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3rdNov 20, 2017 by BigMamaT
Tina and 2017 Tina are completely different.

I am a bit fatter now, but working on myself. I've lost 60 pounds this year so far. Yay! At one time, I could barely walk.

I quit smoking cigarettes. Peanut butter cookie vape is the way to go now!

The only "drugs" I do now are prescribed to me...and weed. I'll never stop smoking weed. It saved my life from snorting pain killers off bitch's asses on a daily basis.


Sent by Allison,Nov 20, 2017
Sent by Philip13,Nov 20, 2017
Yas weed
Sent by Etienne,Nov 21, 2017
I am a bit fatter now, but working on myself.

new life motto
Sent by brookie_cookie,Nov 21, 2017
i'm a bit fatter too
Sent by BengalBoy,Nov 21, 2017
Sent by Brandt69,Nov 21, 2017
great job
Sent by KrisStory,Nov 21, 2017
ew ive snorted drugs too but now that im clean from everything i hate everybody that does drugs
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Nov 21, 2017
Sent by turkeylover,Nov 21, 2017
I'm happy for you!
Sent by Webly,Nov 21, 2017
U go girl!
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Nov 21, 2017
Wait you arent supposed to snort cocaine off a bitches ass every day?
I think I need to reassess my current position in life
Sent by Rocker917,Nov 21, 2017
Yes queen. <3 We r with u.
Sent by Ari_,Nov 21, 2017
Sent by paul028,Nov 21, 2017
Queen of peanut butter cookie vape
Sent by temponeptune,Nov 21, 2017
❤️ Weed ❤️
Sent by zachbbs,Nov 21, 2017
Sent by fuckshroom,Nov 21, 2017
fuckshroom You're original.
Sent by BigMamaT,Nov 21, 2017
Awww you’re an inspiration:)
Sent by Thumper91,Nov 21, 2017
So proud of you, Tina. Much love ♥
Sent by LowKi,Nov 21, 2017

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