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[PYN] For An Opinion/Ranking

1stJun 16, 2019 by BengalBoy
imagePost ya name and I'll give you an opinion and an arbitrary ranking based on how close we are (or how close we could be ;) hehe). If you're low we prolly just don't talk much.


#jacksonjoseph99 - Oh Jackson! *Lets out a brief but hearty chortle* I think we ALL knew you'd be the top spot! We're the type of bros to hit the town in our check trousers and paint the town red. Some would call us a pair of manipulative rats, others would call us wickedly smart, but no one would deny that we're a coupla spaghetti and meatballs kinda fellers who do spaghetti and meatball kinda feller things.
#SAWCHUK55 - We clicked the first time we talked and pretty much never stopped 😎. We have the kinda chemistry where we can make anything from Monopoly to boring ass Red Deer more fun and it's effortless. See you soon babygirl 😘
#jenzie - You AS HELL would be ride or die thats forsure! Known each other for *checks watch* 7 years? Had plenty of laughs, a lil cheeky fun, and never had probs. Appreciate u
PureEssence - From a long-time fan to a friend 😎 used to be a lot closer but every now n then we still end up talking for hours or reading Reddit posts and chucclin on call.
#blogs - TOP OF A HILL WITH A LOAD OF STAIRS! Top mate for like 12 years? From bullying you for your Habbo music videos to you pretending to be an orphan to meeting, we have the most outlandish friendship arc. Need to catch up soon and get some travel tips from ya
Diva1 - Always been m8s, always will be. People used to claim your friends use you for gifts but I was just in it for the good conversation and cheeky blog comments


