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1stOct 12, 2019 by BengalBoy
imagePost ya name and I'll tell you my opinion NOW and my opinion when we first talked/I first became aware of you

THEN - One of the prominent members of the Tengaged Freshman class of 2011
NOW - You've definitely come into your own a lot more over the years, you're a unique lass and have always been cool to me 😎

THEN - You were cool to chat to the couple times we talked, I think I thought you were a multi or suttin too

THEN - I'm actually not sure, I think I associated you with the other white boys in black avatars from the Switchblade Sistas
NOW - You're a good dude with a solid personality, I've noticed recently you use this site for jokes and don't take things too seriously. I like ya *ruffles your hair*

THEN - One of the most original names on Tengaged.
NOW - Sorry fella I only became acquainted with ya 5 minutes ago

THEN - A member of the gagaluv family who might've got a lil too dramatic over people stealing her group ;)
NOW - Well, where do I even START *lets out a brief hearty chuckle*. In the 9+ years I've known ya you've been an endlessly loyal friend. From the blue lipstick boi incident to smashing stars together, we've had plenty of gr8 moments 😎 also someone I can always laugh with about the cuckolds who cry about me. Thanks for always being real and having my back πŸ‘Š

THEN - Man.
NOW - Well one thing's for sure- you're all woman 😏 fr though, didn't THINK we'd become such good friends let alone be accused of being in a secret relationship together but we've shown that a QUIRKY =) sheep and a cheeky no-nonsense Brit can get along juuuuust fine. Always enjoy our convos, especially the streams of consciousness and random sweet opinions. Keep doing you πŸ‘Š

THEN - I think I just saw you making hate blogs all the time and thought you were an 😠 angry fella 😠
NOW - I think you've grown up a lot, you're still a real opinionated guy but you're genuine and always loyal to ya friends. Always love a good zachbbs blog even if it ends up with people getting heated LOL

THEN - I think the first time we talked you complimented me for my blogs or something and I thought you were a nice upstanding gentleman
NOW - You're a funny charismatic dude who loves lightening the mood πŸ₯³ it's always a good chortle when you come on to make funny blogs and joke around in comments. Appreciate you my man.

THEN - WAKIZA WAKIZA! A creative Native who's always making funny blogs
NOW - WAKIZA WAKIZA! A creative Native who's always making funny blogs

THEN - Think I had a call with ya and thought this kid has an annoying voice LMFAO
NOW - You're a funny lil fella and calls with you are entertaining 🀘 you can get a lil 😱WILD😱 over Tengaged stuff sometimes but you're self aware about it and always get over things fast. Some people take you too seriously but you're a good lad πŸ‘Œ

THEN - Fun in small doses
NOW - Not rly into all that

THEN - BIG MIG πŸ’ͺ I don't remember, I think I thought you were one of those dudes who took games bare seriously but grew to like ya
NOW - The Migmeister πŸ’ͺ only see you around every now and then but you're a dude who sure knows how to throw a barbecue

THEN - A Big McGillis
NOW - You're a solid lad who takes things in his stride, you just do your thang and make random blogs and comments 😎 I'm pretty sure I see you pop up on every PYN too LOL

THEN - The second best Dru on Tengaged
NOW - The best Dru on Tengaged

THEN - A lil fella who came and puked on yaself
NOW - Considering all I knew you for before, you're actually a very solid fella with a well-rounded personality πŸ‘Œ you're a funny and level-headed dude and one of the Tengagers who can hold a chat that isn't just about Tengaged. Top respect brother.

THEN - Edgy troll
NOW - Grew to enjoy your unique brand of banter, you come out with some of the most hilarious comments in TBC and even when you launched a campaign against me for being a "big strong white guy" it was more entertaining than malicious. We have completely different personalities yet gel well when we're bantering someone off together 🀘. A good lad *ruffles your hair*

THEN - I think I thought you were scouser James (Streams) since he's always popping up on new multis
NOW - Well, your personality is definitely a stark contrast to the other James, heh! You're one of the most polite fellas on Tengaged, a genuinely good dude who always finishes his food. Top respect mate.

THEN - The Big Trezza πŸ‘ a laid back guy who's always good fun to talk to
NOW - Oh Gabriel, what can I say about you that hasn't been said before! Ha ha ha! *Laughs* Well... I think it's fair to say- hang on a moment *picks up a bottle of water, unscrews it, and takes a moderately sized sip* excuse me. I think it's fair to say you're a real stand up bloke. The beacon of Brazil. The Tengaged ambassador of South America. Proud of u dude and I hope your new car is holding up well.

