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🚨PYN🚨 For a UNIQUE Compliment

1stJun 3, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageEDIT: i'm updating everyone promise

98% of PYNs are all "you're nice" and "we should talk more :P LAWLZ" so post ya name and I'll try to give you a *UNIQUE* compliment you don't hear every day. If you still get something generic that's prolly your fault for having a generic-ass personality init.

nmh95 - Big Nath πŸ‘ you're 99% more level-headed than the average Tengager and I'm gonna need your Leg Day routine

mbarnish1 - Y'know what Barney Boy? I've never seen anyone else be able to remove 14 pages of friends and add them all back within 24 hours... TWO separate times. It's like a weird superpower

lexeyjane - You're an outlandish specimen for sure but you own your weirdness and take being made fun of like a champ

PrinceVans - holy shoot are you for real? Although most people see you as a wacky troll you're a very genuine and real m8 who always shows your loyalty. Like a little brother *pats your back*

unkown - You've had one of the best character developments from nerd who throws temper tantrums over Tengaged to a good lad with a sense of humor who got his life in order, proud of you Patty

boicam77 - Your jigsaw tat is a sick idea and suits you really well

Electric - The fact you were in a game with all the people who have hundreds of multis and smoked them by massive % margins shows extreme dedication to your craft 😎 you're like a secret boss in a video game

Amnesia_ - Even when you take some slacc you always have nice thangs to say about people and keep ya head up. You may be called Amnesia, but I'll never forget you.

adamgrant - Literally second to none at baking Rhubarb Pie and even though some people would love to try and take the crown off you, you simply get better instead of stagnating and getting complacent

MarieTori - With a name like MarieTori you'd expect you to be some kinda fairy godmother but you're a real no-nonsense, upfront lad who deals with things head-on without drama.

Acceptthis - MagnΓ­fico Spanish teacher and quality representative for Murcia

FireX - A real badass name sounds like a new iPhone model

SAWCHUK55 - Doesn't matter how much you go through or how much sh!t you put up with, you never victimize yaself, always see the good in people and always put others first. Also your body's so hot I'm literally gonna bend you into a pretzel and fuck you silly till my cum is dripping outta you. You'll need to change your name to SORECHUK55.

JustMe - A truly endlessly loyal girl who would probably throw herself into a ring of fire or make out with mrpeeps if it somehow meant saving her friends. Also someone I can laugh with about inside jokes from 10 years ago hehe ;)

Bluejay7622 - More straight than most of the straight boys on the site even though you love a cheeky portion of penis.

HaliFord - You're like a dog with a bone that chases his dreams non-stop. Whether it's becoming an artist or getting a bicep pic, you'll never give up trying no matter how bleak the outlook is.

iYBF - You always give it πŸ’― whether it's a relationship, a Skype game or your haircare routine

astone929 - Full of entertainment, even your jealous outbursts give me a good chortle

purplebb4 - Master of GIFs and you proudly and valiantly rep your religion even on a site prone to geeks making edgy comments

ZforZombie - Your name taught me a lot about the alphabet

RavenWhiteFeather - One of the best profiles on the site and a name like some kind of medieval warrior

CheapCheep - Unique sense of humor which a lot of Tengagers either don't get or don't appreciate enough 8-) also a dude who can chuccle at his past of being a fedora-wearing shop snatcher

pinkiepie512 - You sure can type up a storm WHEW I bet you kill it at college essays

LivvieBoo12 - The only thing bigger than your feet is your heart. Also never seen someone juggle so many personalities

Brayden_ - Persistent. You'll post the same blogs in rotation for years even if people don't pay much attention. Keep on keeping on soldier

Birks4444 - A real ball of positivity, like a soft fluffy Peshwari naan

FireWolf - GUNTHER THE GUNSLINGER (flex) you always put out top quality PYNs and AskMes which you deserve more props more

Teddybear - Deceptively big natural titties and a fun personality to match

YogscastBigbrother21 - Your name sounds like a game site from the 1990s

jakehou - THE HOUSTON CHRISTIAN WARRIOR everyone knows you snort pussy for breakfast

paul028 - One of the best reps for Norn Iron on Tengaged, you always have good blog ideas and really put the work in. Even when you did ya 2 words and a rate all people did was badger you to do their's but you never asked for anything in return. Top respect my man.

JonMcGillis - You're an absolute, complete and utter McGillis and no one can even attempt to deny it. A quirky guy who always has something intriguing to say.

AmandaBynes - The Amanda Show was my fave show when I was 10

jjvawesomeness0511 - A man everyone can respect for his baller username, his love for Pugs, and the fact he says "heccin"

abrogated - Your troll blogs always give me a chuckle and your dedication blogs to ya friends are always very nice and genuine, definitely the best Dru on the site.

