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All you ever do

15thDec 24, 2019 by Blitszims
Is be a really nasty, judgemental, conceited piece of work

You really think you are so much better than me however I guarantee I am a nicer and more fun person than you.

You may not agree with my life choices and if I’m honest, I don’t think they are ideal either. Meeting a guy at 5am is not ideal but if they asked me to at 6pm, I’d probs be too shy because ur right, I have low self confidence.

I was extremely civil to you the first time we spoke on Skype but all you have proceeded to do is tell me I’m autistic, tell me I have deep mental problems, call me ugly, call me unintelligent, drug addict but actually I would rather be any of those things, as long as I wasn’t you. You are really horrid and while you tell me that I need help, I think you do. Clearly something has happened in your life to make you so vile!

Why don’t u go ass kiss that ugly bent nosed witchy cunt tarag some more, dracomalfoy

Oh and I’m also fucking single. I chose to end my 7 year relationship. I can do what I want with who I want! When I want! So go suck a dick, cunt

If I want to get in a strangers car, it’s my life that I’m putting in danger and is nothing to do with you


Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 24, 2019
i'd love to see what he looks like but too bad he is too insecure to post a photo of himself
Sent by maturo,Dec 24, 2019
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 24, 2019
that rotted old cunt
Sent by LovelyKiss,Dec 24, 2019
I love how you rewrite history to make yourself a victim. Please note: I never attack or be horrible to a person without a level of retaliation involved. So let’s just review this problematic claim: “I was extremely civil to you the first time we spoke on Skype“ blitszims

1. You trashed me in my Stars game when I literally had no idea who you were = fine, goes with the course. I didn’t retaliate.

2. You started sending me DMs about me commenting on said comments in the stars game = fine, I wasn’t too bothered, I still didn’t know who you were.

3. You add me on Skype and was rude to me first when I asked you how you got my Skype address and you basically told me to fuck off and mind my own business = This was when I began to get irritated. Adding my Skype IS my business.

4. You then began to level accusations at me that I knew nothing about. Talking about your past histories involving Josh and Brad and Jenny and any other random names I don’t remember and sneered at me when I was asking who the hell you were talking about. You have to remember, I have more for me going on than this website. I repeatedly told you to refer to people by usernames otherwise I wouldn’t know who you were talking about. Yes I did ask if you were on heavy drugs at this point because this is what I honestly thought at the time. You sounded manic and very high.

5. You then started taking the piss and insulting my choice of friends and labelling all the stuff they have ever done to you. I replied saying I don’t care and it was at this point you accused me of being nasty to you. Yes, I was being nasty to you at this point because you’d been slagging me off and harassing me on Skype for the last hour despite me repeatedly telling you that I wasn’t interested in talking to you at all and to leave me alone.

6. I’m extremely polite and civil to those that warrant it but anyone who knows me knows that I would never be so rude to act horrible to someone for no need. It’s not the way I was raised. Clearly you weren’t raised with the same mindset which is why you attacked me with no retaliation from me until it got to the point of harassment.

In short, nine of this would have happened if you’d just have left me the fuck alone and not been so caught up with my friendship with tarag that you began adding me on Skype and leaving me weird drunken voice messages weeks after we spoke, sparking this all up again. I don’t know how many times or different ways that I can say it, but STOP MESSAGING ME. I am not interested in you. AT ALL.

You can get in any strangers car. Nobody is stopping you. I said it was sad that you bragged about it like a date when in reality, the sad fact is that you’re meeting random strangers from Tinder in their car at 5am and calling it a date. That’s really sad. But do you.
Sent by DracoMalfoy,Dec 24, 2019

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