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More Valentine's Matches 💪

6thFeb 14, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageI'll still complete everyone else it's just a pain in the wilkins to tag so many people so I'll probably mail the rest

#CharlieBibi x #Dash - A pretty obvious match, but a good one nonetheless. You two just make it work and I reckon you should get together for some good old fashioned Valentine's rimming.

#adamgrant x #Ghettoyah - A couple of young up n coming players with a love for reality TV and everything about it. I think you two should go on a romantic Asian boat ride together.

#noah_kondon x #Foxox - Noah, you're a super nice and respectful fella who deserves nothing but the best. I actually have no idea if you're into men or women but from ya blogs you seem like one of the straighter members so I'll go with the Vegan demon herself, Foxy Bingo.

#CheapCheep x #Halloween - Big Cheep, I feel like you and Ween would make a perfect match. Both funny guys despite some of the slack you get and I can just imagine you two lads having a saucy sleepover where a loud alarm rings whenever something is posted in the shop game. You could steal a design for one another for V Day.

#hujain x #Hash - A match in the making since you were a young lad. Both of you have only honed your camming skills since, so it's time to get it back on for a V Day session.

#koolness234 x #chibideidara - Big Josh, you're a big personality who needs a man who isn't as loud but can still hold his own. A man who would bot lane for you on League of Legends (idk what that means but I hope it's romantic) and a man who could talk stars for hours. There's no one better for the job than Monsieur Poncé himself.

#Thumper91 x #Forest_Knight - Unfortunately sportsgeek is taken but I got you the next best thing- your Forest Knight in shining armor. Two sweet and genuine Southerners who would make a great couple.

#NataliaAzoqa x #Eilish - You've had a few boyfriends in Castings but I think I know the right man for you. Eilish. A true modern day alpha male who would hold your hand through games and lead you to success.

#Evaa1996 x #davidfisher - I think you need a nice vanilla boy who would give you flowers and chocolates and tell you you're beautiful. A man like the Kingfisher himself, big Davy Fisher. I hope he gets you a Valentine's gift or else I'll have to slap him for passing up the opportunity.

#Caleb9211 x #Delete2544 - A couple of good ol' boys looking for a good ol' time.

#Insanity x #Fritzyyyyy - Two sharp men with the looks, the brains, and the significant gains. Both old school boize with top senses of humor, I think u two wud go out on a pedalo together.

#etaco75 x #egaga911 - I spent about 2 years constantly mixing you two lads up but I'm pretty sure you both love trolling around on Tengaged and talking about stars. A couple of gays ready to make plays and I think this is a relationship that never decays.

#rodrigueseve - #ricktworick1 - Two confident gays who just love a bit of k-pop. I think this would make an incredible match tbh.

#Kiba x #2388 - You two just seem like you could talk about The Challenge and Ex on the Beach all day long

#Jameslu x #hobo232 - James Lu and hobo232 just SOUNDS like a good couple to me

#Jujubee x #vroomdeux - Two kindred souls of the Electric Sex Lamp Elite, I hope you find your way to each other for this day of love and appreciation.

#Christian37 x #TheDeceiver - Heck, why not?

#Maddog16 x #blogs - You're just the kind of lass my boy Ben Blogs usually goes for, he may be inactive atm but you should hit him up in mails IMO

#Willie_ x #HaliFord - A sharply dressed straight fellow who isn't afraid to choke a gayboy out with his biceps. Literally the perfect match for my boy AJ, I know you like to play hard to get with him but it's time to let your guard down for Valentine's Day and make it happen.

#Nightcore x #titoburitto - A perfect clash of personalities that would make for a fiery relationship. It's time for you two to get together for V Day for this beautiful match.

#SharonMaItems x #SmoothStalker12 - Both the type of people who could identify any given Tengaged design in a police line-up. Callum loves giving gifts and Sharon loves getting them, so this looks like a perfect match to me

#BigBrother_78 x #SurvivorFan37 - You could argue about which is better BB or Survivor

#Lemjam6 x #GiGi10 - Two boys of ambiguous sexuality who focus all their passion into survivor, Hunger Games, and bamold1999. If you two could bury the hatchet and join forces you would be the best Tengaged gaming duo of all time.

#Jenna2010 x #Spookie - Already gave Scononduders to someone (sorry) but I've still got another good choice for ya- the Bollywood version of Charlie Sheen himself, Spookie.

#BluJay112 x #Bluejay7622 - Need the perfect match for my Birthday twin and I think Wes is your guy. A gay guy who isn't soft and flowery, a man who will look after you and defend you against multi threats. A perfect match.

#Burgerman2929292 x #lemonface - Big Burger Barry (flex) you're a guy who's always on the hunt for a nice pair of buns. And even though you usually have a rule against dating your groupies, I think you should give Becca a fair chance. She's been watching Burger Big Brother ever since she was a little girl (2 years ago) and I know she loves your organizational skills and Burger Building Abilities. You could do the cooking (for obvious reasons) and she can bring in the dough.

#obscurity x #MattyBB9 - You two have fairly similar aesthetics, both guys who love to joke around and troll but deep down underneath you have a lot of depth. Both known to surprise people with how smart, educated, and successful they are, I'm sure you would make a gr8 match.

#trolllol x #supercooldrew5 - Two Fastings Masterminds.

