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PYN for a Valentine's Match

1stFeb 13, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageValentine's Day is coming up so post your name and I'll tell you *WHO* should be your Valentine with a legitimate reason why!
Will update in a couple hrs when I get home πŸ’ͺ

#ItsAlexia x #oreo270 - Now Tyler, we all know you're a bit of a ladies man with an insatiable appetite for poontang. And Paige, what you need is a man to give you a wild night out on the Habbo Casino. I think you two need to get it on for Valentine's Day. Thank me later.

#MarieEve x #Scononduders - Alright, you might not like this at first glance but hear me out. Both of you spend a lotta time on the blogs page pining for people of the opposite sex. Marie is a lass who needs a lot of attention and Ryan's the typa guy to give it, if you can look past his brash sense of humor I think this is a match made in heaven. Hook it up.

#Kaylabby x #Ethan000 - You've been linked to a lotta guys in the past but with Ethan, I think we could all just see the chemistry there. Time to rekindle the flame.

#Passionfruit x #MrOrange890 - Ellis, you're a charismatic guy who doesn't discriminate against cock or pussy. But your true passion is fruit, so who better than the man himself, Monsieur Orange?

#Memphis_Grizzlies x #Fetish - John, we all know you're a tough, no-nonsense guy who loves a good political debate, which happens to be just what Leah needs. Whenever you two bickered on the blogs page you could just feel the tension, and I think it's time to get together.

#BOBROCKS333 x #RobertGuajardo - If you think Bob Rocks, then who better to take you out for a Valentine's date than Big Bobby Guajardo?

#Christian_ x #LiukBB - What you need is another devout Christian who will take you out to church, and I can't think of anyone better than the Winnie the Pooh boy himself, Luca.

#Tanarexix x #baza76 - With bellajenna out of the picture, you need another Aussie bad boy who will take you down under. And you know what? I feel like you and Baza would get on like a pair of woolen socks.

#pinkiepie512 x #ThatKoolKidOverThere - He's been offline for the past few years but he's literally the only male I know who likes My Little Pony unironically. If he makes a surprise return one day, we know that it's fate.

#Bridgette77 x #Trust - Oscar :) you need a man you can... Trust... And I think after years of on again off again like Ross and Rachel from friends, you and Zack should finally settle down.

#Billions x #Trillions - It's an upgrade from #Millions if you think about it

#iiGalaxyii x #boneworks - Stars can truly bring two people together, and I think after the wild week you and boneworks had, it's time to work his bone for Valentine's Day.

#TheSexiestDude990 x #BrainJak - Two genuine fellows with a love for group games. I think you two wud go out for a steak.

#Streamxx x #J2999 - When James first came on the site I thought it was another Kaya Lewis multi. Plus I think you two are both from Liverpool. I reckon you two would make a good Hollyoaks couple, you should propose it to him with an a$$ pic.

#XxLoveWakizaxX x #Brayden_ - Big Wakiza (Y) from what I can gather you're an alcoholic Canadian bittie who loves getting fucked up on drugs and prefers being the more dominant one in a relationship. You know whose type that is? Big Bad Brayden. This is a perfect match for sure.

#QueenDoe x #KingMac - A king to suit a queen.

#skiinny x #MikeRORO - Oh, Brendan ?? of COURSE I'm gonna give you a good one! You've had a lot of men going after you in your time but no one was quite as sweet and dedicated as RORO. The typa dude who stood up for your femininity even when everyone doubted it. The typa dude who would sacrifice his life in a game for you. A couple I truly ship #BrenRORO

#PureEssence x #SurvivorRocks - You need a good sweet guy who would write you fan fics, send you podcasts to keep you entertained, and pretend that you're 6'5 insteada 5'6. He might have let you down in the past, but V Day is Black Ben's Big Chance to make it right.

#Batya x #Zuelke - Both funny gay boys with unique senses of humor, you two would get along like a pair of gloves on a cold winter's day.

