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All Period No Blood

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I’ll put on survivor Oct 20, 2022
Just to watch somebody suffer
Maybe I should get some sleep
Sinking in the sofa while they all betray each other
What’s the point of anything?

I’ll be denial for at least a little while
What about the plans we made 🥺
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Histrionic personality disorder Oct 19, 2022
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Christine BB16 Oct 18, 2022
Is unironiclly the best houseguest ever she’s the realest bitch to ever graze the show
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Let’s just say Oct 18, 2022
The devil made me do it
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My ideal boyfriend Oct 18, 2022
Is someone who could pass as my best friend in public and let me be a ditzy fem boy in bed literally that’s all I want sobs
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I knew a guy Oct 18, 2022
Who talked and acted exactly like Kanye West… he was schizophrenic
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