CalebDaBoss x coreyants - Caleb, you're a real man's man and a bit of a player but you need another thicc curvy boye who's strong enough to hold you down. That man? gossip_boy aka Corey Tatz. He's an educated man who could teach you all kinds of things and always keep you entertained. Get in there.

CiTy x skyler1822 - You've had all kinds of girls in ya time, from moretimer to Bandnerd. But one who I know would love a bit of good old fashioned City lovin' is Skyler. If you haven't already it's time to hit her up with some mails, rap songs, and SnapChats.

sprtsgy1989 x Minie - Another wise cracking lass who I'm sure has a lot of respect for your intelligence and humour.

Druhhbby2 x AxKxAxBatman - You're a gal who's had some bad run-ins in the past and needs a nice affectionate boi who's always DTC (down to cuddle), none other than Big Christian himself. A strong fit fellow who will always give you the lovin you need, plus I know you think he's kinda cute ;) Go get'er Chris or I might hafta do something about it myself!

Rocketokid13 x beccajo16 - Big Billy, you're always on the prowl for a fine young woman to charm or someone to join an ORG and I think Becca Jo could be both in one. A girl who loves reality shows and group games. You two would definitely hit it off and you might even get into those pantaloons.

M_Davis1998 x s73100 - Two nice lads who know how to get things done.

mbarnish1 x Allene - Allene would never darn the barn or tarnish the barnish

@PrinceVans x babiicakes - I know for a darned fact that babii loves you and your British humor. The kinda person who would stay in your corner no matter what and always have you back. Hope you can hook this one up for V Day big man.

ClassiCaz5 x ElectraViv - You're a nice guy and Viv would always appreciate your help with gifting, picking Tengaged clothes, games, and everything else. I think this would make a top quality match up TBH.

lhooper902976 x Quash - You two would just be UGHHHHH ^______^ SOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER! You could play racquetball together, watch romantic movies, and sit back while you watch the sunset.

sjsoccer88 x BlueLagoon506 - What could be better than a Trinidadian girl and American man? Steve could work his Southern charm on Vishaala and help her chaperone the next OC meetup. Hope this one works out.

cswaggerr x C_Shizz96 - Two real dudes with a whole lotta swagger 💪💪💪💪💪

christossss x Marwane - A Valentine's Bromance

jakehou97 x saraj10 - Jake, you're a man who loves the ladies. And If I Know Sara J (and I think I do ;) hehe) she'd just love a big strong Christian man to come along and teach her some morals. Go get her tiger.

adeleadele x FighterMan - Alright look, you might not like this at first glance but hear me out. Adele, what you need is a man who can take the lead and isn't afraid to order at Tim Hortons and Chipotle. And Ahmed, you need a guy who will let you take the lead and not vote you out of vivor. Both very passionate guys with strong emotions, but it could really work if you work together.

#yoshicoolman x #Instagram - A relationship that isn't questionable at all

#TotalDramaLover1234 x #k4r4k - Caleb, you're a good positive man who deserves a good positive woman, and I think both of you are real beacons of happiness.

#cocacola__96 x #_Amnesia - Both seem like good solid people who would pick cola over pepsi get in there my man

#garrievans97 x #dav_o_79 - Since the dawn of time, Davo has always had his eyes on the young handsome men of Tengaged. I think you could be his next big prospect, and even though he's lashed out at you in the past, I'm sure it's cuz he just wants a little of your attention. Get in there and let him give you a good ol tickle on the chin.


Sent by Delete2544,Feb 14, 2019
Callum loves giving gifts and Sharon loves getting them, so this looks like a perfect match to me
Sent by SharonMaItems,Feb 14, 2019
delete2544 you're in there
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 14, 2019
hobo232 come here baby.
Sent by Jameslu,Feb 14, 2019
koolness234 winks
Sent by chibideidara,Feb 14, 2019
omg i'm blind bengalboy ty dru

Sent by Delete2544,Feb 14, 2019
#CheapCheep x #Halloween

did i just get shipped with a holiday
Sent by CheapCheep,Feb 14, 2019
I love Spookie, he’ Awesome BengalBoy.
Sent by Jenna2010,Feb 14, 2019
truly nothing more accurate has been written in the history of the english language
Sent by obscurity,Feb 14, 2019
Ok but who rims who between me and Dash
Sent by CharlieBibi,Feb 14, 2019
oh HELL no @ my match
Sent by titoburitto,Feb 14, 2019
ok be nice
Sent by coreyants,Feb 14, 2019
I like girls mate
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Feb 14, 2019
I want a match
Sent by JustMe,Feb 14, 2019
beccajo16 whaddya say?
Sent by Rocketokid13,Feb 14, 2019
really you'll tag saraj under me and not set us up... low blow
Sent by christossss,Feb 14, 2019
Rocketokid13 do you even have to ask? <3 :P
Sent by beccajo16,Feb 14, 2019
I have two people on this site I could have been really close friends with. One is no longer on this site and is gay so that wouldn’t work. The other one is no longer here either, so I don’t think it’s possible to come up with a Valentine match for me!
Sent by Diva1,Feb 14, 2019
Sure why not
Sent by hellomynameis347,Feb 15, 2019
Sent by 1001games,Feb 15, 2019
You skipped me.
Sent by Adam94,Feb 15, 2019
cswaggerr hi king, missed me?
Sent by C_Shizz96,Feb 15, 2019
Sent by austino15fffan,Feb 15, 2019

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