Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for an Average Rating + Opinion

5thMay 12, 2020 by Birks4444
From myself, purplebb4 or Silver09.

ShaneDawson12345: 5.3
(1) Tbh i thought u were mentally ill for the longest time and i still cant tell if ur faking it!
(2) King of 1984. Love ya!

lexeyjane: 9
(1) I used to not like you because I thought you were psychotic but you're a queen.

mradamman12: 8.6
(1) Even though i destroyed you in the gauntlet i think ur a king. i'm so sad that ben op had to rig that chatzy draw against us to make the most dramatic duel of the season.
(2) I think he's a messy gg player and i'll fuck him up next sequester

J2999: 7.83
(1) I gave him a good rating because of REDACTED's REDACTED.
(2) Good person but mayo.
(3) We've been mates for the longest time and I adore you. You're super funny, smart and kind. Love you king!

Guigi: 8
(1) After big ben's i didnt like you but your kinda cool. you also like michele fitzgerald!
(2) You kinda screwed me over in suitmans but you're like one of the most positive people on here. Super uplifting and iconic. And great taste.
(3) i just have to say: Winner: Purplebb4
Runner-Up: Jojo7784 & Guigi

Livvieboo12: 5.3
(1) I don鈥檛 like you.
(2) I don鈥檛 really know you but tbh I feel like your super sensitive and it rubs me wrong sometimes.
(3) Queen of minis, love working with you, I know I can always trust you.

shellbelle: 6.66
(1) I think you're super mature and nice, its awesome to meet people like you on tengaged.
(2) I never really interacted with you but last night u slayed all the povs in our frooks and I kinda screamed. You seem like a real sweetheart, so I鈥檓 sorry I don鈥檛 know u better!
(3) Hi.

jacksonjoseph99: 9
(1) Cutthroat Survivor King
(2) One of the most respected and loved people on here and its obvious why. Super fun to talk to and also super loyal. #Noted. Only flaw is liking that man Kailah.
(3) Honestly your鈥檈 so funny and you have such good music taste it kills me. I was robbed of of JJ鈥檚 S2.

3pi14159: 4
(1) You seem cool but I don't know you. If randomize gives us username changes I hope you take advantage of that update.
(2) I used to think you were a troll multi but you鈥檝e definitely grown past that. You make really fun blogs and I enjoy seeing u around even if u incessantly post!

BengalBoy: 8
(1) I think you鈥檙e asking for a fight.
(2) King of assaulting snowmen. King of tickling chins. King of the gays. A cheeky lad. #TopRespect
(3) Is he black?

Christian_: 6
(1) What a LEGEND. Literally good at everything and anything and easy to talk to. A silly little bird. A t-legend. #FallIntoMyRiver
(2) You seem very loyal and to most people especially your close friends and you have s great sense of humor! Sadly we don鈥檛 talk so errr
(3) Gamebot, no personality, mayo 1.0

mbarnish1: 4.3
(1) I'm really glad that we were able to settle our differences and I hope we can become good friends. Playing hunger with you was awesome and I think you are an overall nice person.
(2) I used to really dislike you for no reason but these days I鈥檝e mellowed our and just see you as a pretty normal tger. We also share a lot of friends tbh!
(3) Racist trash.

Bvance1212: 8.3
(1) We've been good friends for a while now and I think you're really funny. Loved playing LKB twice. #Feminist #Womendontbelonginthekitchen
(2) Jersey King
(3) I LOVE you so much king. I really don鈥檛 think I can anything else LOL ur just all around and amazing and we will always be #Azande3

Latisha0987: 9.3
(1) Sweet but psycho.
(2) My original #BestFriend. You're so funny and iconic. I can't wait for us to MEET UP one day and stalk men in Toronto. We share so many #daddies and sometimes you steal mine but its okay.
(3) QUEEN. I love u so much Slutisha and you are by far my most consistent and loyal friend. We message almost every day and I can鈥檛 even tell u how much u mean to me! JOANNA WARD BABY

Hufus: 10
(1) Rat, go scamper off now 馃悁
(2) The Power of 3 will set us free
(3) ILYSM BITCH. You're kind of a whore and need to stop slutting around but ur my father. #MELISSAREEVES. Im so glad that we've become closer lately. You are a star.


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Opinion: Tbh i thought u were mentally ill for the longest time and i still cant tell if ur faking it!

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