#lexeyjane x #sportsgeek12 - You're a girl who will go for all kinds, and who better for the job than sportsgeek12? He would treat you like a princess no matter how weird you get and I know you've mentioned having a lil thing for him before ;) she's banned right now so make sure you slide up into the SnapChat for V Day sportsy

#Sedona103 x #austino15fffan - If this is the same Sedona from years ago I think it's about time you and Austin got back together and made another 2 hour vlog for V Day. He may be slightly gay, but he sure knows how to treat a woman.

#NicoleF x #Judi - I think you're both misunderstood dudes who get a lot of slack for always being upfront but are HELLA nice and genuine when you get to know'em. This could be the best couple since #JColeWorld.

#Vlad21 x #Chameleon777 - Vlad, you're a sweet sensitive Christian guy who's known to get upset at women for having sex or talking to other guys. So you know who's a perfect match? Heather Leigh Cameron. The Stormin' Mormon would always look out for your male instinct and go stargazing with you. Tell her that u wanna take her panties off.

#AustinRules6969 x #jacksonjoseph99 - Two of the more level-headed laid back guys on Tengaged. Jackson is a real spaghetti and meatballs kinda feller whereas Austin is just a chill bloke in general so I think you two would make the kinda match where you could sit back laughing at TG drama instead of taking it seriously like most of the site.

#DaddyDev x #tiffanox3 - There's some real intense passion between you two on the blogs page, plus if you joined forces in Frooks I'm sure you'd be an unstoppable power couple. A match for the ages.

#winner132 x #EmzThorne - The two bad boys of the Kitty Girls. A couple of lads who love smoking f... Cigarettes and cock.

#Pookiie x #owlb0ned - Idk if you two know each other or anything but I just feel like you two would get along like a house on fire!

#Akora x #JamesM - Akora the Explorer and JamesM the nurse, name a better duo- I'll wait.

#Minniemax x #Arris - Both fun people full of GOOD πŸ‘ POSITIVE πŸ‘ ENERGY I think you two would just have a ball together and make a real good match πŸ‘

#Eaurea x #Joobix - Two drag queens who rule the scene. I don't know if you two are acquainted yet but I think you would get along realllllllllll well ;)

#Guigi x #LittleBrother123 - Of all the men he fell for, you were always his one true love. He may not be around now but wherever he is, I'm sure he's still thinking of you.

#andalarew_2231 x #LittleMix - Both exuberant guys with big personalities, nice fellas with a penchant for stars. Who knows where this could lead eh 😏

#Admir x #Darbe - You lads are like a couple of footballs in a Tesco Bag for Life, the typa dudes to write each other romantic messages over stars. You could live a happy rich life as a doctor and a lawyer together.

#Gabriel24 x #skye10 - Damn son haven't seen you for about 10 years so I guess I'll go with another old schooler and say you should reach for the skye this Valentine's Day

#m7md26 x #CutieAmy - Big Mohammed 😎 I think you and Ali would make a good match. Two well-behaved career-focused lads who always separate the goods from the bads

#paul028 x #Philip13 - To be honest I've got you two mixed up a couple times, both funny lads with similar names and similar personalities. You should merge into one to make things easier.

#C00LDUDE1000 x #Irelia - I reckon you two would make a sweet Fortnite duo and a sweet tennis duo

#AllieBoBallie x #tofutime - You need a good honest dude who will take you on lavish holidays and give you a good thicc line when you need it. I ship this harder than tofu shops Nordstroms.

#jwbrine x #Leonardo2196 - A couple of boys who just love daytime TV shows. You could sit around together watching Maury Povich and Judge Judy all day then throw in a cheeky bit of The Office at night.

#BBlover96 x #unkown - Two top gamers and real Hall of Famers πŸ’ͺ alright, you may have taken vastly different approaches, but they always say opposites attract and I can just SMELL the attraction between you two

#Paige54 x #FelipeS - You've had a lot of flings in your time on Tengaged, from #PaigeShot to #Paigecold but none have ever truly matched up to #Felipaige. It's time to get this Brazilimerican ship back on course and reunite.

