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7thJan 28, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
for an opinion
Silver09 - ICON of Eliot's group game ;). We have gotten to be good friends and I hope I can be in your first hunger and support you in your first stars, I hope I can help you if you plan to have any charities, pm me if so.
peace123 - You are the icon... You supported me in my 3rd stars and I loved playing with you in fast survival because I would always annoy wes with my messages to him, and I think I got you confused in one of the games also.
Lifeiscool - You are really cool and super nice to me, and I hope we can become really good friends because I think and hope that you would want to lol :D. Anyways you gave me an opinion and I have basically the same thing for you lol.
_Finesse  - You would've TWISTED this stars cast, because I think if you had made it in, you might've joined the good side and defeated (I mean we did anyways) the bad side. I don't really know you well but you seem to do very good in hunger.
Cornelia - You seem really nice and I love all of your friends so I think that we could be amazing friends as you seem entertaining/funny also, so as you could listen to me being dumb as I talk about geography, you can uh.. idk :)
DJ2722 - I don't really know you very well, but I do comment on your PYN blogs quite a lot. I believe we didn't have a great connection when you were on your old account though, but I'm not totally sure why.
BeastBoy - YESS King.. You are an AMAZING ally to me because we always team up in games and do good together, but it's mostly hunger. You are super loyal, in the lab, and great at competitions. I hope we can be great friends in the future.
damo1990 - We always fight and I think it's annoying. I don't respect that you played on dub's account at all this stars and that he still said to people he played on his own simply because you only played the skype game as he locked in your noms.
Brookie0126 - You seem really nice and cool, and I think you are one of the older accounts on this site that still plays, and thats respectable :D. You are really funny and I laugh at your blogs a lot.
Sloth_Roman - I don't know you very well, all I know is that we are in the same group game (Eliot's), and I would love to meet you and hopefully we can be great friends, because I do need some LOL. :)
camell22 - I don't know you as much as I would want to, because I think you are cool, and you host group games (your stars game), also I will participate in one of them if you can pm me when it is haha. Mail me for skype if you have one!
xxlovewakizaxx - QUEEN of frookies. Icon of frookies. You are so loyal and whenever I work with you I get super far because you win all the HoH's and PoV's and you are just a competition beast, while even being nice haha. Entertaining to watch in games also!
calebdaboss - YESS I love watching you in hunger because you always fight and fight until you lose, and people get upset at you whenever you beat them haha, but you are also super loyal, a great ally in games.
iivoloxity - Thanks for your stars support, it is appreciated lol :) I feel like I remember you from something else other than us having the same design. Maybe Roblox? I'm not sure. Message me if you do play that and have an old account though.
MelindaMrskk - I don't know who the owner of this account is, but if it is the original owner then you are really fun to work with in games lol. If not, ignore and maybe mail me :)
Question - YESSS Seth. You are really fun to ally with in games (Eliot's for example lol), and entertaining, and I feel like you are super trustworthy and easy to talk to about gameplay. You are amazing at games that you play, and usually you end up with a good placement.
s73100 - KING. Icon of stars. You are so good at spreading the news about the whales who need to be saved, and a MASTER at games (king of stalling in hunger and allying with me in stars ;) ). We NEED to talk more and sorry about stars shoutout LOL.
MJFJune - Okay you are amazing, and I feel so bad for still not gifting you, but when a shop owner posts cheap (finally) I will 100% gift you without hesitation. You are a great person and again, I'm soo sorry.
Darbe - Icon. You have great friends (at least natepresnell ;) btw YOU ROBBED HIM IN STARS yikers) and I like most of them (most). I don't remember talking to you before but I think maybe once or twice? Message me if I'm wrong haha


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