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Top 5 SAWCHUK55 Things

2ndJun 5, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageAlright, since you've written me about 5 dedication blogs and I lost a bet I *GUESS* I owe you one SAWCHUK55. Not really into big sappy messages though so, instead, here are my Top 5 Jadine Things 😏

5. Her Monopoly Skills

Let me tell ya boys, nothing gets me going like a girl that can play Monopoly! *WHEW*

Even though she might go bankrupt every now and then and, yeah, sure, she loses to Computer_3 a lot, but Jadine sure knows her way round the Monopoly board.

"I could beat her at Monopoly with a blindfold on." - christossss

4. Her Blonde Moments

Scientific studies show that blondes are 8 times dumber than the average person, and being a natural blonde, Jadine has her fair share of dopey moments.

My personal fave is a toss up between the time she thought she could drive over the sea to London in 30 hours (she was looking at London, Ontario) and the time she asked if Scooby Doo has a British accent when it airs in the UK.

"One time she asked me why Chicken of the Sea tastes like Tuna." - smuguy2012

3. Her Sense of Humor

Being a cheeky, sarcastic British bloke, I'm really not into people who take things too seriously or simply don't have a sense of hoomer.

Luckily, Jadine can take me teasing her for saying "beeb" and "swerds" all day long and we always have a good hearty chuccle at all the entertaining chat logs and silly salmon slappers that come our way.

"Love it when my wifey hits me with a HAHHHAHAHAAH xx" - Blitszims

2. Dat A$$

If there's one thing I really respect in a woman, it's a nice, firm, well-rounded a$$. And suffice it to say, all those squats have paid off for Jadine.

She's definitely packing a thick, juicy organic peach in those pantaloons and I as hell will be grabbing her by her hair from behind and spanking her till her ass turns purple.

"Is she a baker? Because she's packing some CAKE!" - Guigi

1. Loyalty and Obedience

One of the best things you can find in a person is loyalty. Jadine's a lass who says what she means and means what she says, no bullsh!t.

Plus she's obedient. The typa girl who says "sorry daddy" whenever I catch her stepping out of line. Good girl. Will definitely be bossing her around the bedroom soon enough.

"Jadine is the most loyal girl on the site PERIODT." - DaddyDev

If any of her friends have anything to add, go ahead 👍 Colter Eilish Bambino winner132 EmzThorne EliOrtiz1234 Yonaka MarieEve


Jadine is so good.
Sent by DaddyDev,Jun 5, 2019
a queen
Sent by top20fan33,Jun 5, 2019
This literally just made my day <3 you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Jun 5, 2019
We love our baby Jadine ❤❤❤
Sent by Guigi,Jun 5, 2019
I love Jadine <3
Sent by countrysavage,Jun 5, 2019
awesome blog ♡ June 5th is her day
Sent by MarieEve,Jun 5, 2019
1. Loyalty and Obedience

didnt know jadine was a doggo
Sent by EmzThorne,Jun 5, 2019
ha good girl!
Sent by TaraG,Jun 5, 2019
I wanna play monopoly I’ve been banned from it at my house 😔
Sent by JustMe,Jun 5, 2019
i expect a blog like this
Sent by PureEssence,Jun 6, 2019
Sent by Amnesia_,Jun 6, 2019
and the time she asked if Scooby Doo has a British accent when it airs in the UK.
Sent by Birks4444,Jun 6, 2019
Jadine is a queen Sawchuk55
Sent by Yonaka,Jun 6, 2019
Points 1 and 2 r why I hate heteros
Sent by peace123,Jun 6, 2019

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