Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thMar 14, 2020 by Blitszims
Minie do you ever get tired of being such a nasty hag? You do nothing but attack people who go against what you think as if you are some almighty god. All you do on this site is attack children, attack people over designs, and spread your horrible negativity. You are confirmed to be racist, homophobic, and who knows what else!

On top of all that you are just a nasty human being in general. Your life consists of nothing but dragging other people down because your life is boring and sad. I really do hope you eventually get the help you need.


ban her randomize
Sent by Akeria,Mar 14, 2020
Preach mom
Sent by Eilish,Mar 14, 2020
bryan why are u commenting on this blog acting like u didnt make it LOL
Sent by maturo,Mar 14, 2020
maturo maybe because someone else in the chat made it?
Sent by Eilish,Mar 14, 2020

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