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How are yall saying Michie's a good player

1stSep 2, 2019 by Birks4444
Competitions don't mean shit when you use them to take out Analyse & Jessica. Both of his HOH reigns have absolutely flopped and no one can say his social game is good. I just laugh when I hear "he's playing a really good game, he deserves to win even though I hate him!"

Like no he doesn't....



he was until tommy won veto lmfao
Sent by nathorix,Sep 2, 2019
Agreed but -15
Sent by JetsRock12,Sep 2, 2019
nathorix that makes no sense. Taking Analyse out was a good move? His target this week was still Jessica LMFAO it didn't matter who won veto.

JetsRock12 stay mad xoxo
Sent by Birks4444,Sep 2, 2019
Only thing he has got is comps
Sent by M_Davis1998,Sep 2, 2019
- 10
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Sep 2, 2019
Sloth_Roman do you have any logical reasoning towards him even being a remotely good player? Not hating im genuinely curious.
Sent by Birks4444,Sep 2, 2019

he had many deals with people and was safe if they won hoh, but Christie and tommy realized what was going on and are after him now

Sent by nathorix,Sep 2, 2019
The only game he鈥檚 good at is destroying the watermelon population.
Sent by pinkiepie512,Sep 2, 2019
He went from the absolute house pariah to at one point to making alliances with Christie, Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff. Him eliminating Sis got rid of one of the last physical players as well as hurting Christie鈥檚 game and helping Holly鈥檚, and Jess is dangerous because of her girl power rants and terrible reads.

That being said he鈥檚 still only an okay player at best being propped up by competition wins. But Kaycee showed us last year that鈥檚 enough to win.
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 2, 2019
Definitely not a perfect player, but he did go from outcast to one of the most ingratiated people in the house. Comps aren't everything, but it seems like the jury has a lot of respect for him. I think he might beat anyone except for Cliff and maybe Christie in a final 2
Sent by survivornerd,Sep 2, 2019
Because not only has he dominated in comps and literally had a hand in half of the things that have happened, but now all the people that were targeting him a few weeks ago are now begging for him to keep them safe.
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Sep 3, 2019
just wait till i get in there and show him how it's done
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 3, 2019
i dont like him either smh
Sent by Minniemax,Sep 3, 2019

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