THEN - I saw you as the same as any of the other edgy trolls who try to say controversial stuff for attention
NOW - You're a good lad nowadays, you've got a good sense of humor about things and your trolling is good harmless fun. Only talked to you a couple times but it was a chuckle *pats your back*

THEN - Just a cheeky lad tryna be as macabre as possible
NOW - Good solid dude and a Tengaged rarity. Your blogs are some of the most unique and creative on the site but beyond the spooky persona you're a genuinely nice bloke. Top respect buddy πŸ‘Š

THEN - LMAOOO in the T-Chatter interview days I thought you were a bit overdramatic and attention seeking, nice though
NOW - You're totally different now, you're a mature 😎 respectable 😎 man and probably one of the more chill people on the site. It was fun playing stars with you since you were less dramatic and more genuine than most. All around solid guy and you deserve the cred you get.

THEN - Random multi
NOW - Funny lad, some people take you too seriously but your one liners and blogs always make me laugh. Good on ya Dal (Y)

THEN  - The lad who had a new multi every week
NOW - A top British bloke 😎 someone I know I can have a cheeky bit of British banter with without him getting upset like the Americans. Haven't seen you in a while but you're always a good lad to have around in chats and the blogs page.

THEN - TheLightIsComing's Dynamic Duo
NOW - You're a real nice kid, I was too busy to reply to ya interview but you've always been sound in my books and I appreciate ya cheeky blogs and comments.

THEN - owee13's 12 year old sidekick
NOW - A grown ass medical professional. You might spill your Coca Cola and slip on banana peels in Mario Kart from time to time, but our past interactions have shown you're a smart lass with a good sense of humor. You're perceptive and observant and you're always up for a bit of blog banter. Proud of you Becca and thanks for treating my boy well *pats your back*

THEN - My oh my, it's pinkiepie!
NOW - You're a sweet innocent lass who loves sugar, spice, and everything nice- we're pretty much complete polar opposites in that regard BUT we've never had a hard time getting along, joking with each other, and talking about WORKING OUT πŸ’ͺ. A real gem.

THEN - I don't remember when we first spoke but I thought you were funny
NOW - A BIG personality. A real character and a born entertainer

THEN - I couldn't figure out whether your name was Tim Berlie or Timberlie like Kimberly
NOW - If there's one thing that isn't up for question, it's the fact that we're a couple of bros (no bromo). You're a hilarious lil fella with great blogs and vlogs, even though you can't beat an egg.

You owe me one

THEN - Always shipped alanb123 back in the day and got along with ya although there was a period you got WILD and started arguing with everyone in Skype chats LMAO
NOW - I like ya, you're opinionated but you deal with things more calmly and humorously nowadays 😎 also someone I can always banter around with on blog comments for fun. Top respect bud

THEN - are you asking for a fight?
NOW - are you asking for a fight?

THEN - A true fan of the popular TV game show Survivor.
NOW - Big Will πŸ‘ your blogs are pure entertainment, whether you're treating us with a Bobby Kirsch classic or a Shrek ranking, it's always a good time. Never spoke but you seem like an alright fella who uses Tengaged for fun and trolling, just as it should be.

THEN - I always mixed you up with Absol
NOW - The innovator of commenting with people's blog pics. A man who won't let anyone disrespect him or his son. A mercenary of sarcasm and wit. We don't talk one on one or nothin' but we've always had a good bantership purely through group chats and blogs. Top respect.

THEN - We were cool back int day but I thought you were a 😱NUTTER😱 when you had that drunken rant at me LMAO. But it's in the past and the fact you went outta your way to apologize shows you're a good lass
NOW - Since then we've always got along gr8 especially with all the British banter. You're extremely loyal to ya friends and you always try to make amends. While most people talk sh!t behind people's backs I know you've said nice things behind my back which speaks to ya character πŸ‘

THEN - Cute lil Southern Belle with questionable choice in footwear, good evolutionary defense mechanisms, and a heart of gold.
NOW - Well if it isn't my fave Cajun 🀠 I haven't seen you around much this year, I feel like you withdrew to a small group of friends and only popped up for survivor drama. STILL you've always been sweet, fun n kind in our 1 on 1 chats and I think a lotta people have the wrong impression of you. Does that mean you be bob?

