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1stJul 26, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageWell SAWCHUK55 it's *OFFICIALLY* ya birthday and here's what ya friends had to say about it!
smuguy2012 - Jadine jadine jadine HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY BABEEEEE. You truly are my person and I absolutely love that I can tell you anything and everything. I know that no matter what we always have each other’s backs and would do anything for each other! There isn’t anybody else that deserves to have the most amazing birthday. I really wish we were spending it together getting drunk off our asses but that’ll happen soon!! I love you so much babe. HAVE THE BEST DAY BEST FRIEND ❤❤❤❤❤

Guigi - Happy Birthday wifey! You honestly are such a ray of sunshine to me everytime I log on or even on Skype or Snapchat. You are truly beautiful inside and out and I appreciate you so much you don't even know. So today is your day and you deserve all the best. I hope you'll get spoiled by your loved ones and i'm sending u all the love from Montreal ❤❤❤ Enjoy Jadine x

DaddyDev - Jadine, I love you to death. You know how I am, there’s like 5-7 people on this site I probably genuinely care about and would speak to no matter what if the site went down or not and you are one of them. We have been through a lot like me hating you cause of frooks or tryna warn you about that whack bitch who we won’t speak the name of. I’m glad we rekindled after a random frooks and talked over voice chat about our issues and ever sense then we have been super close and even though we don’t speak everyday I love you so much and you’re super strong and just all around one of my favorites and we have never had a following out sense. #SpeakOnIt #Right #Period ILYsm

Eilish - My MOTHER. You have been everything to me ever since I met you! You have been nothing, but a emotional rock to me. You are just the best thing that god has graced us with (even though he isnt real). You are The most amazing person and you have overcome so many obstacles in your life and you are one of the strongest people I know to this day. Thank you for everything you have done and said to me in order to make me feel amazing and I hope you have the best birthday ever >3 LOVE YOU BABES!

Colter - Happy birthday Jadine, you have been the rock in my world, even when I was at the bottom you were like the second mom who showed me the way into my adult life, and for that I’ll never forget. When I wanted to drop everything and end myself you were there as a Mother because you knew how much trouble I was in. You have always been the first person I would wanna call when I left school only because I could pour my heart out to you and leave the call knowing someone 4 thousand miles away from me could make me feel more of a person. I love you so much, you are my best friend, and I will always be in debt to you. If you ever need anything tell me, and I’ll be the first one there. <3 happy birthday!

nijoco - Jadine! I've known you on and off over the last year and it's not been a smooth ride all the time but you will always be the one person who dragged me through a really tough time and believed in me when so few were prepared to. I know it wasn't easy for you but you have strong morals and they really came through then and I can never quite express how much it meant to me to have someone not call me a liar and really feel my pain. You're a strong, brave and formidable woman and you have a heart of gold. We don't talk too often but hopefully we both know we have each others backs and I will never forget the hope and courage you gave me when I was rapidly running out.
Happy Birthday babe. Keep being strong, keep being yourself and you'll keep inspiring  people.
A little soppy but I've never really found the words to say it before.
I love you,

Your PureEssence friend - happy birthday, woodchuk friend! i hope you have an amazing day and get spoiled!!! you deserve to be treated like gold. keep on bein you because whatever you're doin is working and you have a big heart <3

peace123 - Hey jadine birthday twin! Were rly proving that the 26th is the best day to be birthed. I didn't know today was ur birthday but that's probably why our spirits r so connected. I love u soo much we love a strong queen who gives no fucks. I hope u have the most amazing day and that everything u want comes tru. Love u ❤❤

MarieEve - happy birthday to you Jadine. Hope the life go well on you and will bring you lots of nice and positives surprises. Enjoy your day the best you can!

Memphis_Grizzlies - Happy Birthday Jadine! I hope you have a fun and memorable birthday

Bluejay7622 - Jadine, you are one of the sweetest people on tengaged. I’m really happy we got over our frookies beef and became friends ❤❤❤. I miss talking with you in the level 13 chat :((. I hope you have a wonderful bday!!!

