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The Goddess that is Parvati Shallow

1stMar 24, 2020 by Birks4444
I read a Reddit post earlier and I was shocked when I found out just how impressive Parvati's stats as a player are.

Here are some of the most impressive:

- Parvati has voted correctly more than any other Survivor player in history, with 28.
- Parvati has attended 35 tribal councils and survived 33 of them
- Out of a possible 156 days, Parv lasted for 130
- Went 94 days without being voted out
- 4 individual immunity wins
- First person to possess 2 idols and actually play them correctly
- Has an average placement of 5th over 4 seasons, which would average to making the finale every time she plays

Other notable accomplishments:
- Making FTC in Heroes vs Villains after being the biggest pre season threat
- 2 votes away from being a 2 time winner
- Outlasting Rob, Tyson, Amanda, Cirie & James twice and Sandra once
- Being one of 5 people to make FTC twice
- First contestant to win the same challenge twice
- Forming the Black Widow Brigade
- Being directly responsible for the Ozzy & JT boots
- Broke a streak of 4 consecutive male winners

She really is a legend, and in my opinion the best Survivor player ever.


She will always be a legend
Sent by Tammy2144,Mar 24, 2020
She clearly is one of the best. After 10 years she is still my favorite.
Sent by JoeDaManXD,Mar 24, 2020
i love her but in my opinion she was so so so lucky in s16 with the cut from f3 to f2 and in s20 with russell idol play for her
Sent by AronJX,Mar 25, 2020
This is the best blog of all time on tengaged! I love her
Sent by M2thamax,Mar 25, 2020
a man
Sent by obscurity,Mar 25, 2020
The Queen Of Queens
Sent by Rain848,Mar 25, 2020
A true legend. My favorite player and I don't think that will ever change. She truly is the best player the game has ever seen.

Fun Fact: Without Winners at War her average placement would be 3rd place which is insane. Winners at War is the only time she has ever been voted out premerge.
Sent by Tester,Mar 25, 2020
All love for Queen Parvati. ❤️
Sent by haycsclair,Mar 25, 2020
She’s such an icon.
Sent by Goji,Mar 25, 2020
Sent by Katherinee_,Mar 25, 2020
She's a great player but was incredibly lucky in FvF.  As previously stated, she would have gotten 3rd.  Had they of told the players it was a final 2, Cirie would have played differently resulting in Parvati not making finals most likely.

Parvati also 100% would have been the FIRST person voted off had Fairplay not of asked to be voted off as confirmed by her tribe post season.
Sent by Sebbers,Mar 25, 2020
I love her so much
Sent by joe1110,Mar 25, 2020

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