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Nominated for 7th in *s

5thMar 8, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
These people may be unnommed, but others are letting them do so. I am not one of those people and I’m playing the game for MYSELF and MYSELF ONLY, which is why I’m here today, AGAIN! So basically, I have been the only person playing that’s still from the original minority, and it would be SO NICE to finally have a few dcs of security but these people don’t even care about this game and just want to get 4th or 5th when I’m playing for 1st and they know it.

So, I think I should be given another chance to go back in there and SLAY. I have tried my hardest and even made my own nomsets which suited my game the best, and even for others too, but they still continue to follow the main alliance because they want the “majority” to stay in the game, prove them wrong Tengaged. If I stay, I will be so appreciative because then that would’ve been twice you have saved me.

I’ve been trying and trying to make them see that they won’t make it to the final 3 without being nominated once again if they keep following the same people. I know I can turn this game around if I get given the chance to, I’m not afraid to make big moves.

Good luck JkJkJk15


Sent by neathery,Mar 8, 2018

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