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  1. hmm!
  2. i thought it was transparency
  3. lol i love bans for no reason
  4. Lmao this site is horrible
  5. Merry Christmas <3
  6. BY A VOTE OF 9-0
  7. vote for anyone but maturo
  8. Imagine having 5531 karma lmao!
  9. maturo was Paul bb19 in this stars game
  10. someone gift paige54
  11. me in stars
  14. I-
  15. heyyy!
  16. comment raini is skinny
  17. Leaving Blog
  18. if u want a gift
  19. hey
  20. :3
  21. ur so bad
  22. wow ur obsessed
  23. guess the shop owner
  24. thoughts on
  25. J2999.
  26. Vote to Evict [17th]
  27. Unlucky.
  28. Vote to evict!
  29. Vote to Evict [18th]
  30. i didn't get a gift?
  31. so mean :(
  32. Vote to Evict [19th]
  33. Vote to evict!
  34. Vote to evict!
  35. Vote to Evict [20th]
  36. Obsessed with shops
  37. I wondered why I received
  38. 1 spot
  39. easy to complete this application lol
  40. only 2-4 spots left (easy application xo)

Lmao this site is horrible

Dec 28, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
Imagine getting banned for making a joke


Depends..... What joke are we talking about here?
Sent by scooby0000,Dec 28, 2018
Let's put that into context... a distasteful joke.
Sent by Kandee_,Dec 28, 2018
What was the joke?
Sent by dandoe,Dec 28, 2018
I get that Kandee_ and it shouldn’t be joked about but max should at least be unbanned because its been clarified lol
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Dec 28, 2018
dandoe A user joked about hacking a few users. Then as the moderator, I decided to give them a ban for which they violated a rule. It is clear that many disagree with the ban, but as someone reasonable as myself, I decided to give them the opportunity to reduce it. I believe it was justly, and many shouldn't joke about hacking others, knowing that it is a current issue, and it is something that moderation can't actively deal with (improper tools). It was highly inappropriate.
Sent by Kandee_,Dec 28, 2018

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