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Nov 8, 2017 by BigMamaT
I've seen all your blogs about me, and I must say...I think I'm gonna need a restraining order this time. #stalker



You can call me a hippo all you want.

Doesn't change the fact that you're still a little jealous wanna-be bitch on a fucking website who is looking for attention. .

If you think that you're offending are dead wrong.

Blog about me all you want. It doesn't bother me. I've learned to have a thick skin when it comes to immature little douchebags like you.
Sent by levonini,Nov 8, 2017

You're still a stalker. It doesn't bother me though...although I DO feel afraid for my family. I may have to call counsel :S
Sent by BigMamaT,Nov 8, 2017
You are SUCH a BITCH!

I defended you on multiple occasions.

You turned your fucking back on me because you can't handle the truth...the REAL TEA is that you are a SELF-ABSORBED SELFISH LITTLE FUCKING CHILD who runs away with his ball when he can't take the heat.

A lot of people never liked you to begin with...and I always defended you. Even when you acted like an immature little twat, I would laugh it off. Even when people presented me with evidence that you are indeed A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, I brushed it off.

Mr. "I bring the most new people into the ORG community" Bullshit. You troll Tengaged all day long looking for "new" players...while that may NOT be wrong, I have recruited from Tengaged before...but the TRUE TEA IS THAT YOU THINK SO FUCKING HIGHLY OF YOURSELF...AND ONLY YOURSELF...NOT ONLY CAN THE PEOPLE ON TENGAGED NOT STAND YOU, BUT NEITHER CAN THE PEOPLE IN THE ORG COMMUNITY.

And that's a FACT. I'm DONE defending you. Have a nice fucking life, you gap-toothed pathological liar.
Sent by levonini,Nov 8, 2017
15thOct 30, 2017 by levonini
Originally, this season was suppose to start at the beginning of November. However, due to personal stuff like stalking Allison on the blogs page and trying to be him, I can't. If you are still interested in playing this org where I have production leak your diary rooms like with bb5lover, we will still consider you. It's just that we have to move the premiere to a later date. If you applied and have any questions, hit me up on Skype (@bignoselevonini)

Sent by Allison,Nov 8, 2017

Sent by BigMamaT,Nov 8, 2017
People like you make me famous.


Vlog coming soon
Sent by levonini,Nov 8, 2017
LMAO UR STILL ARGUING W PEOPLE ON THE BLOGS PAGE???? Why don’t u do regular 40 year old activities like paint or knit a sweater smh old fuck
Sent by titoburitto,Nov 8, 2017
At least she isn't 10 years older hitting up grindr and having submissive illegal Mexicans give her syphilis titoburitto
Sent by Allison,Nov 8, 2017

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