#Memphis_Grizzlies - Like a loyal lil bro who I have to teach starjumps to
Arris - Always seen eye to eye and always had good banter, I'm sure we'd be top m8s if we talked regularly
#bibbles - As many as I damn well please. You've been a genuine and real lass since 2009 and never changed a smidgeon. Also ONLY 7 WEEKS TILL YA BURFDAY 🎉
#eliserose - We have a solid low-maintenance friendship 😘 you're a loyal lass with a lot more depth than you get cred for. We'll prob get closer over time since we have similar personalities and live to have fun
anthousai - Used to be my go-to for banter since we could share AnYtHiNg and come out with 10 new inside jokes and phrases every night 😎 Now we're not rly close and the convos are more vanilla but still a good Aquarium DBF to my Caprisun DAM *ticcles your chin*
#Willie_ - Bicep bros 💪 only bloke I have a snap streak with. Always a good time talking to you and trolling with you fam
2388 - BLOODY HELL one of the funniest dudes in chats and on the blogs page, always been homies since day 1
#tiffanox3 - It's been foreverrrrr but we alwaysssss had fun and you were the first to make a WB blog when I came back. A sweet, genuine lass by all accounts. I'm sure we'd be closer if we talked more (providing jealous dudes don't tell you not to talk to me again 😉)
#Joobix - HWAWT DWAWG! Top bloke, always enjoyed talking to ya and seeing your blogs
#TrollingPenguin - Where you been the past few months
#Timberlie - Berlie Bro! A real bro! No bromo
#Admir - The Serb who doesn't disturb. A top Neg Finner with a gr8 sense of humor
#Bluejay7622 - Went from 😡STARS RIVALS😡 to 💪TOP BROS💪 I'll see you at REBEL brother
#Bambino - Been a long time since we spoke but you're the bestie, hope you're doing good and jammin' out to Nickelback
#Thumper91 - Don't talk tha much but always been a good girl to me and had fun calls/snaps every now n then
Blitszims - It's been a huge turnaround since your random 2 hour drunken breakdown at me LMFAO now you're one of my fave people to banter with in group chats and a real nice lass. In fact I've never even heard of a dog using a cup.
#D882 - Low key hilarious, always enjoy the blogs and comments you put out and our occasional mails
Insanity - Charismatic bloke and a real m8 👊
#Yonaka - ROFL alright there buddy I'll check ya vlog. Good lad gotta give ya top respect since we've drank n hit the club together 👌
#Delete2544 - 👎
#Funnehliner - Top respect for all the hearty laughs we've had over the years about DK molesting you and doing an idiot. The #1 German TGer. Might see you at some ORG gathering some day
Phenomanimal - It's been a looooooooooooong time buddy but we went through about 100 merges back in the days before everyone used multis and outsourced their challenges. Always a solid lad and one of the only ppl to gift me (Y)
Sebbers - Literally known each other over a decade, had a lotta good times from NEC to Trump Tower 😎
#sprtsgy1989 - LMAO remember your BIG RANT? We've come a long way and you've always been the homie since then. Yer a top Tech N9ne fan with a complex, intellectual sense of humour.
#AllieBoBallie - One of my Top 7 Tengaged Michiganders and a good friend to boot. Someone I can talk to about CAREER SHIT 😎 and GYM SHIT 😎 we should prolly talk more so we don't say the same thing in our PYNs all the time
#Guigi - One of the people on Tengaged who can hold a good convo plus a good lad to banter with 👊 a top Tengaged Montrealer for sure
#Kaylabby - Such a good lil pup, always got yo back
iiGalaxyii - A good ally, a gentleman and a scholar. Always rooting for you in stars buddy
#iiVoloxity - My doppelganger 👍 and a sound lad, naturally.
gabrieltrezza - The Trezza 💪 comical fella and good fun to talk to. Glad I could teach you how to copy and paste pics in chats and rooting for you n your new car
Colter - People might FLIP about your TG antics but I've always found you funny and you're a real genuine fella to your friends
#BlakeIsBack - The homie since 2009 ever since I saved ya TG life. One day we'll go down to your college campus and beat up Mexash for being a gimp
#Streamxx - A SCOUSERRRRRRRRRRRR you can get WILD on here at times but you've always been sound n funny to me
#J2999 - A perennial sound fella who always shows respect and appreciation. And plus points for being English. Top respect.
#SharonMaItems - Gr8 blogs and stealyoPNGs 😎
#abrogated - A real friend with great fan fictions
#purplebb4 - Are you asking for a fight?
#Akeria - Japie Mueller 👍 Too many people fume over your TG antics. Personality wise you're hilarious- a lad with great one liners who can always take a joke.
#Amnesia_ - Always been a real sweetheart to me ;p good kid
#Acceptthis - MURCIAAAAAAAAA! I accept you in all weathers brother 👍
#EmzThorne - Funny dude, always got along with ya
zachbbs - Always an entertaining fella with great opinions
#LeonM1996 - Gr8 lad to chat to, you're like someone I'd meet on a night out n make friends with over some good old fashioned British banter
#Clayton - An OG who's always been cool. Rest in Hollywood Baxter ❤
#Kelly2722 - Always used to get confuzzled between you and Kelly0412 but you've really come into your own for me recently. You're a genuine dude(?) with thoughtful and insightful blogs and I appreciate ya for it champ


