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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Just did my taxes

Feb 18, 2024 by Bernard_Sanders
Getting a 5k return cackles in being rich


honey you are enough stop trying to impress other people it only scares them off.
Sent by Danger,Feb 18, 2024
oh and a navy recruiter thinks I have a chance of being an officer but my my gpa was like a 2.4 and i have a felony charge (no conviction) so idk if its 100%
Sent by Danger,Feb 18, 2024
What will Bernard_Sanders purchase? Perhaps new PlayStation games.
Sent by Thirteen,Feb 18, 2024
thanks Biden !!
Sent by BenjaminB,Feb 18, 2024
danger if you enlist as a officer its probably the best move for you but I'll still fucking hate you for it go enlisted and pick HM (Corpsman) they rarely go on ships you'll be chilling your whole career
Sent by Bernard_Sanders,Feb 18, 2024

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