ally JP. Ashley proposed to Lauren they turn on Ben, whom she thought was too big of a threat, although she joined the others in voting out Joe.
She saw her dad Jim at the Loved Ones challenge and won a second Individual Immunity. She joined the majority to unanimously vote out Ben, who pulled out an Idol and saved himself, causing Lauren to go home instead. During a chaotic tribal council, Ashley wanted her alliance to split their votes between Ben and Mike, in case Ben played an Idol. Ben told Ash to vote for Mike and then played his Idol before the votes were read, forcing her alliance to turn on one another. She was blindsided when her alliance voted her out over Mike, hugging only Ben on the way out, feeling mostly betrayed by Devon. She was the 13th person voted out of the game and the 6th jury member on Day 36. As a juror, she was one of two votes cast in favor of Chrissy winning the game.

Ashley was an extra in the 2017 blockbuster starring Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Baywatch, appearing alongside Nicaragua/Caramoan denture shamer, Brenda Lowe. She was the youngest member of the Levu tribe. Previously, she was a wide receiver and cornerback for the Orlando Fantasy in the Lingerie Football League (LFL) but her lingerie career was cut short in 2011 when she tore her ACL and fractured a bone in her knee, after initially playing in Junior All-American football. Despite her injury, she was voted one of the 25 hottest Lingerie football players in 2011.  She states that Richard Hatch is the player she is most like, including the fact that both of them have once been bitten by a shark.

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Idc about her
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i love her huge ass forehead, legend
Sent by Christian_,Mar 8, 2018
It should be noted that during the pre-show interviews/first impressions, Ashley got the most negative impressions from her tribe mates, most of them calling her a bitch and cold, causing many to predict an early boot for her.
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