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the real winner of the democratic debate Jun 28, 2019
Donald Trump. None of these canidates stand a chance. They had me at giving healthcare to illegal immigrants.
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just to clarify Feb 22, 2019
I’ll only be logging onto tengaged to bet on games so i can gift Emzthorne and Maxi1234

Thank you for reaching out to me Max/Maxi; love you both <3
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comment Feb 9, 2019
and i'll say what field of profession i think you'll go into or guess what field of profession you're currently in

bigbrother_78 me bitch






Human Resources:


Special Education Teaching/Interventialist:





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pyn and I’ll tell you Jan 28, 2019
how you’d do in survivor

#EmzThorne: 5th/6th (seen as a jury threat)
#Birks4444: 10th (too good at challenges to make it past f10)
#top20fan33: 10th (good social player; one of the robbed ones)
#peace123: 4th (one of the biggest players of the season; obvious winner if not taken out at f4)
#J2999: 7th (comp beast; taken out as soon as you lose immunity)
#Hash: 2nd (loses by one vote; robbed king)
#koolness234: 1st (nobody ever turns against you; 9-0 jury vote)
#BrainJak: 11th (i don’t know you super well so I’ll just say this)
#chillum: 20th (easy first vote, very vocal & controversial)
#Bluejay7622: 3rd (comp beast, was too loyal to alliance and jury didn’t respect lack of big moves)
#DaveLooney: 5th (good strategizer; seen as a big threat in finale)
#joshprost99: 11th (don’t know you well enough to say)
BluJay112: 15th (got screwed over by a tribe swap)
lexeyjane: 9th (played a great social game, but a very open and obvious one, big target)
coreyants: 12th (booted at merge for being a big player too early on)
CalebDaBoss: 6th/7th (didn’t really make any big moves, floated to the end)
hellomynameis347: 18th (easy vote ig)
Maxi1234: 13th (your alliance with #EmzThorne is very obvious, and they just decide to target you over him at the first merge Tribal)
rockstarr: 7th (tried to make a big move but you failed)
smuguy2012: 17th (probably on the stronger tribe, but seen as an immediate threat, taken out at first tribal attended)
Bambino: 5th/6th (usually gets votes at tribal but slides through, but you couldn’t make it to f4)
jacksonjoseph99: 4th (too good of a player for the other three to bring to f3)
Tanarexix: 14th (the robbed queen right before merge)
Rosemount: 10th/11th (in the minority, simple as that)
christossss: 4th (robbed at f4 FMC)
alanb1: 2nd (you fought hard, but you were up against a bitter jury)
TotalDramaLover1234: 15th (tribe swap fucked)
NicoleF: 19th/20th (very vocal against other players; voted out 9-1)
Ghettoyah: 8th (drew the unlucky rock)
oreo270: 5th (made it to finale night as a pretty strong competitor, won a few immunity challenges and even found an idol, and the others saw you as a huge threat; voted out 4–1)
AustinRules6969: 6th/7th (got the purple edit)
Burgerman2929292: 14th (tried to take out a big player pre-merge, it didn’t work)
Iceey: 1st (amazing game player, good in immunities and socially)
ghrocky100: 8th (in the minority alliance and eventually got picked off)
PureEssence: 14th (robbed right before the merge in a split vote)
countrysavage: 9th/10th (minority alliance, one of your allies misplayed an idol and you were sent packing)
Caleb9211: 16th (you were in the majority in the tribe swap, but one of your allies turned on you)
Solinne64: 18th (wanted to make a big move but everybody was sheeping the player you wanted out)
BengalBoy: 1st (played a good social and physical game, jury respected that and gave you the votes)
AdamLovesEverything: 11th/12th (orchestrated the first 1/2 merge votes, everybody saw you as a target, and voted you out)
YoundAndReckless: 2nd (lost by a single jury vote; played fantastic game)
J0K3R: 15th (played too hard, too fast. You were voted out with an idol)
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for every +25 Jan 21, 2019
I'll reveal my favorite people on this site and why cuz im bored

alanb1 - one of my fav ppl on this site! we met in a group game where he FAILED to save me by sending me to Ghost Island but it's cool. We host a group game together and talk on skype like literally every night. hes cool.

bluejay7622 - amazing guy, always has my back with all this DRAMA and he's really funny and smart and good at everything and im lowkey jealous but its cool. <3

top20fan33 - i talk to cam on snapchat a lot about the show "you" and music and all that jazz and he's a really genuine guy.

birks4444 - i met u thru alan and ur like super chill and really fun to play skype games with.. i can tell we’ll be friends for a v long time!! :)

ashszoke - you’re really pretty and I’ve known you longer than anyone on this site, you’re really funny in Skype calls and we have like a 600-day snap streak. ily <3

bamold1999 - ur pretty chill and fun to talk to! I'm happy we became friends!

BrittBritt - We like just met but you are sooo nice and really funny and I can't wait to play frooks w you and talk more :)

koolness234 - king. need i say more?
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pyn Jan 19, 2019
& plus for an honest rate from me, #alanb1, and #birks4444

*average rate*

Sade - 10
bamold1999 - 9.2
peace123 - 9
top20fan33 - 8.6
J2999 - 8.3
BengalBoy - 8.3
MrBird - 8
ghrocky100 - 8
Caleb9211 - 7.6
cheeseman2468 - 7.5
mbarnish1 - 7.3
M_Davis1998 - 7
chillum - 7
ItsAlexia - 7
Burgerman2929292 - 7
Darbe - 6.6
Roshy - 6.3
Amnesia_ - 6.3
pinkiepie512 - 6.3
jacksonjoseph99 - 6
countrysavage - 5.6
EmzThorne - 5.6
Delete2544 - 5.3
Runaway - 5
NicoleF - 5
Saftronbtr999 - 4.5
andalarew_2231 - 4
Maxi1234 - 3.6
Eilish - 3.3
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