Delete2544 - dear jadine,
i'm too lazy to write u a full message so i wrote you a little poem instead

J is for Jury vote cuz you are loyal in frooks
A is for Amazing mother to her beautiful children
D is for #Drudine!
I is for Iconic legendary queen
E is for Everybody loves you <3

happy birthday jadine! <3

BrittBritt - Happy Birthday Jadine!
I wish I was with you IRL to give you a bottle of wine (or two) and we could celebrate together!! My favorite memory of us is the night we were drinking wine on call and I was stalking Survivor for KEYS...lmao! You have been with me through some rough stuff on this crazy site and I always know when I am around you, I am with a friend. You are such an amazing person! I miss you and I hope everything has been great for you! I hope your birthday is a reflection of who you are... brilliant, amazing, and perfect! ILY friend xoxo

winner132 - JADINEEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AHHHHHHHH. I miss you so much my love and I absolutely adore you. We got close for a bit in Level 13 and you are just so easy to talk to and so wonderful. I've been so busy with real life lately that I just haven't been talking to anyone, but I love you regardless and you're still one of my favorite people ever <3 Keep being amazing and sexy bb and I'll look forward to some titty shots on my snap every once in a while ;) I love youuuuuuuuu have an amazing day <3

Sam_Hamwich - Happy Birthday Jadine! You’re always super nice and friendly and positive and just a great person to be around! Hope you have a great birthday! :)

Mitchkid64 - Jadine, one of my best friends on this site. You are THE most loyal person I know. My absolute favorite memory with you was how everybody wanted us out of that survivor org and we kept finding idols to save each other with. Any time we play a game together whether it be stars or hunger, I know I can count on you. Our friendship is something I cherish deeply and HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU <333

RedFabFoxy - Happy birthday Jadine!!! ❤❤❤ Hope you have a great one girl, and I hope you continue being the strong woman and fighter you are, along with a loyal friend! I wish you much happiness and success in the future. Love you queen!

Blitszims - Happy Birthday Jadine!!
I hope you have a really good day because you deserve it! <3 You are a really amazing and kind friend and such a strong person. I'm sad we kinda drifted apart recently but I'm always here for you! I hope everything irl is going ok. DW I forgive you for cheating on me LOL.

tcold312 - Happy bday Jadine!! <333 Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You've really taken me under your wing lately and I appreciate it soooo much! You're incredibly beautiful in so many ways: I absolutely adore your voice, your personality, and your looks are pretty dang amazing too. I hope our friendship continues to last for years to come :) On this crazy site you can't really tell how genuine someone is, but in your case I could tell almost immediately that you were one of the most genuine and sweet people I've ever met. Love youuuuuuu!! ~ Thomas

CakelikeEvv - Jadine, you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve met on here. It’s so uncommon to meet someone so genuine. You’re so loyal and such a great friend. I miss talking and playing games as much as we used to. But happy birthday, I hope this year treats you well you deserve it. ❤❤

Bambino - Happy Birthday Queen Jadine! The other queen of Speak on It & The KING of Frookies! Ilysm, you are the sweetest and funniest girl ever. Being on calls with you til 3 am with you drunk and talking shit with Dev and Eli were some of the best parts of tg. You were always there and stood up for me like a true friend and I’m so glad I met you! I hope you have the best day and ilysm, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

2388 - Jadine <3 the definition of a strong queen! You've been thru so much and still are an amazing human being who makes ppl happy and is an amazing friend! Love u lots and Happy b day <3 (party)

anthousai - happy birthday drus favorite girlfriend

Happy birthday gorgeous, initially the plan was to give you m*ltiple org*sms and take ya out to the ballgame but unfortunately logistical issues won't allow it right now so this'll have to do ;) here's to all the fun calls, Monopoly games, dumb blonde moments and many more to come 🍻  have a great day beeb.


Zuelke - queen
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Love you Jadine! Have a happy birthday l ♥️
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Me @ the ?????, those are hearts 😔 but love you jadine xoxo
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redfabfoxy LOL my comp fked it up, fixed 👍
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top respect
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Happy birthday Jadine!
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Happy Birthday Queen!!!
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