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It鈥檚 time to expose the truth

4thJan 17, 2020 by Birks4444
The screenshots that are being thrown around this site are a conversation between myself and RedFabFoxy. Quite frankly the truth is he didn鈥檛 do anything that could be labeled as incriminating. Had I felt that he was breaking the law and an actual pedophile, then I would have posted the screenshots myself.

Now don鈥檛 get me wrong. Do I think it鈥檚 weird that he like(s/d) a minor? Yes. Does it gross me out? Yes. That being said there is no actual evidence of Red sexually assaulting anyone or even sending porn links to a minor.

I think tengaged has been dry lately and there鈥檚 nothing more interesting to talk about so everyone just jumped on this. That being said, if anyone on here is being sexually harassed, I encourage them to report the harasser immediately and find help. My pms are always open. Thank you.


*Birks stands atop his desk*
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I must say this blog is very interesting Birks
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I am gonna call ya Lil Birks
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Lil Birks
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