#Blitszims x #MoneyShot - The ladies just can't keep their hands off Big Money, and I heard from a PM that you were tryna flirt with him ;) I reckon you should keep trying for it and this could be the best relationship since you and Hobbit

#Thirteen x #TaraG - It's time to bring the old duo back. Two oft-misunderstood souls who were once an inseparable duo. You two should make amends over a horror movie marathon and then you could write a blog about harvesting her organs and that kind of stuff.

#semajdude x #RoseMaria - Two young homosexual fellows with a thing for straight dudes. You should just cut out the middle man and get together for V Day

#iYBF x #Danger - The kinda man who could host Skype games for you by night and have race debates with you by day. A good solid match for you.

FireWolf x IceBeast - What happens when you cross a Fire Wolf with an Ice Beast? Well, there's only one way to find out hehe ;) lol haha. You two would make a real attractive couple and "Gunther & Will" sounds like a good low budget sitcom.

Saftronbtr999 x PaulaDeen - You know who loves a good bit of Saffron Butter? The chef herself, lean, mean, PaulaDeen. You two could cook together, frook together, and complete the look together.

ak73 x suzycroatia - I would've put holllyyyy1230 for jokes but I can't figure out how to spell her name smh but given the fact you crossed over to Europe for Suzy, I think she's definitely the next best choice

Cheeseman2468 x BrittBritt - Now let's not play silly buggers here, we know that pretty much all the ladies after after a piece of the big cheese. But there's one fine young lass I know has a cheeky crush on you and that's BrittBritt. She might play a lil hard to get but I reckon you can woo her over with a sweet Valentine's message, go get'er tiger.

levonini x Allison - Two lads separated by nose jokes and warring vlog games. But you know what? I reckon 2019 is the year you finally put the past aside, join forces, and let that passionate hatred turn into love. Happy Valentine's Day boys I hope it works out.

jussy007 x Gaius - You love perverted jokes and my boy big Gaius loves making them. This looks like a perfect match to me.

Jinxh x mastropola - Both peculiar edgy young fellows who are hella gay, I think this one could really work out for the best.

mrkkkkyle x JordanLloydFan - After seeing JLF's detailed review of rimming your ass, that looks like true love right there to me. Time to reunite and make things right for V Day boys.

MarieTori x Aquamarine - Montana, you may have had all kinds of cock slung at you in your time on Tengaged, but Johnny slung more than just a cock at you. He slung his heart at you. He's the man who has it all- the money, the bitches, the fast cars, but I think you're that one puzzle piece that would truly complete him.

Robbyjak x dak236 - Two nice funny dudes who would get along well. You could call yourselves Jak and Dak. A real Valentine's romance for the story books.

NotNicky333 x mathboy9 - It's about time you man up and invite mathboy for a date down the bowling alley. If he isn't into you now, he sure will be when you show him your skills. STRRRRRRRIKE!

purplebb4 x Absol - Two skinny lads who have memes for days. Some of the more entertaining users on the site, you could truly be unstoppable if you combined your powers.

bigbrotherlover7 x BigBrotherFan132 - Two of the most unique and creative usernames on the site. I reckon you two should get together for a Valentine's Day BB Binge.

D882 x EliOrtiz1234 - D, there's not a lot of men who can handle your wild personality, but there's one man who can. That man? Eli "Down to date multis" Ortiz. I reckon he should take you on a good proper D8 so you two can get truly acquainted.

#MichelleObama x #mahogany - Always saw you as kind of the same dude with the same haircut and everything cept mahogany is a bit more 😑OUT THERE😑 whereas you're a bit more reserved, but I think your contrasting personalities would make for a great ship.

anthousai x spikedcurley - Krista Marie, you're a lass who loves soft caring boies and who better for the job than Big Greg? A genuine good lad who isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and would always be there to perk you up with a motivational message. Get in there (Y)

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