THEN - An angry boi who needs to do some starjumps
NOW - We've sure come a long way since you calling me out on the blogs page, heh! (highfive) You're one of the most loyal fellas going and despite your age you have a strong moral compass and aren't afraid to stand up for yaself. A lotta the time in chats when we've had to call out p*dos or other nonsense you've been one of the only other ppl to have my back. You might not be sure of yourself now but I see your potential brother and you have good things ahead πŸ‘Š

THEN - A cheeky Argentinian
NOW - Funny fuckin' dude with a lotta personality 😎 even when you give me slacc it's all in good fun and you're someone I can actually have a solid genuine chat with at times. A top footie fan and a top South American representative.

THEN - I thought you were a good kid but made a lot of corny jokes and left chats dramatically too much LOL
NOW - You've grown up and you're always funny and chill now 😎 a top notch gay from the GTA. It's always a good laff when we joke around with each other. Haven't talked on Skype or anything in a while but hope you're doing well lad.

THEN - First memory is people always comparing us lookswise when you first came on TG and had short hair LOL. Also I think I gave you the idea for your username
NOW - A no-nonsense Scouse drag queen 😎 I always enjoy reading your blogs cuz 1. it's good entertainment when you call people out and 2. you blog about a lot of typical Brit stuff πŸ’ͺ You're a funny dude, good to ya friends, and I'll always root for ya.

THEN - A calm and patient Christian man who encouraged me to make my 1000th blog
NOW - Pretty much the same, you're a fella who's always friendly and level-headed but despite that you have a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh n a joke. A great presence to have on Tengaged, even though we haven't talked much I can tell we'd get along juuuust fine πŸ‘Œ

THEN - A dramatic boi who was angry at me for a weave t-shirt prank LMFAO
NOW - Probably one of the least dramatic people, you're a great sport and have no problem passing things off as a joke. We don't really talk or anything but you're another dude who seems hella chill and easy to get along with 🀘 issa shame you haven't won Stars yet, hopefully the mods come back and get ridda multis so you can finally pull one out

THEN - A guy who loves his pie.
NOW - Think we used to be in some chats together or something? It's been a looooong time but you've always been a sound fella. Also jadennator's best boyfriend along with tofutime

THEN - A lil boffin making family friendly Tengaged magazines LMFAO
NOW - It's a BIIGGG turnaround considering how PG you were back then LMFAO. We're among the few Tengagers who openly talk about s*x on blogs even though it makes the incels MAD 😠 also someone I can always rely on for a good substantial convo. We see eye to eye on lotsa things, I remember in your PYN I was shocked at how observant you were about some people, even ones you didn't know so well, cuz I agreed with a lot of it. Top respect lil brother

THEN - Probably just a random multi fella
NOW - Hilarious troll blogs and a fun dude to chat to, always enjoy blog bantering with you buddy.

THEN - A sweet girl with a heart of gold πŸ˜‡
NOW - Same really, we've always been good and never had problems πŸ‘

THEN - A real kool coop
NOW - A funny kid who's always getting into mischief on the blogs page. Also a nice dude, or at least you've always been nice to me

THEN - One half of the infamous couple #JudiWorld
NOW - Hilarious guy who's always getting into heated blog page battles. You've always been cool as hecc to me, I'm sure if we crossed paths we'd shake hands and go for a workout together πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

THEN - A friendly gayboy with a purple wig
NOW - A bloke who always comes with the funny banter so we don't have to and is always trying to πŸŽ‰ LIVEN THINGS UP πŸŽ‰ with a call or convo. Always appreciate the good times with you lil fella πŸ‘Ž

THEN - A relatively new member makin' the rounds
NOW - Big Billy Vance πŸ‘ a name that resonates around the hallways commanding respect. I appreciate the PYN you gave me brother, you seem like a solid man who appreciates the good things in life. I'll be lookin' out for your blogs in future.

THEN - My lil bro petslover > an 😑 ANGRY BOY 😑 who hated me for 7 years
NOW - You've had a massive turnaround in the past year or two. You used to take things so serious but since you've become a top businessman and started drinkin' and fuckin' I think you've loosened up and become more worldly and chill. Glad you see the humor in things I say now and we can joke about billiard tables and such. You're a smart fella and a real Tengaged staple in my eyes. Good on ya Johnny.

