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  1. Pathetic.
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  4. Can more ppl
  5. Pm me ur skype
  6. Wanna urge u all not to do drugs
  7. I’m just curious
  8. Give me ts plz
  9. I just finished money heist season 3
  10. Hola
  11. I'm honestly surprised
  12. Keep eliminating twinks!
  13. Eliminate the twink
  14. Is thika still about on another account
  15. He nommed you in a CHARITY rookies
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  17. Can anyone suggest me
  18. If scroll isn’t a minor...
  19. Why is it
  20. Pyn
  21. Who were your favourite tg couple of 2019?
  22. It’s weird
  23. Happy new year
  24. Is anyone else
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  27. Early xmas blog!
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  32. Would anyone else like to
  33. Why does Christmas
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Dec 30, 2019 by Blitszims
Since multiple ppl have been Skyping me abt a certain someone’s blog

I’ve logged into say I’m afraid to tell you that I am alive 🤣 so all your wishes about me being dead were for nothing!

I was enjoying Christmas and I hope my friends here did too!

I actually was technically at more than 1 day because I personally haven’t logged in since before xmas but it’s cute to know you were stalking my page 😘

Bring on new year xx


welcome back
Sent by semajdude,Dec 30, 2019
damn i wish u were dead!
Sent by LovelyKiss,Dec 30, 2019
where is my souvenir from london sis? xD
Sent by systrix,Dec 30, 2019
Inact but still in my dms all day huh
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 30, 2019
You were busy fisting it’s ok sis
Sent by Allison,Dec 30, 2019

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