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  1. am I a top or a bottom?
  2. In a Final 3 of Devens/Victoria/Julie
  3. when no one is around you
  4. When the sun shines, we shine together
  5. Why I dont hate the Redemption Island Twist
  6. Umbrella Rihanna
  7. I did a Brantsteele for S40 (Bootlist)
  8. After 29 seasons of Survivor
  9. carly rae jepsen snapped
  10. I turned 17 last week!!!
  11. My boner ripped my pants
  12. gift DEV victoria beanie now
  13. *rocks my Victoria beanie*
  14. good night tengaged <3
  15. dev
  16. Open for nudes
  17. MY BFF
  18. Being Gay is a sin
  20. ty for the gift
  21. Top Blog- 46 points
  22. Used to be your baby, used to be your lady
  23. There's someone on tengaged rn
  24. James Charles: can i have a pinkity drinkity
  26. imagine the indecency
  27. Wendy played more actual days of Survivor
  28. The only deserving winner in the finale
  29. Me when Victoria comes back and wins S41
  30. Victoria Baamonde.
  31. Lisa. Dawn. Carolyn. Chrissy. Angelina. Julie.
  32. Lauren was not robbed. Victoria was.
  33. how did Victoria and Aubry vote for him?
  35. We all know Victoria deserved it LOL
  36. She just got robbed by a twist
  37. tysm for the gift <3
  38. Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
  39. im lost in the way you move
  40. Ranking Edge of Extinction Players

I love her SO MUCH <3333

Mar 15, 2019 by Birks4444

literally my FAIRY GOD SISTER.


ily <3
Sent by GoodKaren,Mar 15, 2019

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