THEN - One of the Nerd Herd for a while I think
NOW - A Bulgarian Aquarian Vegetarian and a Skype chat staple. We always bounce off each other well with our humor and you're a good lad to ya friends. Hope Glasgow is treating you well buddy and I will be seeing you in Slut Lake.

THEN - A good kid
NOW - A good kid. You're always a positive lil guy and use Tengaged purely to have fun. A master of deleting his friends list then adding them all back one day later. You're a solid fella and I think Teddybear needs to respond to your SnapChat tbh smh

THEN - A funny catfish with grown men wrapped round his finger
NOW - You're a proper representative of Montreal IMO, a cheeky French-Canadian who loves partying till 6am and livin' life. We've always had good-natured humorous chats with each other. Even though I don't remember every detail of your life n travels you tell me you're still a bro LMAO πŸ‘Š

THEN - I remember your old accounts from forever ago, nice kid
NOW - A real salt of the earth fella. A man who grinds hard and looks out for his friends. The typa fella who always leaves a sizable tip when leaving any form of eatery. I support you and your blogs brother.

THEN - The guy who asks everyone to subscribe to his YouTube
NOW - SPORTS GEEK SPORTS GEEK! A real live wire who has it all- the fast cars, the successful YouTube channel, and legions of hot girls vying for a chance with him. All I know is that when Johnny talks sports, people listen πŸ’ͺ

THEN - A young fella
NOW - I have to wonder what exactly do you test? Ice cream samples? Lawnmowers? It could be anything. Anyway I dunno much about you but you seem like a nice enough lad *ruffles your hair*

THEN - A fella who's always in stars
NOW - A gentleman and a scholar. Don't think we've interacted all that much but I've seen you around since the good ol' days and you've always been a nice non-dramatic guy.

THEN - Who? It's Jameslu!
NOW - Being a Challenge fan makes you good in my books πŸ’ͺ not rly into Cara maria, but I'll let you off. You seem like a bloke who keeps to himself and uses this site to express his love for reality TV. Aint nothin' wrong with that 😎

THEN - A great OMGPOP and Volrac partner
NOW - Always had a chuccle and never had probs with you unlike most of the site but stop asking me to buy from shops and upload designs smh

THEN - A girl full of questions and GIFs
NOW - Always bubbly and fun-loving, a real positive character on the site who always sees the funny side of everything. Appreciate u buddy *ruffles your hair* *tickles your chin*

THEN - A username that rolls right offa the tongue 😎
NOW - A go-getter and a trendsetter.

THEN - A top representative of Spanish Tengagers
NOW - MURCIAAAAAAAAA! πŸ₯³ A funny, fun-loving Spaniard who's always the life of the party and blends in with people of all cultures. Un profesora de espanol fantastico y un hombre gracioso. Always appreciate having you around in the sluts chat bro

THEN - Sound guy with creative blog series
NOW - A bloke I can always rely on for a good chuccle. Your blogs and comments are always good banter and we've always gotten along like a pair of kitchen utensils. A jolly good fella to have around on Tengaged and anyone messing with you would be a big miss steak.

THEN - SagarGenesis. One of the members of The Epics
NOW - You're like the Kal Penn of Tengaged. A smart and studious fella who also happens to have great comedic chops and can make light of any situation. I don't think we've interacted in about 7 years but you've always been a good bloke in my eyes big Sag *pats your back*

THEN - One of those usernames that screams gender faker
NOW - Nifa 19. I don't think we've ever talked much but you've always struck me as one of the design lovers who doesn't take Tengaged so seriously and has more fun with the site.

THEN - Couldn't tell the difference between you and the other Kelly
NOW - Well you're not like the other Kelly- that's for sure! I feel bad some people get you mixed up and think you're some racist troll cuz clearly you're the opposite. A positive guy who sees the good in people even if he doesn't know them so well 😎 good member of the Sluts chat too, laid back and level-headed.