#MarieTori - Nice. Oh sorry thought you were MarieEve ROFL anyway we've always been cool and always seen eye-to-eye, a good bloke who I would give a good solid pat on the back to
#IceBeast - The BEAST FROM THE EAST 🎉 a real laid-back lad and staple of the Neg Finn chat. You and I are a coupla homies who like to get paid and get sick fades #BengalBeast
#DaddyDev - Might act like a dramatic lil fairy sometimes but never took you srs and always chuccled with ya as a result. Making fun of jealous goons together is always fun and if ya didn't lose you woulda won
#smuguy2012 - Never chatted much but always had mutual friends and respect 👌 def wouldn't run away from you in a Loblaws like with Crickets
#Magix - Great PYNs, seem like we'd get along juuuuust fine
#boicam77 - Always been a nice respectful boi, a good lad
#Quackerz - Top bloke even though we never spoke one-on-one we've always been cool with each other from afar and I always supported ya in your stars campaign. Top respect my man
#BigBrotherDonny - BIGGGG DONNY! Haven't seen you in like a year mate when we joining stars together
#Katherinee_ - Always found you to be interesting and chill
#pinkiepie512 - Always fun w u in chats/calls, you're a sweet innocent lil lass and I'm sure we'd be closer if we talked more often
#Lockie - An old schooler and a Helix Oxford Folding Ruler 💪 always fun bantering with ya buddy
#Petro - Nano 😃
#RightToCensor - You've given TG many years of entertainment 🤘
#MarieEve - Sweet
#JasonXtreme - You seem like a chill guy my guy I reckon we'd get along like a couple of fries in a tray of poutine. Might need some tips from you on Toronto n all 👌
#Yandereboy12 - YANDERE! The kinda dude who's always there when you need him! A real straight shooter! Still disappointed you won't date my friend Essence tho
#Lemjam6 - Can't even look in in the eye after you got................Unmasked. A lotta people don't like you cuz of games but you've always been chill to me 🤷
#lexeyjane - Never been close and you're a strange lass at times BUT for the most part I enjoy teasing you and appreciate your sweet opinions, keep doing you lil one *ruffles your hair*
#Maxi1234 - Big Maxi and his Big Yellow Taxi 👍 you've always been a solid dude in my eyes and always give good PYNs
#noah_kondon - Definitely someone I'd crack open a cold one with
SurvivorFan37 - Solid sense of humor, thoroughly enjoy having you around in chats my man
#countrysavage - You're a fuckin' savage dude!! 🤘🤘🤘
#Pieguy555 - The Big Pie Guy in the Sky
#CocoaBean - You're a nice lad *ruffles your hair*
#RaverKid - A real bad boy! It's always a rave with you around!
#ManniBoi - Entertaining fella, always get a good giggle out of your trolling
#Brayden_ - Always been a nice respectful boy, would share a joint with ya
lionsden121 - A good jolly fella if u ask me
iYBF - Always been a nice boy
tycoon1234 - LMAO alrite lil fella I remember the good ol days when we randomly added you to The Lads
#Adam94 - The Great Dane Williams 👍 funny lad, I always enjoy ya comments and blogs
#astone929 - You're a nice respectful boi when you're not having one of ya jealous breakdowns- those are always fun too tho
RavenWhiteFeather - BIGGGGG RAVEN WHITE FEATHER 💪💪💪 mostly just aware of you through your blogs/comments but you seem like a good salt of the earth kinda lad
#XxLoveWakizaxX - WAKIZA WAKIZA! Never had a convo I don't think but you're an entertaining character
Steven999 - Never had a prob with you rly I think you're a nice fella when you're not randomly flipping out and trying to be edgy
#cotbey - All I remember is your name is Drew but as far as I know you're a friendy lil fella
#M_Davis1998 - Big Mickey Davis 💪
#CalebDaBoss - A real thicc curvy boye with the most hilarious blogs
#jjvawesomeness0511 - A mad dog who always has a good blog 8-)
#Munchies - Your name gives me the munchies
#SeongWoo - Yes 👍


noobsmoke13 - Only know you from seeing your blogs a few times but you seem like a good sensible fella
Bvance1212 - Don't think we've met but ya name reminds me of Lance Vance from GTA Vice City
#Emmett4 - Not too familiar with ya but you seem like a good bloke who would take his shoes off before entering someone else's house as a guest
#TheOmen - Never crossed paths but nice GIFs my man
flamergamer8 - Seem like a nice hearty fella but I think our only interaction was when you sent me a cringeworthy mail getting mad on someone else's behalf cuz I made a joke in a blog ROFL


FireX - Claiming I'll never reach you? Smh bro.
immaxyman - Not into all tht till you give me a sign
#1001games - LMFAO I only know you for being a p-word and filtering me after making angry blogs about me but you seem like a nice harmless boy and your virgin blog is a timeless classic


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