SharonMaItems - Aside from the fact you get mad PNGs, you have a knack for keeping things light and entertaining and don't take TG drama seriously 8-)

JasonXtreme - You're the master of Toronto slang my dude I need to take some lessons from you my guy plus you seem like a positive no-nonsense fella my man

Chic - A respectable career woman

Blitszims - One of the best people for cheeky British banter, you always come in clutch with react emojis and while many people on TG talk sh!t on the sly I think you say even nicer things behind people's backs

PureEssence - My fave lil geek. Even though your handwriting sucks without crayons, I've always appreciated the fact that you're totally open and genuine with your opinions- you show a lotta love to your friends and even when you have negative opinions on people you say it in a pure 😎 graceful 😎 way. Proud to call you my Pure Essence friend.

PrincessTeePee - We may only have a couple convos a year, but at least they're quality convos πŸ‘

sprtsgy1989 - You're an unapologetically unconventional fella. You've established your own brand of humor and personality on here which no one could ever imitate

PaulaDeen - You're the queen on the scene, PaulaDeen. You're always bubbly and pump out all kindsa comedic banter.

Arris - A real OG. You get bitches, you get money, and you get free movie tickets.

immaxyman - Give me a sign

Adam94 - I always forget you're Dane_Williams till I see your profile LMAO but you always gave really insightful comments and opinions and I reckon you should blog more IMO

Jujubee - You're a great relic of 2009 Tengaged when everyone had their own unique colorful personalities instead of 500 people who repeated the same stock catchphrases. Issa shame we never crossed paths back in the day but I'm glad we started bantering after you support me in stars

Dash - A real go-getter. The Wolf of Edmonton's equivalent to Wall Street. Also a chill, social dude who would be cool to hang out with- rare by Tengaged standards.

jojoimpax - Your name reminds me of Mojo Jojo πŸ‘

Jenna2010 - You're a good Christian woman who always stands by her morals

adeleadele - You've come up from the days you used to freak out and fight people, now you just fight against your personal struggles and it's clear there's been a positive change. Keep at it and ignore the negativity, rooting for u πŸ‘

cotbey - You seem like the kind of guy who just exudes knowledge when it comes to different forms of tapestry

noobsmoke13 - Your profile is baller, being a journalist and fighting against government corruption is often a thankless and risky job so it takes a lotta balls to take that on as a career. Top respect.

Saiki - You're a fat fruity fuck ^_______^ but at least we can rip into each other and still be m8s at the end of the day

Allison - Working in r*al estate is a baller career and you're a personable social fella in general. It always makes me chuccle when people try to bring up shit about your career or life over petty TG arguments cuz they don't know you're killin' it

Magix - I used to use MAGIX Movie Editor Pro

EmzThorne - Your troll blogs are the Fresh Prince of Hilair, especially when people take them dead seriously and start getting flustered over it. Always enjoy your brand of humor

SeongWoo - The K-Pop Expert of Tengaged.

Zuelke - Severe levels of uniqueness and individuality. No one else would take a drag race pic wearing smiley face briefs as a dress. Hope you take off on Twitch- you're def more entertaining than the average g*ming content creator

thekendyldiaries - Even though you only get about 20 views a video, that doesn't stop you from grinding out content for the humble community. Top respect.

Gaius - The original multi-creator with a whole armada of wacky usernames

Minniemax - A fuckin' animal when it comes to pumping out AskMe questions and GIFs

RaverKid - From 13 year old bad boy to a real chill dude 8-) enjoy our chats and banter brother

ShayyBayy - Always have great memories of winding you up and making you flip out over the most mundane things. But you're actually pretty sound and down to earth even though you're a bit crazy init

Insanity - Absolute INSANITY πŸ€ͺ someone who always brings back fond memories for me and a charismatic bureaucratic.

Munchies - A golden example of B R A S I L

AustinRules6969 - Whenever I've seen you your face just emanates happiness and joy, you're like the human equivalent of a potato smiley face

captainzacsparrow - You always turn negatives into positives and I bet you make a mean toastie

IceBeast - No one can ever catch you off your hair game, you always have the freshest fades

spikedcurley - You're the type of dude who would see someone on the street who forgot to wear a jacket or hoodie out in the rain and give them an on-the-spot, passionate, detailed pep talk to perk their spirits and get them through the day

Thumper91 - You always make like 5 PYN Opinion blogs a week purely cuz you never run out of nice things to say about people

zachbbs - Some people have beef with you but the way I've always seen it is you're an UPFRONT guy who's real for better or worse- good to his m8s and stern to his enemies. A real good loyal fella to have as a friend

countrysavage - ur a fuckin savage dude


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