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900th Game Tributes

Jul 9, 2014 by BigJoeFrimodt
Well, as the votes slowly poor in, i figure ill do my tribs.

13th - Jamjars: Thanks for helping so much, im so disappointed to see you get 13th, i really wish you could have stayed longer. I think you were just a victim of situation, with algo noms and all.
12th - Chlltownofcourse: Ugh i wish you would have stayed, but since you were inact up until you left, it was really no wonder that you got nommed. I wish it would have turned out differently.
10th - Thumper91: why the fuck did you leave, i can not even begin to comprehend. I only nommed you because you volunteered, and i thought you were a sure bet to stay. I still don't even understand.
9th - Galore: Thanks for joining, and i tried to get you the 13th like you said, but you pulled a couple miracles, and well yeah you got 9th. Please come online soon and vote.
8th - Jakehou97: I really wanted you to get your money back, truly, but it just wasn't in the cards for you to stay.
7th - Macken: I love you bro, you are one of my closest friends on here, sorry that i evicted you, i just wanted to be fair.
6th - Stuartlittle16: Im sorry that i evicted you too, but you are another one of my really good friends, and thank you for joining.
5th - Carlisle: Thanks so much for joining, im glad i joined this frat for many reasons, and one of them is because you were in there, since ive heard how nice you were, and you seemed like somebody id like to get to know. Hope this could be a start :D
4th - Jenna2010: Thank you too for joining, we just recently met, with me joining the frat and all. But you are really nice and down to earth, and you seem like somebody id like to get to know as well.
3rd - Esquiff: I remember when i was a noob, and you were one of the biggest people on tengaged, and now that you and i are friends is something i think is really cool, you've been kinda a celebrity, thanks so much for being my friend.
2nd - Nickgqc: You mailed me as the game was enrolling asking me if it was okay to join, and i was ecstatic, since it was filling so slow. Im glad you and me played, and im glad you could get 2nd place. Thanks again.

Shout outs to people that were there in spirit



Aw I wish I were there :(
Sent by ParvatiS,Jul 9, 2014
Sorry I missed it :/
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Jul 9, 2014

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