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BB Blog Game Week 5

May 20, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
Took one person from each season including All Stars and OTT. 20 houseguests, every time I post there will be an eviction which the public votes in.
Brittany (BB1)
Mike Boogie (BB2)
Jason (BB3)
Jun (BB4)
Nakomis (BB5)
Janelle (BB7) [All Stars]
Jen (BB8)
Sheila (BB9)
Russell (BB11)
Britney (BB12)
Shane (BB14)
Elissa (BB15)
Zach (BB16)
Natalie (BB18)
Jessica (BB19)
Shelby (OTT)

20th: Eric (BB6)
19th: James (BB17)
18th: Lawon (BB13)
17th: Memphis (BB10)

Week 5:
HoH: Britney
Noms:  Shane & Jessica
POV:  Jessica
POV Ceremony Results: Used on Jessica
Final Noms: Shane & Sheila
Evict either Shane from BB14 or Sheila from BB9.


Sent by FoxyWinters,May 20, 2018
Sent by Lemjam6,May 20, 2018

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