Big Brother and online Hunger games. Big Brother POV Ceremony #1 and replacement nominee (if needed)

Apr 20, 2019 by Bigbrother10101
1: Mastropola
2: Colincoco
3: Tester
4: Yandereboy12
5: Jasoi
6: CalebDaBoss
7: rockstarr
8: boicam77
9: Amnesia_
10: mbarnish1
11: Saskiarae
12: girllover101
13: Loganpds
14: Alexavontrayne
15: Absol
16: Kelly0412
17: Sloth_roman
18: Kevin0621

The veto was used on...... Kelly0412

jasoi you need to send your replacement nominee (I will say it on this blog when you mail or comment your replacement)

Jasoi has nominated ............ AlexaVonTrayne

Nominees are Girllover101 and AlexaVonTrayne

Jasoi, Girllover101, and Alexavontrayne wil not be able to vote

Votes received



gl @Girlover101 and AlexaVonTrayne
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 20, 2019
Girllover101* Its so hard to see that other l
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 20, 2019

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