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Most of us are lucky to be so privileged

Jun 11, 2019 by Birks4444
I went to my cousin's house this weekend and found out a toddler in Punjab, India had fell into a well over 350ft deep. My grandparents were watching the news and it honestly broke my heart.

Today I asked my mom if she heard anything and she told me he passed away, with his 3rd birthday being this Monday. I searched it up and sure enough found an article:

It honestly saddens me and makes me feel super guilty. Had that child lived in a country with a government that wasn't corrupt and misused money, he would have been rescued with the proper rescue materials.

I was in tears when my mom told me and I won't forget about this for a while. The point of this blog is don't take your prviliges for advantage and we over exaggerate when we complain about our problems. Rest In Piece, Fatehvir Singh <3


That's heartbreaking :(
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