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Winners at War Insider Info (Why Natalie Lost)

2ndMay 15, 2020 by Birks4444
Behind the scenes info from Danni's Instagram Live!! The editing this season was SO off.


\- Parvati and Danni were an instant duo and Parvati initially wanted to vote out Michele, changed her mind to Natalie.

\- Ben told Jeremy that Danni was the one who came up with the Natalie vote when it was Parvati. Parvati then leapt onto this to save herself and painted Danni as the mastermind.

\- Jeremy went off on Danni after the Natalie vote and accused her of going through his bag (when she didn't).

\- Rob, Parvati and Ethan were the ones who flipped on Danni. Adam, Jeremy, and Tony texted Danni after the episode saying how unfair the edit was and how Danni had no choice in that situation.

\- Adam told her that her only option was to try and get Parvati out.

\- The paranoia came from people who were calling her out about the false Jeremy-bag accusation and spreading rumours.

\- Natalie, Amber and Danni were amazing friends on the start, Natalie completely excluded them later in the game.聽

\- Amber and Danni are very close friends.

\- Parvati bought two jars of peanut butter with the 4 tokens from the 50/50 challenge. One jar was to be shared between Parvati, Ethan, and Danni, and the other jar was to be shared between Rob, Amber and Natalie. Natalie and Rob ate all of theirs and they barely gave Amber anything. They then stole Danni, Ethan, and Parvati's peanut butter and ate all of what was left (these three were rationing it fairly). Natalie also had her own jar during this time. \*THIS PART WAS NOT IN THE LIVE\* but I think the rules got broken here and production either didn't know about it or didn't do anything about it. The peanut butter was purchased under the same premise of an idol or advantage, and it's not fair that Parvati and Danni's fire tokens were effectively stolen by Rob and Natalie.

\- Is incredibly respectful of Tony's game.聽

\- Yul caught a fish for Danni because she was so skinny and he felt bad because Natalie and Rob stole her peanut butter.

\- There is no beef between Danni & Kim, Danni just forgot to follow her.- Wanted to work with Sandra and Sarah.

\- Thinks Sarah deserved a better edit than what she got

\- YUL AND NATALIE HAD A MAJOR FIGHT. Yul went to get the rice from the mountain when Adam got voted out, he offered to take Adam to get the rice and it took forever. Natalie was SO mad that they took too long to get the rice and when he came back she screamed at him calling him selfish, saying that all he ever does is stay by himself and go fishing all day. Got so bad to the point where Wendell stepped in and told Natalie to drop it. This is what caused Natalie to lose those 3 votes and probably lose the game.

\- Was really sad Michele did not get any votes.聽

\- Actually loves Parvati, thinks she's a great player and a great mom.

\- Wants Brian Corridan to play again, wishes they could've worked together.- People on EOE said a ton of bad things about Sarah.

\- Production wanted her back for several seasons but she couldn't play again due to having kids.

聽\- Amber kept saying she was there for Rob, she wished Amber had a chance because she felt as though Amber could've done really well.

\- Keeps in touch with Brian, Jamie, Brandon, Stephenie, Gary, Brooke, and others.聽

\- Started an organisation to encourage young girls and boys to achieve their dreams and support each other. It was called something like "My Tribe USA" or "Our Tribe USA".

\- Started a charity to support single moms, all earnings from her cameos go to this charity.

\- Thinks she would've done much better if she'd had a "dress rehearsal" and seen how the new school game works.

\- REALLY wants to play again, production still really likes her she just didn't get as much of an edit because there was just so much to show.

\- Thinks Sandra is the queen, but Tony is the greatest.聽

\- There was a ~"mean girls"~ clique on Edge who spoke down to so many people.聽

\- Was really upset with Wendell's edit.聽

\- Was bitter towards with Michele at the time because she didn't believe Danni's plea to keep her being that Parvati initially wanted Michele out.

\- Was shocked by Tyson because she thought he was awful, but ended up really loving him.

\- Gave her fire token to Denise because she was the only one who listened to Danni.

\- Sophie was sick for quite a while after the season, found it hard to do anything at Ponderosa.聽

\- Yul had to go toilet in the middle of tribal council for 20 minutes.聽

\- Natalie probably would have won if she made fire against Tony.

\- Fractured her foot in the coconut challenge.

\- Had a three million dollar modelling contract in Europe when she was younger.

\- Had skin cancer because of her time on Edge.

\- Still has scars from the bugs in Guatemala.

\- Cindy from Guatemala applied 7 times before making it on.

\- It was actually Tyson, Parvati, and Danni who were the closest in the first returnee challenge - it was edited to be Rob though.

\- REALLY wanted to meet Kim properly, loves her.聽

\- Sarah came into the live and told Danni that she loves her <3333

\- LOVES her fans.



Danni is a bitter cunt. Glad she was a total flop this season
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Thanks Reddit
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Loved this insight, ty
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Danni is a Trump supporter, she can die and burn in hell
Sent by YouAllSuck,May 15, 2020
Sent by Birks4444,May 15, 2020
I don鈥檛 think her opinions matter much tbh she was whack
Sent by ItsAustin,May 15, 2020
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Thanks Reddit
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Thanks Reddit
Sent by Matthew09,May 16, 2020
I never understood the peanut butter stealing? Why wouldn't Rob share with his own wife? Sounds like a 3 year old's made up story but that's probably Danni's mental age anyway
Sent by Akeria,May 16, 2020

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