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Here's some Stars facts for you

11thDec 16, 2017 by BigMamaT
While everyone is crowing about ethan000 going unnominated...

Well let me burst everyone's bubble:

It's not hard to go unnommed when you nominate the same damn people over and over. This is my sixth time up in a poll. I knew SOMEONE was going to go unnommed and I tried NOT to let that happen. I made it public knowledge to EVERYONE that I was locking in ethan/tboss and I told ethan to his face, unlike the rest of this cast who LIED to me over and over. Obviously no one else locked him in, essentially GIVING him the status of being unnominated. If it were been up to me, he would have been up on that block 1-2-3.

So don't bash my gameplay. I had to do what I had to do to get this far. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to work with people who won't give you the time of day to talk to you, or they lie and are fake right to your face and the minute you get a little hope...BAM. Blindside. I got got several times...but you know what? I'm going to leave this game with my head held high because I know I tried my fucking hardest with this trashy-ass cast.



You can't brush off going unnommed as something that isn't hard. He needs to garner the people to help him go unnommed...
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Dec 16, 2017
Sent by Mario23,Dec 16, 2017
SurvivorFreak13 Oh I give him props. He was smart, the rest of the cast was too stupid, blind, or BOTH. I just don't think it was that hard for him. I  went unnominated once and got 2nd, but I was also up against another unnommed person. I give credit where credit is due, but in my eyes, he had an easy road compared to someone who was pinned up against a wall where the entire cast would not talk to me or give me false hope. That's all. I do like ethan. A lot. Probably one of the only ones that I DO like because he wasn't fake to me.
Sent by BigMamaT,Dec 16, 2017
That's not the houses fault tho. The site for some reason is obsessed with you and think you're an icon or whatever. When your a huge popularity threat they try to get you out by nominating you over and over again. Take it as a compliment.
Sent by mysterygame2,Dec 16, 2017
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Dec 16, 2017
You can't brush off going unnommed as something that isn't hard. He needs to garner the people to help him go unnommed...
Sent by AdamLovesEverything,Dec 16, 2017
Gg mama Tea
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 16, 2017
It's probably a Derrick from BB16 tea. Gameplayer isn't actually that smart or do anything crazy effective, just has housemates that are pure stupid and easy to manipulate. The fact that you are the popularity threat and got flavored just shows how stupid the cast was. LOL!
Sent by _Aria,Dec 16, 2017

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