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Random Survivor: Barbados CHART

Dec 25, 2017 by BigBrother_78
Trinidad Tribe (Light Blue Buffs):
William/ IceBeast
Sergio/ sihz
Suga/ TR1364
Jason/ hellomynameis347
Owen/ Girllover101
Tia/ melindamrskk
Quinn/ NeonGrape1
Valerie/ amf7410
Mathilda/ SeanDouglas
Hannah/ MIchelle990

Tobago Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Lore/ Philip13
Liam/ Novamax243
Noah/ Valero7
Cosmo/ Writinglegend
Aiden/ Matedog1209
Augusta/ purplebb4
Alice/ Glinda
Brittney/ CalebDaBoss
Haruna/ Foxy_Piplup
Anne Marie/ iichaoskimmy

I did not have time to make a description this time, as I am leaving for vacation soon, but this series will be continued shortly (next season probs up tomorrow or Tuesday), and I WILL do a description for s4. Thank you for understanding.




Sent by Matedog1209,Dec 25, 2017

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