THEN - I thought you looked like a member of a MySpace-era screamo band
NOW - An EXTREMELY positive and chill guy. You've got great taste in music and it's always fun trading questions with ya on AskMe since you give substantial responses. We've never properly crossed paths but you're someone I can tell I'd get along with 🀜

THEN - I remember seeing your name a lot way back in the days, we probs had a few mutual friends like Zacharyy and Kathreya even though we never talked till almost a decade later
NOW - Someone who encapsulates 2009 Tengaged for me. You use the site for fun, don't take things serious, and have your own personality 😎 one of my top stars supporters and someone I think deserves more recognition

THEN - *GETS ON INTERCOM* Can the parents of the 10 year old boy on the blogs page please come and pick him up!
NOW - From a lil fella to a good lad. You've had some great character development over the years and I respect that you always stay positive despite how much slacc you get. I think some people misjudge you cuz you're just a nice kid who likes to cracc jokes a lot. It's always been a good chortle and a chuckle when we've interacted and you're like a camp lil bro *ruffles your hair*

THEN - A Filipino with a sunny demeanor
NOW - A real nice character, always friendly and positive to everyone 🌞 I always support the duo of you and Kindred7- a real dynamic pairing for the ages. Also support your never ending determination to get gifts. Keep doing you bruh πŸ‘

THEN - A top bro and member of The Epics, always got along GR8 πŸ‘Š
NOW - Haven't heard from ya in years but glad to hear you're doing well. Grats on the baby and good luck with everything brother

THEN - I think I thought you were a yung gayboi (prolly from dressing as a girl and calling yaself FiFi Flowerpot) who was super into games, chill tho
NOW - You're no GoodAllan or BigBen1998 but you know what? You're an alright guy. A fella who always takes jokes on the chin, bamold's twin, and a staple of Tribe Neg Finn. Thanks for all the tips recently mate- it's much appreciated and I'll let you know how things go πŸ‘

THEN - Very nice and supportive
NOW - A real character who always comes in with the good PYNs and comments. Only talked a few times but you've always been r8 cool and I appreciate ya buddy.

THEN - Jonster,
NOW - Monster.

THEN - A pure sweetheart. Even back in the days we never talked you were always extremely nice and complimentary then we ended up building a strong bond last year off the back of kawaii emojis, Black Ben fan fictions, and late night convos.
NOW - We're not nearly as close now and only talk infrequently but you're still my PureEssence friend and Tengaged's top Ariana fan. Appreciate u lil panda ᢘ βŠ™α΄₯βŠ™αΆ…

THEN - A nice lil fella
NOW - Just an all-around good dude, funny and good-natured 😎 think we first became m8s in the Holy Taco chat wayyyyy back and even though we don't talk or nothin' we've always had each other's backs from afar. Always appreciate your messages of support brother.

THEN - Deadass thought you were CrimsonEnnui on a new account
NOW - A real bro who I can always bro down with, just doing bro things like a couple of bros. I sent a couple girls your way so I hope it worked out for ya bro

THEN - A character
NOW - A character and a half

THEN - A stand up guy full of personality and half of Tengaged's best twin duo
NOW - It's been a dog's age since we talked but you're still the same funny lad who's always up for a giggle, respect you in all weathers my man *jumps in the air where our palms meet each other's for a high five*

THEN - A man with a lotta swagger
NOW - A manic Hispanic who knows his booze 😎 I don't think we've properly met but we've had a coupla interactions through blogs and whatnot and the vibe I get is that you're an easygoing guy who lives his life to the fullest

THEN - JAMES TARZAN πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ we played survivor when you were newish and you were a nice quiet lil boi
NOW - You had a real turnaround to a guy who got 😑ANGRY😑 and 😑BITTER😑 over everything but I think you've calmed down a bit in recent times

THEN - Way back in the day I thought you were a bit nerdy n gimpy but you got better over time
NOW - You're a nice lass and the mother of the chaotic OC (or whatever they call themselves now) alliance. Seeing that photo of you taking care of all the young boisterous boys on that Tengaged meetup was hilarious and a good representation of your position on Tengaged

THEN - A troll
NOW - A troll, lol

THEN - Clearly some kinda SEX ADDICT like me
NOW - Usually it's easy to drift apart from people or see their b*d side after talking for a long time, but on the contrary, we've only become closer over time. Even though I'm a cheating womanizer and you're a big bully, we get along like chicken and noodles without any spider eggs. We've literally never argued or fallen out over a d*rn thing, we just laugh at what people say and make it into our own entertainment 😎. You're sweet, positive, gorgeous, caring, half decent at Monopoly, and a good girl. Truly one of a kind. Soon enough I'll be driving your body cattywampus in between plenty of laughter, fun, and blonde moments. Seeya soon beeb 😘


Gabbie <3
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