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(+/-) Lauren Rimmer ~ S35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

1stMar 8, 2018 by BlueBarracuda
imageLauren “The Rimmer” Rimmer was a castaway on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and was a member of the Hustler / Yawa tribe for being a fisherman and professional softball outfielder.

Being the oldest member of the Yawa tribe, Lauren immediately appeared to be an outsider and easy boot if Yawa ended up going to Tribal Council. Despite winning the first immunity challenge, Yawa did go to tribal Day 6 and 8, putting Lauren in the hotseat. Due to her distrust of gingers and Patrick’s general annoyingness, Lauren clashed with him and wanted to target him on Day 6. However, she joined the majority in voting off Simone Day 6. When it came time for their second Tribal, Lauren’s feud with Patrick reached it’s climax and Lauren got her way when Patrick was blindsided and voted out over her.
On Day 9, Lauren once again found herself on the apparent outs when she was the only Yawa to remain on Yawa during a tribe swap. She grew close to Ben, who also was on the outs against three original Soko members (Cole, Jess, Dr. Mike). Lauren grew frustrated with Cole and wanted him gone; luckily for Lauren, Soko remained immune until the merge.

On Day 17, Lauren made the merge and herself and Ben were the swing votes between the two opposing alliances – the Healers vs. the Hero/Hustlers. Despite wanting to stick with Soko, she and Ben defected and joined the Heroes & Hustlers in blindsiding Jessica. After Jessica’s departure, Lauren found a secret advantage at camp (extra vote), which would require her to abstain from Tribal in order to use the extra vote. She told Ben and used it at Tribal, causing Desi & Joe to be deadlocked into a tie vote (with Desi going in the revote). Lauren’s dominance continued, as she defeated Cole to win the Individual Immunity, leading to his boot. Lauren also won the Reward challenge on Day 25 and shared it with Ben, Devon, and Ashley, and together, they formed a final four alliance and planned a scheme to turn on Chrissy, JP, and Ryan, pulling in Mike and Joe instead. Together, they blindsided JP, but later decided to turn on Ben due to his dominance and threat of winning the game. They blindsided Joe, however. During a loved one visit, her superfan sister Sunny showed up, although she lost the challenge. She, Ben, and Devon searched for an Idol and she found ½ of it, later throwing a challenge to find the second ½ of it.
Ben overheard Lauren and his former final 4 alliance talking about blindsiding him, so he told Dr. Mike about Lauren’s Idol and advantage. In an attempt to gain Mike’s trust after finding out about Ben’s plan, she gave Mike ½ of her Idol. At Tribal, Lauren called out Ben, but she became vulnerable after Mike threw the ½ she gave him into the fire, making the other ½ useless. When it came time to vote, everyone voted for Ben to go home, even Lauren. Ben pulled out his Idol and used it on himself,  negating every single vote but his own, which happened to be on Lauren. Lauren became the 12th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury on Day 33, with her unused Extra Vote and half an immunity in her pocket as she left the game. At Final Tribal Council, she critiqued Ryan, commended Chrissy, but ultimately joined four other jurors in helping crown King Ben the Sole Survivor.
Lauren became the higher placing female member of Yawa, despite her initial first-boot off Yawa potential. She is the first castaway ever to be eliminated by a single vote (1-0), not counting Final 3 vote-outs in seasons with final twos. Receiving only 1 out of 7 votes, Lauren was voted out by the smallest ratio of votes in Survivor history. She is the first castaway eliminated with an Extra vote in her possession without using it, and with her unused Idol, is in the running to be redeemed at Ghost Island potentially. She became the third castaway to possess an Idol and advantage at the same time, after Tai Trang and Adam Klein, with a fourth (Domenick) occurring this upcoming week on Ghost Island.

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My favorite from the season
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queen of littering on universal tv
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Robbed by a fat vagina doctor!!!
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Queen of rimming my slippery vagina
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Lauren, Devon, and Joe made the season.
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she was so unexpectedly comedy and strategic gold till her mess up @ giving away her idol half.
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