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  1. Goodbye Tengaged <3
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  4. WTH is .br or .es???
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  7. my Skype is lagging
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  12. JC's goodbye messages are so fake
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  24. for every +3
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  26. he's gone???? YESSSSS
  27. Bebe Rexha is a QUEEN
  28. what time is it?
  29. tell me why u hate me (RANT)
  30. REVERSE PYN (What do u think of me?)
  31. OOF My wig just got snatched
  33. when you realize Kaycee
  34. PYN A SONG
  35. all female avi frooks LMAO
  36. wtf I can't join
  37. bad day
  38. For every +10 (BB20 GIFS EDITION)
  39. Do your parents know

More hating

Mar 8, 2018 by Birks4444
CalebDaBoss thank you for sticking up for me. :)

This is where it gets ugly now. These guys started it, and I usually don't get this mad, but I find the need to defend myself.

Leonardo2196 you are an obsessed freak. You blog about me 9 times a day to make ur irrelevant ass noticeable. I find it so hilarious that you and ur multis call other people sheep, because you've clearly never looked in a mirror during ur life. (Look and you'll find the meaning of sheep)

YellowPenguin tengaged could care less about you trying to create drama. LMAO you have the same old "disses". This isn't your own reality show. No one gives a shit about you. U are so delusional. You started it, so I'm going to end it.

Both of you can stop stalking me, grow a pair of balls and quit obsessing and over victimizing yourselves. Take your lame ass drama, shove it write up ur asses behind your two centimetre "dicks".........


leonardo been ded for 3507 days are you being t-haunted?
Sent by malachite05,Mar 8, 2018
malachite05 no lol

leonardo2196 is just so damn irrelevant that I forgot his username.
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 8, 2018
you are the one creating drama right now.. just stop?
Sent by Yellowpenguin,Mar 9, 2018
and you started it and you keep dragging it on like stop. we don't give a fuck about you stop tagging us birks4444
Sent by Yellowpenguin,Mar 9, 2018

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