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  1. hmm!
  2. i thought it was transparency
  3. lol i love bans for no reason
  4. Lmao this site is horrible
  5. Merry Christmas <3
  6. BY A VOTE OF 9-0
  7. vote for anyone but maturo
  8. Imagine having 5531 karma lmao!
  9. maturo was Paul bb19 in this stars game
  10. someone gift paige54
  11. me in stars
  14. I-
  15. heyyy!
  16. comment raini is skinny
  17. Leaving Blog
  18. if u want a gift
  19. hey
  20. :3
  21. ur so bad
  22. wow ur obsessed
  23. guess the shop owner
  24. thoughts on
  25. J2999.
  26. Vote to Evict [17th]
  27. Unlucky.
  28. Vote to evict!
  29. Vote to Evict [18th]
  30. i didn't get a gift?
  31. so mean :(
  32. Vote to Evict [19th]
  33. Vote to evict!
  34. Vote to evict!
  35. Vote to Evict [20th]
  36. Obsessed with shops
  37. I wondered why I received
  38. 1 spot
  39. easy to complete this application lol
  40. only 2-4 spots left (easy application xo)

if u want a gift

Oct 24, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
just comment what you want and why i should gift u xo


Gift westtemp anything because i helped you in hunger king ^_^
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Oct 24, 2018
what you want and why I should gift u xo
Sent by maturo,Oct 24, 2018
something male.. No reason. only if you want! Good evening!
Sent by Dado22,Oct 24, 2018
Red dress because the winner of ur game was gonna win a gift and I was gonna win but u stopped it
Sent by Blitszims,Oct 24, 2018
Red Balmain love
Sent by Kelly2722,Oct 24, 2018
Oh and why? Because I’m your t-boyfriend
Sent by Kelly2722,Oct 24, 2018
BIGBROTHERDONNY that fucking rainbow  glasses from marcus's shop because I carried your ass in that stars game
Sent by koolness234,Oct 24, 2018
Melon glossy lips to ScaryMary. She only has one design and I know she would be so incredibly happy to have some new pixels! :)  do the right thing and make a new user here feel great today
Sent by Allene,Oct 24, 2018
The sunglasses since we were allies in miss koolness game
Sent by Batya,Oct 24, 2018
I think that I should be gifted the Double Winged Eyes because I don’t have a full avi yet and I can’t afford them because my T$ are growing slowly.

If not me then pls gift xMountain22x
Sent by Rubes,Oct 24, 2018
Anything, I didnt get gift in a looooooooooong time. Nowadays, im really stressed about school, this gift would solve my problems. also my dog died last night :(.
Sent by Neximos,Oct 24, 2018
Dolce & Gabbana Sacred  from The Betrayal
you should gift me because im desperate and i got caught jerking off today akjfjksdfka
Sent by paul028,Oct 24, 2018
I know Kelly2722 wants that red dress rly bad and she’s the sweetest person so u should gift her!
Sent by HaliFord,Oct 24, 2018
Aw thanks Rubes <3 I'm a bit bummed out over three major losses to my life, but enough using that as an excuse, I'd really appreciate it and it'd make my day :))
Sent by xMountain22x,Oct 24, 2018

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